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Olympic and World Champion Simone Manuel has been a professional for over a year, and we’re starting to see her career take off.  In the last eleven months she’s partnered with big brands: Coca Cola, Nike, Toyota. Simone was recently in a major marketing campaign for Nike that was surprisingly non-swimming related. It was for the women’s World Cup.  Simone’s already an Olympic icon from 2016, but I see her star continuing to rise with great performances this year and in 2020.

2019 World Championship Predictions: 

After getting second to Cate Campbell in the 50-100 free at the 2018 Pan Pacs, I see Simone bouncing back this year.  I think Simone tops Cate Campbell and Sarah Sjostrom in both the 50 and 100 free.  I see a 23.89 50 meter free and a 51.9 100 meter free. I’m banking on Simone’s experience as a big meet swimmer to be her edge. But who cares what I think!  What do you think?

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This is a Gold Medal Media production presented by Host Gold Medal Mel Stewart is a 3-time Olympic medalist and the co-founder of, a Swimming News website.

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Noah van Driel
2 years ago

I could maybe, maybe see her gutting our the win in the 100. Campbell might blow it (although she seems much better than in the past) and not sure Sjostrom will match her 51.71. No way I see her in the 50 tho. She’s behind Sjostrom, Blume, and Campbell for sure. Maybe not all of them but at least one. She may go 23.89 but that will not be fast enough to win.

2 years ago

I think Sjöström does it. It’s hardly like she’s not good at the big meets and I think not having won the 100 free will irk her and be more of a focus this time.

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
2 years ago

Campbell will win I feel

2 years ago

Great racer, but I don’t see her winning a gold in either race. Podium, yes, but not the top spot. And had Rikako been there, her chances would have been slimmer.

Reply to  Luigi
2 years ago

No way Rikako beats Manuel in the sprints but I agree, I see Manuel on the podium– she has a chance to contend for the win in the 100, though with Campbell changing her racing strategy and background, it will be harder. Sjostrom is top shot at 50.

E Gamble
Reply to  Luigi
2 years ago

That’s what everyone said at the Olympics and Worlds. Simone always finds a way in the 100 free. Always. 💪

Reply to  E Gamble
2 years ago

She did not beat Penny Oleksiak at the Olympics though. And since when does a tie in one individual event at one Olympics make somebody an “Olympic icon”? Even Simone admits almost no one knows who she is.

Reply to  Gold Medal Mel Stewart
2 years ago

If you hand out Olympic “icon” status to Simone Manuel for one Olympics and her one tie for one individual gold medal when most people have no idea who she is, where does that leave athletes like Carl Lewis, Nadia Comaneci, Michael Phelps, Paavo Nurmi, Usain Bolt, Mark Spitz? Icon inflation I would say, like handing out participation trophies. Everyone has a unique story, everyone becomes an “icon” amidst current social media, at least in the mind of Mel “Icon” Stewart.

2 years ago

Cate will win the 100m

Reply to  Chlorine
2 years ago


2 years ago

She could win at least one of these (more likey 100) at Worlds but I would suspect this will again hinge on whether the likes of Sjostrom and/or C1 give her the opening. Sjostrom DOES have previous races although lesser relay duty than in the past and C1 has yet to prove her poise when pressured at intl level post Rio. As for the 50, there’s just too many faster 50 swimmers than her and whilst at least one of them may falter, I can’t see all of them doing so.

As for times, whilst I can see the 23.89 being potentially in play, I think 51.91 is a reach.

2 years ago

Campbell and Sjostrom – Manuel’s time has passed.

2 years ago

Idk, Cate seems to be in really good form and she doesn’t falter at world’s, Sjostroms still here and theirs always the young blo…

Oh what the heck we’ve said this before go Simone

Reply to  IM FAN
2 years ago

She faltered in 2015 to her sister…i believe she got broze in the 100 and was left off the podium in the 50…then 2016 happened and she wasnt there in 2017. She has a issue in big meets

2 years ago

She has shown time and time again she is a big meet swimmer. From her starting in the 2016, to beat Abby Weitzel and then winning the gold medal to beat Campbells and Sjostrom. You can always count on her to step up on the big stage, she literally dominated the college 100 free at NCAAs 45.5 insane. Honestly, she is very consistent at big meets. I see a 51.8 for sure maybe even a little more. We could have 3 51’s, but I see Simone on top.

Reply to  Troy
2 years ago

At two Pan Pacs, she has never managed better than an individual silver. Maybe Pan Pacs is just not big enough for Simone?

Jim C
Reply to  Juno
2 years ago

Last year she won two individual silvers which is better than an individual silver.

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