Peaty & Wilby Split Breaststroke Events On Night 2 In Manchester


Olympic champion Adam Peaty rocked the only sub-minute 100m breaststroke last night in Manchester with his time of 59.88 and the 22-year-old Loughborough athlete was on top of the field again today in the 50m distance. Touching in 27.24, Peaty easily won the splash n’ dash breaststroke gold, with teammate James Wilby finishing almost a full second later in his silver medal-garnering effort of 28.19.

Wilby was able to get the upper hand on the 200m breaststroke, however. Peaty took the longer event out in a quick 1:03.10 to Wilby’s 1:04.44, but was unable to keep the speed down the stretch. Wilby finished in 2:14.19 for the win, with Peaty touching in 2:16.62 for silver. Peaty is still experimenting with this distance, but has hinted it may become more of a routine for him as the months go on.

A battle took place in the men’s 400m freestyle race, with Jay Lelliott of Sheffield and Stephen Milne of Perth City positioned neck-and-neck heading into the wall. After leading through 300m, Milne saw Lelliott make his move to wind up at the finish line .06 ahead of his countrymate. Lelliott stopped the clock at 3:51.43, while Milne finished in 3:51.49.

Additional Winners on Day 2:

  • Jarvis Parkinson was tonight’s 200m IM winner in a time of 2:02.05.
  • Olympian Ellie Faulkner took the women’s 200m freestyle tonight, clocking 1:59.48 for the only sub-2-minute time of the field.
  • University of Stirling’s newest elite member, Aimee Willmott, was tonight’s 400m IM winner, taking the race in a time of 4:41.46 to continue her comeback from injury that kept her out of this year’s long course World Championships.
  • Loughborough swimmer Rachael Kelly stopped the clock at 59.32 to win the women’s 100m butterfly.
  • Alex Bowen was tonight’s 50m butterfly winner, as was Daniel Savage, as the 2 men tied in a time of 24.92.
  • The women’s 50m freestyle saw Marie Wattel win in 25.67.
  • Emma Day clocked 29.12 to take the women’s 50m backstroke, while Charlotte Evans won the women’s 200m back in 2:12.71.
  • Richard Nagy was victorious in the men’s 200m butterfly race in a time of 2:02.56.
  • World Championships swimmer Sarah Vasey was the women’s 100m breaststroke top swimmer tonight, collecting a mark of 1:08.27.
  • Another tie occurred in the men’s 100m freestyle, where Elliott Clogg and Jarvis Parkinson both notched a winning time of 51.30.

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Coach Mike 1952

It will be most interesting to see how Peaty develops in the 200. He & Lilly King have this in common – great at 50 / 100, but being such all-out fast twitch sprinters, may not have the stamina yet for the 200 event LC (notice the term “yet”). Lilly King has obviously shown she can swim 200 yards in SC (with Molly Hannis I believe close behind though)


It’s interesting with peaty; He was actually pretty balanced between 100/200br a few years ago. The natural ability for 200 is there; he was 2.08 in 2015. But, I wonder if his physique might just be a little too big now, too much muscle mass down that heavy last 50m. Having said that; if VDB can go 2.08, Peaty should be capable of faster.


To be considered one of the greats in breastroke, Peaty needs to train for 200m, Why are his cheeks always so red??

E Gamble

It’s red blush #9. He’s flushed from racing. That’s what happens when you push your body past 100 %.


funny how nobody else does that even after world records!


different skin types. hes very white. very very white. like many of the british swimmers. so many other british (or other super white athletes) are very red as well after racing.


Indeed; Hannah Miley is red before she races haha


yeah drugs obviously


Sorry Gregor – he’s WR holder of both the 50m and 100m -taking the stroke into totally new realms time wise -I think he can be considered one of the greats of that stroke already!




If he keeps choosing the 50m (EASIER OPTION) over the 200m the best he can get in Tokyo is one gold, one silver or bronze!


Still better than a lot of Olympic swimmers. I think he’d be happy with the one gold especially if it came with a 56 second 100 while everyone is still trying to crack 58.3. you don’t need to dominate every distance to be a legend in sport, especially when you push times to an unthinkable place. Yes there are many athletes that win multiple gold’s but we have been spoiled by Phelps, ledecky and others to the point that only winning “one gold medal” is seen as a mediocre performance when in fact it is an amazing achievement.

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