Olympian Laszlo Cseh Appears on Hungarian Version of “The Masked Singer”

Hungarian World Champion and 6x Olympic medalist László Cseh made an appearance on the Hungarian version of the show “The Masked Singer”, which in Hungarian is called “Nicsak, ki vagyok?-ban.”

On the show, celebrities compete against one another in a singing competition while wearing intricate costumes that disguise their true identity. Throughout the competition, a panel of celebrity judges attempt to guess the identities of the contestants. Only once a contestant is eliminated can they remove their mask and reveal who they are. 

Cseh elected to appear on the show as “the horse”, posting a picture of his costume on his Instagram account.

Although the judges immediately associated Cseh’s stature with that of an athlete, they all failed to identify him. 


Although Cseh has never won an Olympic gold medal, he has come close on several occasions over the span of his almost 20 year career, earning 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals, with 3 of his silvers coming behind Michael Phelps’ legendary 8 gold medal haul in 2008. Cseh was also the 2015 World Champion in the 200 butterfly. 

At 34 years-old, and turning 35 in less than 2 weeks, Cseh is not ruling out participating in the postponed 2021 Olympic Games. 

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1 year ago

It’s impossible not to love this guy.

1 year ago

Cseh with an unshaven head just doesn’t feel right lol

Sam B
1 year ago

He had so many ups and downs he should have been an elevator operator. But seriously, he is a legend and one of he coolest and kindest guys around the pool.

Reply to  Sam B
1 year ago

I would actually say that he’s got one of the most consistent careers in the history of swimming. With the exception of World’s in ’07 he’s been a top tier competitior at any major meet he attended between 2001 (European Junior Championships) and Rio ’16. And even in ’07 he swam best times in Melbourne…

Last edited 1 year ago by FSt
Reply to  FSt
1 year ago

In 2007, Cseh got bronze in the 200 IM behind two guys you can probably guess. He went 1:56.92, not bad considering last year at Worlds no one was under 1:56.

Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

Right, forgot about that. I was somehow stuck on the 400IM.
Anyway, incredibly consistent guy. I don’t see an elevator operator at all.

Sam B
Reply to  FSt
1 year ago

He had his ups and downs within one meet. He would do great in one event and blow it in another one. In his most anticipated 2004 Olympics, he broke his toe, and still did great. In Beijing he killed it, in Rome, he got sick and probably could have won 3 golds if he had been healthy. In Rio he entered the 200 butterfly with a time 2 month earlier that would have won it (1:52:90 vs 1:53.36), and still, he bounced back for the 100 fly. His greatest moment was the 200 fly in Budapest in 2017, when Chad raised Cseh’s hand, and Cseh humbly accepted the le Clos gesture

1 year ago

Funny enough, the initial reaction of one of the judges was that he must be an old man coz of the strange way he moved to the song.

Coach Mike 1952
1 year ago

Had he not been in the same time period as MP, he would have been at the top of the world’s greatest swimmers for a stretch there. A legend.

Last edited 1 year ago by Coach Mike 1952
1 year ago

Cseh unshaved hair is scarier than the horse mask

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