Russian Olympic Trials Scheduled for April 3-9 in the 2021 Draft Calendar

On September 24, the Presidency of the All-Russian Swimming Federation met to draft the Calendar of Sports Events of the All-Russian Swimming Federation for 2021. By the end of the meeting, the draft was approved.

The calendar contains many of the 2020 competitions that had to be cancelled or were postponed until 2021. 

The Russian National Swimming Championship (Olympic Trials) are set for April 3-9. The original date for the trials earlier this year was scheduled for April 3-9 as well, giving the Russian swimmers almost 4 months before the Olympic Games begin. 

The Vladimir Salnikov Cup will run from December 21-22 in St. Petersburg, which follows the World Championship, scheduled for December 13-18 in Abu Dhabi. These dates may be in conflict with the International Swimming League meets, which could lead to a showdown over which events athletes will attend.

Championships for Russian youth will be held periodically from the months of January 1-March 21. On March 20-21, the European Open Water Swimming Cup will be held in Eilat, Israel. The 1st stage of the Russian Open Water Swimming Cup will be held in June, the 2nd stage will begin in July, and the 3rd stage in August.

Perhaps the biggest date on the calendar is the Tokyo Olympic Games, which are being held from July 23-August 8. Following the Olympics will be the FINA Swimming World Cup competitions throughout September and October. 

View the 2021 calendar here

Schedule Highlights:

  • World Open Water Swimming Championships: August 22-24
  • Olympic Open Water Swimming Qualification Tournament: May 29-30
  • World Championship (25m): December 13-18
  • The Russian National Swimming Championship (Olympic Trials): April 3-9
  • Vladimir Salnikov Cup: December 21-22 
  • FINA Swimming World Cup: Dates TBD (September & October)
  • Russian Cup (50m): July 3-5
  • European Aquatics Championship: May 10-23

Additionally, the date of the All-Russian Swimming Federation’s reporting and election conference was approved. The conference will take place on October 31, 2020 in Kazan.

The Federation continues to monitor the public health situation within Russia, and will announce any restrictive measures that need to be taken until the end of 2020.


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1 month ago

You know there’s definitely a cause for concern about safety in light of the virus. If there’s one thing we know about swimming it’s Russia it’s that they don’t test well.