Russian Swimming President Says Efimova + 4 More Cleared by FINA

According to Russian Swimming Federation President Vladimir Salnikov, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) has cleared four-time world champion Yulia Efimova along with four other Russian swimmers as a result of Efimova’s appeal to the Court for Arbitration of Sport.

Yesterday’s CAS decision was complicated (and it’s explored in further depth here). The CAS does not believe that the IOC has the right to put a blanket ban from the Olympics on all previously-sanctioned Russian dopers, and, with that in mind, it sent the decision back to the IOC.

And, according to Salnikov, the Russian Swimming Federation received a letter from the IOC confirming that she can take part in the Olympic Games. FINA has also stated their approval.

Also allowed to participate will be Anastasia Krapivina, Mikhail Dogaluk, Nataliya Lovtsova, and Daria Ustinova (a backstroker who just filed her own appeal with the CAS).

“”FINA said that it supports the rights of Efimova, Anastasia Krapivina, Mikhail Dovgaluk, Daria Ustinova and Nataliya Lovtsova to being allowed to take part in the Games and has sent its recommendation to CAS,” Salnikov told R-Sport.

If the decision pans out, Efimova, the bronze medalist in the 100 breast at the 2012 Olympic Games, will swim the prelims of the women’s 100 breast on Sunday.

A Facebook post by Efimova’s agent Andrey Mikkov shows the swimmer in tears at the news.

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6 years ago

I think she is cute and except for the fact she talks funny should be allowed to swim.

6 years ago

I am fully on board with the outrage about Efimova and I get it. However she did serve a 2 year ban already. But isn’t it a bit hypocritical to gang up on her while literally all news outlets including this site do not give Park Tae Hwan the proper coverage he deserves? The guy had testestorone INJECTED for crying out loud.

6 years ago

I hope she will get all the Tiger Eyes from other swimmers going at her in each race she does .

Luis C
6 years ago

God damn it. This sucks. Anyone want to start a new swimming federation? It’s time to remove these corrupt scum who don’t protect the clean athletes.

bobo gigi
6 years ago

No comment

6 years ago

Hey Maverick, she served her sentence and kept on cheating. She was assisted in this endeavor by those responsible for training her and testing her (and others) – those purported to being committed to insuring fair play. She and those of her ilk are not juicing up just before they compete. They’re doping for weeks and months so they can train harder and more effectively. They’re expert at hiding and disguising what they do. This is a conspiracy to cheat those who play fair out of their chance for those unforgettable moments that so many dream for years of achieving – maybe an Olympic win; maybe a place on the awards podium. I hate the injustice and the corruption. Doesn’t… Read more »

Reply to  Tigerswim22
6 years ago

Have you swam in college or at a national level meet

6 years ago

not changing my pick ’em picks as my own little form of protest.

Stay Human
6 years ago

There is nothing we can do, so I’m not going to waste time complaining. But I will say this: Normally I always hope that everyone from every country swims their best (and that my favorite’s best is better than all the others’ best). In this case, there is a slight caveat: I will hope that Efimova and any of the others’ conscience will guide them–if they are innocent, then like anyone else, may they swim their best. But if deep down if any tiny part of them knows, or thinks, that they are guilty, even subconsciously, then I hope that tiny part grows and festers and that the guilt consumes them to the point that it eats them alive and… Read more »

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Hannah Hecht

Hannah Hecht grew up in Kansas and spent most of her childhood trying to convince coaches to let her swim backstroke in freestyle sets. She took her passion to Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa and swam at NAIA Nationals all four years. After graduating in 2015, she moved to …

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