New York Breakers Win ISL Logo Bracket Challenge In Touchout of London Roar

The New York Breakers pulled off a come-from-behind touchout win to best the London Roar in the finals of our International Swimming League (ISL) logo bracket challenge.

Finals Round Recap


New York Breakers (53%) over London Roar (47%)

Though the London Roar led early, the New York Breakers surged back to take the win late. London had won each of its previous matchups easily, but falls by 6% here. Our all animal-themed final got a fair number of votes: better than the London Roar-DC Trident semifinal, though not quite as many as our four opening-round matchups or the New York Breakers-Cali Condors semifinal.

Consolation: Cali Condors (65%) over DC Trident (35%)

In the bronze medal match, the Cali Condors rolled away with the win over the DC Trident. Votes were pretty far down in this one, as fans focused in on the final and the teams themselves stopped promoting the polls as hard once they fell out of contention.

Final Logo Ranking

1st: New York Breakers

2nd: London Roar

3rd: Cali Condors

4th: DC Trident





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2 years ago

top 4 are very deserving

random swimmer
2 years ago

Lol what other sports have a best logo contest… This is making swimming look worse to outsiders

Reply to  random swimmer
2 years ago

The thing is, in most sports, a “best logo vote” is basically meaningless, because people will just vote for their favorite team. In Chicago, the Cubs will have the best logo, in Seattle, the Mariners will have the best logo. Nobody has that in the ISL, so it’s not quite the same.

Reply to  random swimmer
2 years ago

All of them. Every single professional sport.

Swimmer Brent
Reply to  random swimmer
2 years ago

ESPN has had an on-going series for years called “Uniform Watch” to report on (and rant about and criticize) uniform changes for pro sports teams. I would say this kind of thing is beyond common.

2 years ago

This could be the Breakers only victory….

Reply to  Gator
2 years ago

One of the big problems with prognosticating who’s actually going to win this league is that there’s going to be a lot of big-time swimmers skipping a lot of meets. Nobody is willing to say ‘who’ or ‘when’ (which goes with the MO of the whole league so far, they’ve been very FINA-like in their lack of any real information about anything or transparency), but we hear lots of whispers about a lot of very well-known swimmers who aren’t going to attend all of the meets.

That’s going to change the dynamics of the meets and who wins them very much: who can actually get all of their swimmers to show up on any given weekend.

Reply to  Braden Keith
2 years ago

Also… most people wont be tapered so it’ll come down to straight up raw racing. Should we make shaving illegal just for fun on this one???

m d e
Reply to  Observer
2 years ago

No. we should put them in supersuits.

Reply to  Gator
2 years ago

Breakers logo = a rhino??

Reply to  Gator
2 years ago

One more victory than the rest of the league, given there aren’t any meets being swum….

2 years ago

Energy Standard will be last in everything always.

Chaitha D.
Reply to  Name
2 years ago

? They are the best team swimming wise

2 years ago

The Rhino is unstoppable

2 years ago

Really interested to see this format, I think it has a lot of potential.

Lane 8
2 years ago

Yeah…at first would be a major upset. Was a great “race” IMO

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