Ross Murdoch hits world’s 2nd-fastest 200 breast time to lead loaded British heats

The first session of the British Swimming Championships saw arguably the nation’s deepest and toughest event, the 200 breaststroke, contest its preliminary heats.

A loaded championship final tonight will be led by Scottish breaststroker Ross Murdoch, who went 2:09.48 for the second-fastest time in the world so far this year.

Second-qualifying Andrew Willis checks in at #4 after going 2:09.61 this morning.

2014-2015 LCM Men 200 Breast

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Craig Benson is third in 2:10.31, and the final also includes 50 breast world record-holder Adam Peaty (2:10.66, 4th) and Olympic silver medalist Michael Jamieson (2:12.28, 7th).

The other really noteworthy swim of the morning was backstroker Chris Walker-Hebborn, who moves to #3 in the world with a 53.21 in the 100 back. Walker-Hebborn displaces Olympic champ Matt Grevers of the USA for that spot.

2014-2015 LCM Men 100 Back

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The men also competed in the 400 free heats this morning, with Nicholas Grainger leading in 3:49.30. He’s chased very closely by Dan Wallace (3;50.12), James Guy (3:50.13) and Stephen Milne (3:50.16).

The women’s 100 free should be a showdown between top-seeded Siobhan O’Connor (53.81 this morning) and Fran Halsall (54.24). In the women’s 200 fly, Jemma Lowe leads Hannah Miley 2:09.76 to 2:11.19.

Full results available here.

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7 years ago

Mens 400 free and mens 200 breast were really good, but womens 200 fly was pretty bad. Im really impressed by SMOC and CWH. Im really looking forward to see what SMOC can do in 200 free and 200/400 IM. CWH is still improving although hes already pretty old for a swimmer. Will Murdoch miss 2015 wc as third place? I dont think peaty or willis have a real chance to fight for a medal at 2015 wc, so i hope there is some way that Murdoch still can qualify.

Reply to  thomaslurzfan
7 years ago

Yes the 200BU is a weak event for GB? but I would not call it bad – It was actually very fast for our young swimmers.

Austin (1997) – 2.10.8
Stephens (1999) – 2.11.7
Hibbott (1999) – 2.12.9
Pugh (2000) – 2.13.1
Clynes (1999) – 2.13.1 but 2.11 in 2014.
Griffiths (1999) – 2.15.2
Large (2001) – 2.15.5
Hubberd (2001) – 2.16.7

Willmott had a bad race, she should be 2.07 – Note Hannah Miley swam her best time since 2009.. She looks great.

Reply to  Dee
7 years ago

The junior results in mens 400 free and womens 200 fly were really great, but i think mens 200 breast junior results werent really good, which is not really important, since benson/murdoch/peaty are all very young. In mens 100 back junior results also werent really good, but greenbank is a very good talent. Are there age group championships in GB later this year? (Im asking because there were also junior ec/eyof finals, which take place during age group championships in germany). Do you think that all athletes in mens 200 breast were fully tapered?
I think they were, because they all knew that they would have to be at 100% to finish top 2 and qualify for wc. If… Read more »

Reply to  thomaslurzfan
7 years ago

I think Murdoch will swim the 200 if he qualifies over 100 ahead of Benson (who is set to go 59s after a huge 200 pb) – Peaty strongly implied he will only swim the 50 & 100 in Kazan after his race.. but he hasn’t decided 100%.

Reply to  Dee
7 years ago

I dont understand your point, why should he only swim 200 breast if he will be ahead of benson in 100 breast? If peaty wont swim 200 breast at wc, then murdoch of course will swim, but if peaty wants to swim 200 breast and also 100 breast, then why should benson not swim 200 breast if murdoch finishes 100 breast ahead of him? Then benson would swim not individual event. I think peaty should swim 50/100 breast, benson 200 breast, murdoch 200 breast and whoever finishes 2nd in 100 breast should also swim 100 breast. In my opinion it will be difficult for everyone to swim 100 and 200 breast at olympic games and win a medal in both… Read more »

Reply to  thomaslurzfan
7 years ago

It is complex..

Peaty is not making his decision until later this summer – The British team will be declared this week… So by the time Peaty scratches (if he does), it will probably already be well into the summer! Murdoch needs to get on the team in the 100 to be available for selection in the 200 should Peaty decide he wants to scratch the 200 later in the year. You have also forgotten Andrew Willis who was second in 2.08.5 – He will definitely swim IF selected (as it is not 100% guaranteed) as he targets the event… Britain has too many 200 breaststrokers, it’s bloody confusing, isn’t it?

As for Murdoch – He was fully tapered… Read more »

7 years ago

Finals are over and GB men are LOADED and DEEP. Young 400 freestylers are going very well and their breast is as deep as Japan…WOW.

Reply to  weirdo
7 years ago

The 400FR was Impressive for Millfield, they won all 3 age groups (99/00, 97/98 and the open)…

Two young boys born in 1999 went 3.58, Kyle Chisholm & Cam Kurle (both 1997) went 3.51 & 3.52.

Ages of the Finalists…

Guy (1995) – 3.44
Grainger (1994) – 3.45
Wallace (1993) – 3.46
Milne (1994) – 3.48
Litchfield (1995) – 3.48
Lelliott (1995) – 3.49 but 3.47 last year.
Hughes (1995) – 3.50
Sunter (1992) – 3.52

Jervis (1996) was 3.52 in 2014.

7 years ago

2:12 in heats for 7th. Jesus

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