Rio Wind Gusts Tear Panel Off Olympic Aquatic Stadium

High winds are one of the top stories coming out of Rio today, as the bad weather delayed the Olympic rowing competition by two hours before the competition was eventually canceled. Races will take place on Monday, August 8th instead. This was after the high winds caused choppy waves contributing to the Serbian squad capsizing during the men’s rowing semi-final in Lagoa Stadium yesterday.

But you don’t have to be actually in the water to feel the wind’s effects. One of the 89-foot-tall panels covering the Olympic Aquatic Stadium was ripped loose by the strong gusts, leaving it flapping on the side of the building. The aquatic venue is a temporary structure, but one of its highlights was being surrounded by the artwork of local Brazilian artist Adriana Varejão by way of being reproduced on huge drapes wrapping around the building.

There are 66 drapes in total that encase the stadium, all containing part of the contemporary artist’s aquatic-themed Celacanto Provoca Maremoto, already on display Inhotim Institute.

The panels are also a component of the temperature regulation system of the Olympics Aquatic Stadium, as the building itself does not have air conditioning.


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Title is very misleading.

Steve Nolan

It really came off, though! I was on deck while it was happening, between 10-11a. There are a couple of those panels just flapping around now, and it sounded like they were crashing into the building, haha.

It’s not the best look, but didn’t seem to be any ill effects inside. (Aside from some extra dust.)

Irish Ringer

Steve, are the sessions packed? Some are thinking there’s empty seats, but looks full on the NBC broadcast.

Steve Nolan

Eh, it’s definitely not packed near the start of sessions. (Coming in yesterday morning I saw some huuge security lines, guessing that was related.)

Seems to fill in pretty well, but there are still tickets available on the Rio site.


They probably originally attached them with some zip ties.


Apparently no air conditioning system was put in to save money

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