Regan Smith Breaks U.S. Open Meet Record With 57.95 100 Back, Faster Than Worlds Final

Yanyan Li
by Yanyan Li 16

December 02nd, 2022 National, News


  • November 30-December 3, 2022
  • Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Long Course Meters (50 meters)
  • Start Times:
    • Prelims: 9 AM (ET)
    • Finals: 6PM (ET)
  • Psych Sheets
  • Live Results



  • World Record: 57.45 – Kaylee McKeown, AUS (2021)
  • American Record: 57.57 – Regan Smith (2019)
  • U.S. Open Meet Record: 58.63 – Phoebe Bacon, USA (2019)
  • U.S. Open Record: 57.76 – Regan Smith, USA (2022)
  • 2024 Olympic Trials Cut: 1:01.89


  1. Regan Smith (SUN) – 57.95 CR
  2. Katharine Berkoff (NCS) – 59.87
  3. Josephine Fuller (TENN) – 1:00.00


Regan Smith is on fire at the 2022 U.S. Open.

After dropping three seconds in her 200 IM on Thursday, Smith set a U.S. Open Meet record in the 100 back tonight, swimming a 57.95. She breaks Phoebe Bacon’s previous record time of 58.63, which was set in 2019. Smith was faster than the 58.22 she swam to win gold at the 2022 World Championships, as well as the 58.01 she swam to take bronze at the 2020(1) Olympic Games. Her swim tonight also marked her ninth swim under 58 seconds, a threshold that only two other women, Kaylee McKeown and Kylie Masse, have been under.

And while Smith has been sub-58 on several occasions that were not World or Olympic finals, tonight marks her first time getting under the barrier in an in-season meet. Her best time stands at a 57.57 from 2019, a former world record that has since then been broken by McKeown. Smith has neared that best time several times this year, including when she went 57.76 at the 2022 U.S. World Championship trials, and when she clocked her 2022 season-best of 57.65 in the World Championship semifinals.

Smith paced her race tonight very differently from her personal best, opening half a second slower but then closing over two-tenths faster. In fact, her closing split of 29.57 was identical to the one she posted in the world championships semifinals this summer.

Splits Comparison:

Regan Smith, 2019 World Championships (personal best) Regan Smith, 2022 World Championships (season best) Regan Smith, 2022 U.S. Open
50m 27.74 28.08 28.38
100m 29.83 29.57 29.57
Total 57.57 57.65 57.95

The U.S. Open marks Smith’s first meet since making the decision to leave Stanford after her first season of NCAA swimming and turn pro, shifting her training base to Arizona State to be coached by Bob Bowman. She has emphasized several times throughout the meet how happy she is with her move, such as in her post-100 back race interview.

“My results are showing me that I made a really great decision going to train under Bob,” Smith said. “I’m so happy, which I think is the most important thing. Just, you know, having a good time, enjoying training, enjoying the weather out there, enjoying my new apartment, I’m just loving life so much.”

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2 months ago

top 6 times in the world this year from 57.6 to 58.3!

Swimswam follower
2 months ago

Good for you Regan.
You can hear the happiness in her voice. She’s in a great place and I hope it continues for her.

2 months ago

Ok so tapering gives faster starting speed, and her backend speed right now is crazy, 29.5 coming home. If she can go out 27 mid and come back 29.5 next summer, she could get her WR back.

Foreign Embassy
2 months ago

We get it. She moved to ASU. Why is there the same 3 sentences about this for each article about her and/or the meet? It feels like a hype train about bowman and his pro group every time….

2 months ago

I am so happy that she’s happy now. Arizona looks good on her!

Reply to  Meow
2 months ago

The mass exodus from Stanford University:

Ledecky, Katie
Manuel, Simone
Smith, Regan

Reply to  Weinstein-Smith-Ledecky-Sims
2 months ago

Exodus of 2 who graduated and 1 dropout.

Reply to  Dotty
2 months ago

I would submit calling Regan a drop out is unfair. College
is a place to which Regan or any student who decides to take a pause can return. College swimming is not the answer for everyone.

Reply to  Meow
2 months ago

What do you mean “happy now”????
Was she unhappy before????
A little presumptuous aren’t we???

Reply to  Dotty
2 months ago

Hey Dotty. A little presumptuous to assume Meow is being presumptuous, aren’t we???

Reply to  Meow
2 months ago

A lot of people after moving out from Stanford seems to be doing really well .

Reply to  Lisa
2 months ago

Like 2 people?

Reply to  SCCOACH
2 months ago

Well Huske has done really good under Greg

Reply to  SCCOACH
2 months ago

3 swimmers that we know right now and still curious to see if Manuel is improving just like Regan.

Reply to  Lisa
2 months ago

At least she doesn’t have OTS now.

Reply to  Lisa
2 months ago

Sounds like someone didn’t get in to Stanford. It’s Ok, don’t feel bad. Only about 3% of people who apply are accepted. You’re in good company!

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