Olympian Katrina Radke To Appear On Season 35 of Survivor This Fall

Olympian Katrina Radke is a part of the cast for long-running reality TV show Survivor‘s 35th season, which premieres this fall. That’s per Entertainment Weekly, which announced the full cast this afternoon.

The 35th season is titled “Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers,” with three tribes divided based on their positive character traits. Per the season’s first preview, members of the “Heroes” tribe are “heralded for their courage, their achievements, and ideals for which they stand.”

Radke (now Katrina Radke Gerry by marriage) was an American Olympian in 1988, finishing fifth in the 200 fly in Seoul, South Korea. She was also a two-time gold medalist at the Pan Pacific Championships in 1985 and 1987. Radke is now a sports psychologist and therapist, running a coaching/counselling business with her husband.

Radke will be joined on the Heroes tribe by a former NFL football player, an ex-Marine, a firefighter, a lifeguard captain and an actuary.

The Heroes will square off with the Healers (featuring a surgeon, a nurse practitioner and a therapist) and the Hustlers (made up of a Hollywood personal assistant, a bellhop and an owner of a self-started moving business, among others). The season premieres on Wednesday, September 27 at 8 PM Eastern.

You can check out her cast introduction video below:

Note: Katrina Radke is a SwimSwam correspondent.

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6 years ago

What was that crazy set she did at Germantown? 100x100s on 1:10 long course? No one is going to physically outlast her, so if she can play the social game, she should be able to coast to the final Tribal Council.

Reply to  aquajosh
6 years ago

Except for you know people who did just as much if not more cardio than her like a former marine and a firefighter

6 years ago

I can’t imagine that anyone will be smarter or tougher. Top of the Day, GA.

Patti Poole
6 years ago

Team Trina! One of the toughest chicks I know!

6 years ago

Good luck!

6 years ago

An actuary for the Heroes???

Reply to  swimG
6 years ago

Math is not nearly as sexy as pulling a baby from a burning building, sure, but actuaries have done a whole lot of good for society. I was surprised too, but after consideration, I’ll allow it.

Reply to  swimG
6 years ago

Who knows more about survival rates than an actuary?

6 years ago

Top of the Day GA

Years of Plain Suck
6 years ago

Radke’s husband, Ross Gerry, was one of my all-time favorite Masters swimming coaches. I’m sure he will share some of his Zen Master/Jedi-Knight mind tricks with her so she can outwit the “Hustlers” and the “Healers.”

expert coach
Reply to  Years of Plain Suck
6 years ago

Was he her coach?

Rick Paine
6 years ago

My money is on Trina

Reply to  Rick Paine
6 years ago

Maybe they can cut the nonsense with the carnival games and eating 10 bugs challenges and do a 200 fly instead.
Trina to PLEASE make a solid Final 3 pact/alliance with the ex-Marine and the heroic actuary. <3
P.S. Does "Hustlers" = social mediawhores? Trina to vanquish this entire tribe immediately. KTHX

Reply to  75M FREE
6 years ago

They’re defining “hustlers” as people who hustle in their job, like bellhops and such. The definitions of each tribe are vague because they come up with the theme for the season usually after they cast the people.

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