Poland Touches 1st, Greece Touches 3rd But DQs Shake Up Mixed Medley Relay Podium At Euros



  • World Record: 3:37.58 – Great Britain (2021)
  • European Record: 3:37.58 – Great Britain (2021)
  • Championship Record: 3:38.82 – Great Britain (2021)


  1. Israel – 3:45.74
  2. Germany – 3:48.12
  3. Hungary – 3:48.79
  4. Sweden – 3:49.93
  5. Denmark – 3:50.99
  6. Ireland – 3:51.06
  7. Poland – DQ
  8. Greece – DQ

Two disqualifications caused gasps for some and celebrations for others as the mixed medley relay brought the excitement to close night 2 of the European Championships in Serbia.

After touching first and third respectively, Poland and Greece were disqualified after the heat went under review for a few moments. Greece, the third place team, was the first announced disqualification and gasps took to the outdoor arena while Germany celebrated a podium finish after originally finishing fourth.

Just moments later, Poland was also announced as a disqualification and even more gasps and celebrations came to the air. Germany celebrated once again along with Hungary this time as they both moved up in the final standings. Poland’s finish would have earned them their first medal of the championships if they had not been disqualified.

In classic mixed medley core fashion, the race itself was also not without some drama. The biggest came during the butterfly leg as Poland and Israel passed up Greece. Greece had a female (Georgia Damasioti) swim the butterfly leg while Poland and Israel had males on the butterfly leg. There were other passes as the orders were different but this was one of the most notably coming with about 15 meters to go in the butterfly leg.

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23 days ago

What is the story about Israel winning, were the others DQ’ed and why… Was the proformance by Israel a good swim?

Reply to  HarveyM
23 days ago

They were 2nd and moved to first.

24 days ago

Israel moved up to first. Someone forgot to mention that in all the excitement.

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