Powerhouse Daiya Seto Officially Out Of ISL Season 2

Although the Tokyo Frog Kings have a bye week to start season 2 of the International Swimming League (ISL), the new squad is making headlines by way of one of its biggest scorers dropping off the roster.

SwimSwam has received confirmation that 26-year-old world record holder Daiya Seto is no longer participating in the ISL this season due to his ethics code suspension handed down yesterday by the Japanese Swimming Federation (JASF).

As we detailed, Seto met with the formal ethics committee of the JASF regarding his extramarital affair, a situation to which the world record holder admitted to and apologized for last month.

Swimming-related fallout from the personal event already included the double gold medalist from the 2019 FINA World Aquatic Championships submitting his request to be removed as captain of the Japanese Olympic swimming team. Seto’s request was granted.

Additionally, Seto withdrew from the Japan Short Course Swimming Championships, which are slated to take place this weekend.

At the JASF extraordinary managing board meeting today, October 13th Seto was handed a suspension spanning the remainder of the 2020 calendar year in terms of Japanese team competitions, camps and training. (Kyodo)

This means that Seto will be unable to compete at the Japan Swim this December, postponed originally from its April timeline due to the coronavirus pandemic. The meet, however, is not a selection meet.

The board did confirm that Seto’s qualification for the 2020 Olympic Games by way of his 200m IM/400m IM double gold in Gwangju at last year’s World Championships remains intact.

However, the suspension includes all international meets, including as a member of Tokyo Frog Kings, as JASF Secretary-General Yujiro Ishii confirmed to SwimSwam.

“Please be informed that Mr.Daiya SETO could not participate in foreign countries competition include ISL in this year.”

Seto’s absence for the Tokyo Frog Kings’ inaugural ISL season deals a big-time blow to the Kosuke Kitajima-run outfit. Seto won the league title with Energy Standard last year, though he only competed in one meet: the league finale. Seto was a huge contributor there, though, winning the 200 IM, 400 IM and 200 fly for Energy Standard.

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7 months ago

F (input is too short)

7 months ago

Called it 🤷‍♀️

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  leisurely1:29
7 months ago

You did.

7 months ago

Seto has been suspended for committing adultery? JASF are setting some sort of world record in stupidity, if you ask me….

SURELY, this is a joke?

Reply to  Swimreason
7 months ago

It’s Japanese culture, they have very high moral standards

Reply to  swimfan210_
7 months ago

High moral standards? Haha…

I have lived in Japan for eight years. Do you need a detailed description of how high their moral standards are when it comes to extramarital relations with prostitutes (in Japan, the sexual relationships paid for are called ‘enko”)? More or less every business transaction requires a half dozen visits to the local nudy bar as well as a sneak away with a young talent, all paid for by one of the parties.

This whole affair makes me believe the woman in question is married to one of the JASF board members.

Ikee Fan
Reply to  Swimreason
7 months ago

I have lived in Japan and USA half and half. That is not the statement for all. Maybe a partial community. Definitely not for all business.

Reply to  swimfan210_
7 months ago

On the outside it may seem like it, but spending ~15 months there for work made me quickly learn otherwise.

Reply to  DravenOP
7 months ago

Maybe they just tear down public figures in order to feel better about their on transgressions.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Troyy
7 months ago

Have you read the 1st tenet of Shinto? Do no t dishonour the family. Japan can bring any other Shinto edict in whenever they like . Their land , their sport, their citizen .

Reply to  Corn Pop
7 months ago

No culture or religion is above being criticised.

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