Ryan Lochte Explains the Fastest Way to Underwater Dolphin Kick

Thanks to presenting partner SPIRE Academy, a scholastic boarding school where individuals: excel academically, master life’s necessary personal skills, experience tomorrow’s emerging career opportunities and exceed expectations in their sport or other passion specialization.

12x Olympic medalist and SPIRE Ambassador Ryan Lochte is a master of underwaters and shares his secrets to great underwater kicking.

Watch Ryan Lochte use his underwaters to pass France on the last leg of the 4×200 free relay at the 2011 World Championships to win gold for USA.

We went to a very special practice in Geneva, Ohio: a SPIRE Academy Swim Camp featuring SPIRE Ambassador Ryan Lochte.  See it the PRACTICE + PANCAKES with Lochte here.

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1 month ago

Ryan, you can show your 2022 underwater quality at the World Cup in fall. You told us to start there. I don’t think you will. Please prove me wrong.

Physically Gooder than Talking Physics
1 month ago

While one can get at Lochte’s message thanks to his hand gestures, and his intentions are noble,; it is clear he majored in something other than sciences.

If I remember Gary Hall Sr correctly, swimmers are fastest at the entry of a start and just as they push off the wall (assuming a strong, solid push after having nailed a turn).

A strong, tight streamline helps preserve this momentum, but from there out speed is all downhill.

I don’t think that Lochte’s contention that he builds his speed just prior to breaking out truly matches the physics of it all. He is fastest after the entry and push as he holds his streamline.

I do agree that many swimmers… Read more »

Dr Deluxe

Totally agree with Talking Physics. Ryan’s explanation of speed off the wall is a little confusing . I think he is talking about the feeling of getting faster by inferring a higher frequency kick as he gets closer to the breakout. Let’s face it, Ryan might have a hard time explaining it but the man can swim fast and does the underwater better than anyone because he has a feel for the water that is unique. Give me a Ryan Lochte underwater video any day( hint : watch the USA 800 free relay with Phelps and Lochte from 2008 Beijing Olympics) and I leave the explanations of it Gary Hall Sr.

1 month ago

I’m always looking forward to these daily Lochte articles 🥰

1 month ago

he is still the 200 IM goat. Even if he doesn’t explain himself too well

Ugly IS my alibi
1 month ago

Elanore shelstrop in the good place says she cyber bullied lochte until he quit Instagram . Did he actually quit Instagram due to negativity?

Jacob Whittle 46.90 in Paris
1 month ago

I know it’s become a meme about how many Lochte articles there’s been but I’d rather see 100 videos of what his favourite smell is than articles about some mediocre swimmer who’s committed to some College that no-one cares about

Reply to  Jacob Whittle 46.90 in Paris
1 month ago

There’s too many Lochte articles, but that idea is just stupid as well, why wouldn’t you want to support swimmers at all levels and have more free swim news?

Last edited 1 month ago by HungarianFlyNasty
Anonymous mediocre swimmer
Reply to  Jacob Whittle 46.90 in Paris
1 month ago

Alternatively you could show support for the kids that worked hard to even make it to the collegiate level. Show some love for swimmers at all stages of our sport.

-former college swimmer that was lucky to even be there

Mr Piano
1 month ago

babe wake up, SwimSwam posted another Lochte article.

Reply to  Mr Piano
1 month ago

It’s gonna be a good day for me when there’s new Lochte article

1 month ago

Oh thank God. I was worried we weren’t going to have a Lochte article today.

Reply to  Jamesabc
1 month ago


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