Ryan Lochte Will Train While on Big Brother

Ryan Lochte‘s agent says the Olympic swimmer’s upcoming stint on Celebrity Big Brother will show a different side of the swimming icon, and that Lochte will be continuing his aquatic training while on the show, per a People magazine interview.

Lochte’s agent, Jeff Ostrow, spoke to People this week on the heels of the news that Lochte would be competing on the CBS reality TV show. The 34-year-old Lochte is one of 12 celebrities competing on the season, which airs beginning on January 21. He’s currently serving a 14-month anti-doping suspension for receiving an illegal IV vitamin drip, though he still plans to contend for a 2020 Olympic berth.

Ostrow told People that Lochte accepted the invitation to appear on the show so that America could see a different side of him than is typically portrayed in the media.

“He’s not how he is in the media,” Ostrow said in the People piece. “He’s a great person, laid-back and down to earth.

“People who want to see Ryan — what they think, he’s a party animal, crazy person, that’s not what they’re going to see and that’s not what Ryan is. And, in fact, he made a commitment to change his lifestyle a little bit and sought a little bit of help for alcohol and he doesn’t party like that.”

Ostrow goes on in the interview to say that Lochte’s alcohol treatment program “went very well” and that Lochte entered the program voluntarity, “even though many professionals would suggest that he didn’t necessarily need to.”

As far as Big Brother specifics, Ostrow said Lochte is playing to win, but didn’t want to overthink the strategic portion of the game too much. And in swimming-related nuggets from the interview, People reports that there will be a pool in the Big Brother house specifically so that Lochte can continue his training for the 2020 Olympic Trials.

Meanwhile a TMZ report revealed the prize money for this season: $100,000 to each celebrity just for entering the house, with the winner taking home an additional $250,000. The celebrities officially entered the Big Brother house on Wednesday, per TMZ.

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Caeleb Dressel’s Bandana

Big Brother is watching you


“… Ostrow said Lochte is playing to win, but didn’t want to overthink the strategic portion of the game too much.”
Thank God. We were so worried.


Would love to see Lochte smashing out some Greg Troy sets in the BB house.


Would love to see Lochte smashing some 40s in the BB house. Why else would you go on this show, but to party?


They aren’t given much alcohol on this show

…for $100,000 up front, plus the change of $250,000 more, and the brand marketing?


I can’t wait to see the size of this “pool.”

Koffee Anon

He really belongs on that other show “The Biggest Loser”…

Caeleb Dressel’s Bandana

Is that why he is an Olympic gold medalist?

The Screaming Viking!

You are forgetting Tool Academy…

The Voice of Reason

As a founding member, are you extending him an invitation?


25m 14-jet hot tub


They said it’s an endless pool.

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