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World Record holder Sarah Sjostrom turned in a successful FINA Champions Series, sweeping multiple events, winning the most individual golds. She brought home nearly $150,000 in six days of racing.  We could thank FINA, but most commenters might agree, the thanks for these purse dollars should go to ISL, the International Swimming League.

Sjostrom’s not slowing down on her ramp-up to the 2019 World Championships. See recently turned in a 23.78 50m free at the Swedish Senior/Junior/Para Swimming Championships, making me nervous about my prediction that Simone Manuel will win the 50 free gold in Korea. See that prediction here.


Sjostrom sweeps the 50-100 fly.  I’d love to see two world records, 24.3-4 50m fly, 55.3-4 100m fly.

50 & 100 fly WORD RECORDS currently are – 24.43 and 55.48. (And see all World Records here.)

I’m sticking with my Simone prediction. I’m sticking with my big-meet-swimmer theory. Simone edges Sarah in the 50 and 100 free…but after that 23.78 from Sarah…….I’m nervous about the 50.  And, yes, I do think I’ll get crushed in the comments on this one.   What do you think?


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2 years ago

50 Fr – Sjostrom/C1/C2
100 Fr – Sjostrom/C1/McKeon

Reply to  monteswim
2 years ago


Reply to  Breezeway
2 years ago

What do you mean by LOL?

Reply to  Liam
2 years ago

Just a predictable prediction. C2? McKeon? hell, I even need to see C1 top 3 for me to believe it.

Reply to  Breezeway
2 years ago

Haven’t you learned by now not to underestimate Emma McKeon? She is a gamer, and Australia’s team as a whole would do well to study whatever it is that she does mentally to prepare for big meets because she goes up a level when the bright lights are on.

Reply to  Aquajosh
2 years ago

agreed – she is a game changer and tough as nails

2 years ago

I get you’ve got to stick with Simone, but if you think Sarah can do two World Records at Worlds, doesn’t she also qualify for big-meet-swimmer status?

I think she’ll break the 100 fly record. That 50 time is insane though, if she breaks it she’ll have chance to grab a glass of celebratory champers before the last swimmer hits the wall.

Ol' Longhorn
2 years ago

USRPT, baby!

Ol' Longhorn
2 years ago

Simone isn’t winning the 50. It takes her too long to get up to speed compared to Sjostrom, Blume, C1, and Ranomi. One or more of those will beat her. She’s terrific, though, and will be money in the 100 and on the relays.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
2 years ago

She beat all of them except Blume in Rio

Reply to  Breezeway
2 years ago

“Except Blume” is the only takeaway from that comment. Nobody says she can’t medal, she sure can, but she needs too many women to misfire in the 50 to win it – That’s why, in my view, it’s an unfair expectation. All it takes is for one of Sjostrom, Blume or Campbell to rip it and Manuel is beat in the 50.

2 years ago

I think Sarah gets a wr in the 50 Free, something like 23.58-23.63 and gets bronze in the 100 possibly in 51.9-52.1 behind C1 and Simone. Flys she wins but her fly wasn’t spectacular last year so I’m skeptical of her breaking her records, but I’d hope to see her around at least 24.5/55.7.

Chris Ritter
2 years ago

Sarah is a “pro’s pro” – so consistent over the years. We had her coach – James Gibson on the podcast and he talked about the pro group that trains at an amazing hotel resort in Turkey!

2 years ago

I hope Sarah could challenge the 55 barrier in the 100 fly

2 years ago

1. Sarah Sjostrom 23.62 WR
2. Pernille Blume 23.76
3. Cate Campbell 23.84
4. Simone Manuel 23.96 AR
5. Ranomi Kromo 24.12
6. Bronte Campbell 24.19
7. Maria Kameneva 24.26
8. Etiene Medeiros 24.43

1. Cate Campbell 51.97 – I think she is finally going to prove herself in a big international final after some struggles in recent ones (2015,2016)… Possibly back to 2013/2014 where she really performed in the finals

2. Simone Manuel 52.25 AR
3. Sarah Sjostrom 52.48
4. Pernille Blume 52.69
5. Emma McKeon 52.87
6. Mallory Comerford 52.89
7. Taylor Ruck 53.03
… Read more »

Gold Medal Mel
Reply to  Seans
2 years ago

Love this deep dive on predictions!

Reply to  Seans
2 years ago

McKeon will be way higher than 5th in 100 fly. Probably 2nd .

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