Projecting the Cutline – 2018 NCAA Women’s S&D Championships

The official NCAA invite lists won’t go out until Wednesday, but anybody with the pre-cut psych sheets, released earlier today, a spreadsheet, and an army of stat guys can do the math ahead of time to determine the invitees before they’re officially released – barring any changes to entries.

A refresher on how that process works: The NCAA will go through, event by event, and add one swimmer to each, until a certain “line” (aka, all 30th-ranked swimmers) puts the field over the maximum 281 individual entries (322 total minus 41 places for divers). At that point, swimmers will be invited based on who is the closest to the NCAA Championship Record in their event from the next line (in this case, line 37). If you want to look at the full procedure, check section 2.4 of the NCAA Pre Championship Manual.

The cut-line fell shorter than normal this year. The top 36 swimmers in each event were invited, with the alternates beginning in line 37.

The Alternates:

Most years, at least a few alternates are taken to the meet. Among other things, this happens because of late-season injuries, or teams that are at the entry cap and then have divers qualify. Only 2 teams, Stanford with 18 swimmers entered already and Texas A&M with 16, are in danger of running into roster caps this year, with divers counting as only 1/2 of a swimmer. Alternates have further hope in that teams entered at least 2 swimmers, who should receive invites, that didn’t swim at their conference championship meets due to injuries: Ky-Lee Perry of NC State, and Beryl Gastaldello of Texas A&M.

1 Moon, Caitlynn Texas A&M-GU 500 Freestyle
2 Kelly, Paige Kentucky-KY 1650 Freestyle
3 Worrell, Taylor South Carolina-SC 200 Butterfly
4 Krivokapic-Zhou, Sophie California-PC 100 Backstroke

Teams With Invites:

Team # of individual Swimmers
Stanford-PC 18
Texas A&M-GU 16
Louisville-KY 12
Michigan-MI 12
Virginia-VA 12
Georgia-GA 11
Southern Cali-CA 11
California-PC 10
Auburn-SE 9
Kentucky-KY 9
NC State-NC 9
Ohio St-OH 9
Tennessee-SE 9
Texas-ST 9
University of Missouri-MV 9
Florida-FL 8
Indiana-IN 8
Arizona-AZ 7
Duke-NC 7
Minnesota-MN 7
Alabama-SE 5
Arizona St-AZ 4
Florida St-FL 4
Notre Dame-IN 4
Purdue-IN 4
Virginia Tech-VA 4
Wisconsin-WI 4
Houston-GU 3
South Carolina-SC 3
Akron-LE 2
Denver-CO 2
Hawaii-HI 2
Liberty University-VA 2
Pittsburgh-AM 2
Rutgers-NJ 2
West Virginia-WV 2
Arkansas-AR 1
Drexel-MA 1
Eastern Michigan University-MI 1
Florida Gulf Coast University-FL 1
Florida Int’l-FG 1
Georgia Tech-GA 1
Harvard-NE 1
Iowa-IA 1
Nebraska-MW 1
Northeastern University-NE 1
Northwestern-IL 1
Pacific-PC 1
Penn St-MA 1
Rice-GU 1
San Diego St-SI 1
U of Utah Swimming-UT 1
U.S. Navy-MD 1
Yale-CT 1

The List of Swimmers Invited:

Swimmer Team Highest-Ranking Stroke
Marrero, Paloma Akron-LE 200 Breaststroke
Nogaj, Paulina Akron-LE 100 Butterfly
Scott, Bailey Alabama-SE 50 Freestyle
Macfarlane, Justine Alabama-SE 100 Breaststroke
Nonnenberg, Mia Alabama-SE 400 IM
Kullmann, Leonie Alabama-SE 500 Freestyle
Molnar, Flora Alabama-SE 100 Butterfly
Kansakoski, Silja Arizona St-AZ 100 Breaststroke
Ross, Marlies Arizona St-AZ 400 IM
Fisch, Claire Arizona St-AZ 50 Freestyle
Isleta, Chloe Kennedy Arizona St-AZ 200 IM
Jacobsen, Kirsten Arizona-AZ 500 Freestyle
Rumrill, Mackenzie Arizona-AZ 100 Butterfly
Cox, Hannah Arizona-AZ 1650 Freestyle
Konopka, Katrina Arizona-AZ 50 Freestyle
McHugh, Cameron Arizona-AZ 200 Backstroke
Korenwinder, Mallory Arizona-AZ 100 Breaststroke
Stone, Jamie Arizona-AZ 50 Freestyle
Palsha, Peyton Arkansas-AR 1650 Freestyle
Black, Haley Auburn-SE 100 Butterfly
Tetzloff, Alyssa Auburn-SE 100 Freestyle
Meynen, Julie Auburn-SE 100 Freestyle
Ellzey, Ashton Auburn-SE 50 Freestyle
Falconer, Erin Auburn-SE 200 Backstroke
Oeztuerk, Sonnele Auburn-SE 200 Backstroke
Roman, Breanna Auburn-SE 100 Breaststroke
Nero, Bailey Auburn-SE 200 Butterfly
Cummings, Carly Auburn-SE 200 Breaststroke
Baker, Kathleen California-PC 200 Backstroke
Weitzeil, Abbey California-PC 100 Freestyle
Thomas, Noemie California-PC 100 Butterfly
Darcel, Sarah California-PC 400 IM
Neumann, Robin California-PC 200 Freestyle
Bilquist, Amy California-PC 50 Freestyle
McLaughlin, Katie California-PC 100 Butterfly
Murphy, Maddie California-PC 50 Freestyle
Blovad, Keaton California-PC 100 Backstroke
Harrison, Alicia California-PC 100 Breaststroke
Andison, Bailey Denver-CO 200 IM
McCormick, Morgan Denver-CO 200 Backstroke
Kutch, Alexa Drexel-MA 200 Backstroke
Goldman, Leah Duke-NC 100 Butterfly
Paez, Isabella Duke-NC 200 Butterfly
Abel, Verity Duke-NC 1650 Freestyle
Jordan, Kylie Duke-NC 100 Butterfly
Marsh, Alyssa Duke-NC 100 Butterfly
Hess, Maddie Duke-NC 100 Backstroke
Devitt, Lizzie Duke-NC 400 IM
Duncan, Delaney Eastern Michigan University-MI 100 Breaststroke
Elmgreen, Tina Florida Gulf Coast University-FL 200 Butterfly
Ruele, Naomi Florida Int’l-FG 50 Freestyle
Pierce, Natalie Florida St-FL 100 Breaststroke
Lovemore, Tayla Florida St-FL 100 Butterfly
Olsen, Elise Florida St-FL 100 Butterfly
Cohen, Madeline Florida St-FL 200 Backstroke
Ball, Emma Florida-FL 100 Backstroke
Dressel, Sherridon Florida-FL 100 Backstroke
Ault, Taylor Florida-FL 1650 Freestyle
Burns, Hannah Florida-FL 400 IM
Fertel, Kelly Florida-FL 400 IM
Maughan, Amelia Florida-FL 200 Freestyle
Faulconer, Savanna Florida-FL 400 IM
Sell, Sydney Florida-FL 200 Backstroke
Wang, Iris Georgia Tech-GA 100 Freestyle
Kingsley, Megan Georgia-GA 200 Butterfly
Harnish, Courtney Georgia-GA 500 Freestyle
Stewart, Kylie Georgia-GA 200 Backstroke
Raab, Meaghan Georgia-GA 200 Freestyle
Burchill, Veronica Georgia-GA 100 Freestyle
Britt, Chelsea Georgia-GA 200 Butterfly
Casazza, Caitln Georgia-GA 200 Butterfly
Anderson, Olivia Georgia-GA 1650 Freestyle
Fa’amausili, Gabrielle Georgia-GA 50 Freestyle
Peters, Stephanie Georgia-GA 500 Freestyle
McCann, Meryn Georgia-GA 500 Freestyle
Dahlke, Miki Harvard-NE 100 Butterfly
Hines, Phoebe Hawaii-HI 1650 Freestyle
Weidner, Franziska Hawaii-HI 100 Breaststroke
Kondis, Peyton Houston-GU 100 Breaststroke
Yuskova, Ksenia Houston-GU 200 Freestyle
Brown, Zarena Houston-GU 200 Freestyle
King, Lilly Indiana-IN 100 Breaststroke
Rockett, Ally Indiana-IN 100 Backstroke
Goss, Kennedy Indiana-IN 200 Backstroke
Jensen, Christie Indiana-IN 100 Butterfly
Jernberg, Cassy Indiana-IN 1650 Freestyle
Haskett, Grace Indiana-IN 50 Freestyle
Chamberlain, Marie Indiana-IN 100 Backstroke
Koontz, Shelby Indiana-IN 100 Butterfly
Burvill, Hannah Iowa-IA 200 Freestyle
Seidt, Asia Kentucky-KY 200 IM
Galyer, Ali Kentucky-KY 200 Backstroke
Bonnett, Bailey Kentucky-KY 200 Breaststroke
Freriks, Geena Kentucky-KY 500 Freestyle
Winstead, Madison Kentucky-KY 100 Breaststroke
Alexander, Bridgette Kentucky-KY 200 Backstroke
Painter, Kathryn Kentucky-KY 400 IM
Belli, Morgan Kentucky-KY 200 Breaststroke
Edelman, Lauren Kentucky-KY 200 Butterfly
Finnigan, Alicia Liberty University-VA 200 Butterfly
Keiner, Payton Liberty University-VA 200 Backstroke
Comerford, Mallory Louisville-KY 200 Freestyle
Oglesby, Grace Louisville-KY 100 Butterfly
Cattermole, Sophie Louisville-KY 500 Freestyle
Fanz, Casey Louisville-KY 50 Freestyle
Bradford-Feldman, Rachael Louisville-KY 200 IM
Kendzior, Alina Louisville-KY 100 Backstroke
Visscher, Lainey Louisville-KY 100 Freestyle
Astashkina, Mariia Louisville-KY 200 Breaststroke
Braunecker, Avery Louisville-KY 50 Freestyle
Schoof, Ashlyn Louisville-KY 100 Backstroke
Friesen, Morgan Louisville-KY 200 Breaststroke
James, Lauren Louisville-KY 200 Breaststroke
Bi, Rose Michigan-MI 500 Freestyle
Tucker, Miranda Michigan-MI 100 Breaststroke
Haughey, Siobhan Bernadette Michigan-MI 200 Freestyle
Deloof, Gabby Michigan-MI 200 Freestyle
Deloof, Catie Michigan-MI 200 Freestyle
Krause, Vanessa Michigan-MI 200 Butterfly
Smiddy, Clara Michigan-MI 200 Backstroke
Ryan, G Michigan-MI 500 Freestyle
Schmidt, Sierra Michigan-MI 1650 Freestyle
Kopas, Emily Michigan-MI 200 Breaststroke
Postoll, Becca Michigan-MI 500 Freestyle
Garcia, Taylor Michigan-MI 100 Backstroke
Kozelsky, Lindsey Minnesota-MN 100 Breaststroke
Nack, Danielle Minnesota-MN 100 Butterfly
Padington, Mackenzie Minnesota-MN 200 Freestyle
Munson, Rachel Minnesota-MN 100 Breaststroke
Waddell, Tevyn Minnesota-MN 100 Backstroke
Avestruz, Zoe Minnesota-MN 100 Freestyle
Nack, Chantal Minnesota-MN 200 Backstroke
Moore, Hannah NC State-NC 1650 Freestyle
Haan, Elise NC State-NC 100 Backstroke
Perry, Ky-lee NC State-NC 50 Freestyle
Holub, Tamila NC State-NC 1650 Freestyle
Poole, Julia NC State-NC 200 IM
Jahns, Anna NC State-NC 1650 Freestyle
Finke, Summer NC State-NC 1650 Freestyle
Moore, Kate NC State-NC 400 IM
Horomanski, Jessica NC State-NC 400 IM
Haebig, Autumn Nebraska-MW 100 Backstroke
Clark, Megan Northeastern University-NE 100 Freestyle
Sheridan, Calypso Northwestern-IL 200 Breaststroke
Treuth, Alice Notre Dame-IN 200 Backstroke
Quast, Carly Notre Dame-IN 100 Backstroke
Stone, Lindsay Notre Dame-IN 1650 Freestyle
Dolan, Abigail Notre Dame-IN 100 Freestyle
Li, Liz Ohio St-OH 50 Freestyle
Kowal, Molly Ohio St-OH 1650 Freestyle
Bailey, Meg Ohio St-OH 400 IM
Romano, Kristen Ohio St-OH 400 IM
Rayner, Freya Ohio St-OH 50 Freestyle
Gresser, Hanna Ohio St-OH 100 Breaststroke
McNichols, Macie Ohio St-OH 50 Freestyle
Demler, Kathrin Ohio St-OH 400 IM
Bradley, Rebekah Ohio St-OH 100 Backstroke
Ramey, Kenna Pacific-PC 100 Butterfly
McHugh, Ally Penn St-MA 1650 Freestyle
Richey, Amanda Pittsburgh-AM 1650 Freestyle
Rathsack, Lina Pittsburgh-AM 100 Breaststroke
Meitz, Kaersten Purdue-IN 500 Freestyle
Phee, Jinq En Purdue-IN 100 Breaststroke
Kitchel, Taite Purdue-IN 200 Butterfly
Rawson, Emmy Purdue-IN 200 Butterfly
Schillinger, Marie-claire Rice-GU 100 Breaststroke
Schiazzano, Sveva Rutgers-NJ 1650 Freestyle
Stoppa, Francesca Rutgers-NJ 200 Butterfly
Vincent, Courtney San Diego St-SI 100 Butterfly
Samardzic, Matea SMU-NT 200 Backstroke
Podmanikova, Andrea SMU-NT 200 Breaststroke
Barksdale, Emma South Carolina-SC 200 IM
Dirrane, Kersten South Carolina-SC 200 Breaststroke
Higgs, Albury South Carolina-SC 200 Breaststroke
Hansson, Louise Southern Cali-CA 200 Butterfly
Wright, Maddie Southern Cali-CA 200 Butterfly
Aroesty, Margaret Southern Cali-CA 200 Breaststroke
Scott, Riley Southern Cali-CA 100 Breaststroke
Ciesla, Marta Southern Cali-CA 50 Freestyle
Weiss, Hannah Southern Cali-CA 100 Backstroke
Mann, Becca Southern Cali-CA 1650 Freestyle
Sanchez, Catherine Southern Cali-CA 200 Butterfly
Stinson, Elizabeth Southern Cali-CA 1650 Freestyle
Tycz, Caitlin Southern Cali-CA 200 Butterfly
Wade, Tatum Southern Cali-CA 200 IM
Eastin, Ella Stanford-PC 200 Butterfly
Ledecky, Katie Stanford-PC 1650 Freestyle
Manuel, Simone Stanford-PC 50 Freestyle
Hu, Janet Stanford-PC 100 Backstroke
Drabot, Katie Stanford-PC 200 Butterfly
Howe, Ally Stanford-PC 100 Backstroke
Forde, Brooke Stanford-PC 400 IM
Byrnes, Megan Stanford-PC 1650 Freestyle
Pitzer, Lauren Stanford-PC 500 Freestyle
Stevens, Leah Stanford-PC 1650 Freestyle
Williams, Kim Stanford-PC 100 Breaststroke
Szekely, Allie Stanford-PC 200 Backstroke
Voss, Erin Stanford-PC 200 Backstroke
Engel, Lindsey Stanford-PC 200 Butterfly
Kukurugya, Hannah Stanford-PC 200 Butterfly
Green, Lauren Stanford-PC 200 Butterfly
Zhao, Grace Stanford-PC 200 Breaststroke
Glavinovich, Katie Stanford-PC 400 IM
Brown, Erika Tennessee-SE 100 Butterfly
Small, Meghan Tennessee-SE 200 IM
Cieplucha, Tessa Tennessee-SE 400 IM
Armitage, Katie Tennessee-SE 100 Breaststroke
Banic, Madeline Tennessee-SE 50 Freestyle
Bohon, Micah Tennessee-SE 100 Backstroke
Moseley, Stanzi Tennessee-SE 100 Freestyle
Pintar, Tjasa Tennessee-SE 100 Breaststroke
Grinter, Bailey Tennessee-SE 50 Freestyle
Pickrem, Sydney Texas A&M-GU 200 IM
Belousova, Anna Texas A&M-GU 200 Breaststroke
Galat, Bethany Texas A&M-GU 200 Breaststroke
Bratton, Lisa Texas A&M-GU 200 Backstroke
Quah, Jing Texas A&M-GU 200 Butterfly
Gastaldello, Beryl Texas A&M-GU 50 Freestyle
Gonzalez Medina, Esther Texas A&M-GU 200 Breaststroke
Caneta, Jorie Texas A&M-GU 100 Breaststroke
Rasmus, Claire Texas A&M-GU 200 Freestyle
Yelle, Haley Texas A&M-GU 500 Freestyle
Malone, Kristin Texas A&M-GU 100 Freestyle
Gonzalez-Hermosillo, Monika Texas A&M-GU 400 IM
Pike, Taylor Texas A&M-GU 200 Butterfly
Debever, Mckenna Texas A&M-GU 200 IM
Portz, Katie Texas A&M-GU 200 Freestyle
Roubique, Victoria Texas A&M-GU 100 Breaststroke
Evans, Joanna Texas-ST 500 Freestyle
Adams, Claire Texas-ST 100 Backstroke
Millard, Rebecca Texas-ST 50 Freestyle
Lohman, Kennedy Texas-ST 100 Breaststroke
Carrozza, Quinn Texas-ST 200 Freestyle
Pfeifer, Evie Texas-ST 500 Freestyle
Case, Lauren Texas-ST 200 Butterfly
Rule, Remedy Texas-ST 200 Butterfly
Hansen, Brooke Texas-ST 200 IM
Anderson, Jordan U of Utah Swimming-UT 400 IM
Barber, Lauren U.S. Navy-MD 200 IM
Schanz, Emma UCLA-CA 200 Breaststroke
Grover, Katie UCLA-CA 200 Butterfly
Liu, Kenisha UCLA-CA 100 Freestyle
Soe, Sandra UCLA-CA 1650 Freestyle
Verger Gourson, Margaux UCLA-CA 1650 Freestyle
Baldwin, Caroline UNC-NC 100 Freestyle
Hauder, Caroline UNC-NC 200 IM
Fields, Zhada UNC-NC 200 Freestyle
Perrotta, Brooke UNC-NC 100 Breaststroke
Stevens, Hannah University of Missouri-MV 100 Backstroke
Brady, Sharli University of Missouri-MV 400 IM
Ochitwa, Ann University of Missouri-MV 100 Freestyle
Hynes, Haley University of Missouri-MV 100 Backstroke
Zubar, Kira University of Missouri-MV 500 Freestyle
Evensen, Courtney University of Missouri-MV 1650 Freestyle
Metzger-Seymour, Erin University of Missouri-MV 200 Freestyle
Dahlgren, Kylie University of Missouri-MV 200 IM
Thompson, Sarah University of Missouri-MV 50 Freestyle
Carnevale, Sofia UNLV W-CA 100 Breaststroke
Gyorgy, Reka Virginia Tech-VA 400 IM
Vereb, Joelle Virginia Tech-VA 100 Breaststroke
Nazieblo, Klaudia Virginia Tech-VA 200 Butterfly
Hicks, Chloe Virginia Tech-VA 200 Backstroke
Cooper, Caitlin Virginia-VA 50 Freestyle
Moroney, Megan Virginia-VA 200 Freestyle
Marrkand, Jen Virginia-VA 200 Butterfly
Madden, Paige Virginia-VA 200 Freestyle
Eddy, Eryn Virginia-VA 200 Freestyle
Reed, Laine Virginia-VA 50 Freestyle
Hill, Morgan Virginia-VA 100 Freestyle
Valls, Kyla Virginia-VA 200 Freestyle
Earley, Erin Virginia-VA 200 Backstroke
Richter, Abby Virginia-VA 200 IM
Seiberlich, Emma Virginia-VA 200 Backstroke
Williams, Cece Virginia-VA 1650 Freestyle
Bullock, Morgan West Virginia-WV 200 Butterfly
Harris, Emma West Virginia-WV 200 Breaststroke
Nelson, Beata Wisconsin-WI 100 Backstroke
Unicomb, Jess Wisconsin-WI 200 Backstroke
Coughlin, Katie Wisconsin-WI 100 Backstroke
Berg, Marissa Wisconsin-WI 50 Freestyle
Vanderwel, Heidi Yale-CT 100 Backstroke



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3 years ago

We already knew the depth Stanford has, but it will suck to see a talented swimmer being left at the farm when they (most likely) have divers that qualify.

Reply to  CanSwim13
3 years ago

Have to see how many divers will qualify and which swimmers are the least likely to score.

Reply to  CanSwim13
3 years ago

Really sad to qualify for NCAA’s and not get to go! And to think, with that incoming freshman class, next year will be worse for Stanford! Only 4 seniors departing the squad after this year, while 7 “NCAA potential” freshman joining them in the fall. VERY risky if you want to compete at the highest level to represent your school! Next year they could easily have 4 NCAA invites staying home. 🙁

Reply to  CHEEZ
3 years ago

These potential “left behind” swimmers KNEW THAT before signing on the dotted line (NLI)

Reply to  Sarcastic
3 years ago

The potential “left behind” swimmers who signed believed they would NOT be left behind BUT the reality of competing for a team STACKED ends up in having these kids watching from home. It has happened many times at Texas (men) and Auburnt (men) over the years. Not hard to fathom the likelihood of this occurring with 14 full scholarships. With 9.9 hard to believe the “even playing scholarship field” is truly in place.

Reply to  CanSwim13
3 years ago

You know what eases the pain of qualifying and not going? Putting on your new national championship ring and writing NCAA champion on your resume. Everyone on their roster has a role and contributes to a team title in some way.

Reply to  Calbearfan
3 years ago

They probably get tshirt also

Reply to  Calbearfan
3 years ago

I swam in the women’s NCAA division 1 championships all four of my years in college and though I did not get a national championship ring or the ability to put that on my resume, I would not trade the experience of swimming in this high-level one of a kind meet for that.

3 years ago

I bet some men are sweating a low cut line like the women! ?

3 years ago

What about relay swimmers who were on a relay that made in a cut, but they did not make any individual cuts? Do they count in the 281 cap?

Reply to  Swimsquare
3 years ago

No – A school has to have at least one individual swimmer qualify with an “A” cut for a school’s relay with an “A” cut to be invited. The relay only swimmers do not count to the 281 and can not swim an individual event (unless they have an “A” or individual invite).

Reply to  SwimDadNerd
3 years ago

I believe they have to have 1 individual swimmer INVITED, not necessarily an A cut time

Reply to  Aquaman
3 years ago

Another way to tier the top programs in the country is by the number of NCAA Championship invites they earn in relays. Under the new relay qualification systems, only the best-of-the-best programs are able to take relays to the meet. To take a relay, a team is not only required to have an individual swimmer or diver invited, but they also must hit the “Qualifying Standard” (aka “A” cut) in at least one relay. Once those two criteria are met, teams are able to take as many relays as they want, provided they all have “Provisional Standards,” aka “B” cuts.

Steve Schaffer
Reply to  SwimDadNerd
3 years ago

Swimdadnerd, you have quoted SwimSwam correctly but it does not support your prior
statement that “A school has to qualify at least one individual swimmer with an A Cut …”

SwimSwam correctly used the term “invited”. A team just needs an individual to be invited, and that only requires that a swimmer have one of the fastest B cuts that fill the event up to the cap limit. No event at NCAAs has only A Cut invitees.

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