ISL Logo Bracket Challenge: Final Round Is London Roar vs New York Breakers

It’s the finals of our International Swimming League (ISL) logo bracket challenge – and we’ve got a battle across the Atlantic between London and New York.

As a recap, we’re giving you a chance to vote for the best logos among the 8 inaugural International Swimming League (ISL) franchises. We randomly seeded the eight logos into a bracket, and have now advanced to the all-important final round.

First, a recap of last week:

Round 2 Recap

Consolation Bracket:

We’ve reached our final order of the bottom four logos. The LA Current (and their updated logo with the blue background) did very well, knocking off the other three teams by at least 9% of the votes.

Iron nipped the Aqua Centurions for second, and Energy Standard garnered just 6% of the votes, far back in 8th place.

5th: LA Current (38%)

6th: Iron (29%)

7th: Aqua Centurions (27%)

8th: Energy Standard (6%)

London Roar (72%) over DC Trident (28%)

The London Roar continue to look unstoppable, winning by more than 40% of the vote. After winning round one by a whopping 1100 votes, the Roar topped DC by more than 500 votes in round two.

New York Breakers (51%) over Cali Condors (49%)

The most thrilling showdown of the bracket so far, New York won by just 24 votes – only about 2% of the total votes cast. The Breakers have been the touchout kings so far, winning two relatively close polls to make the final.

Final Round

We’ve hit the finals. Here’s a look at the updated bracket:

Updated Bracket

Gold Medal Match: London Roar vs New York Breakers

Which ISL team has the better logo? (Finals)

  • New York Breakers (53%)
  • London Roar (47%)
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Bronze Medal Match: Cali Condors vs DC Trident

Which ISL team has the better logo? (bronze medal match)

  • Cali Condors (65%)
  • DC Trident (35%)
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2 years ago

A rhino versus a soccer logo….

2 years ago

London’s colors are just too cool

2 years ago

When does the voting stop?

Reply to  yardfan
2 years ago

Very soon! Vote quickly!

2 years ago

All these logos are terrible. It’s like someone designed them from Microsoft clipart.

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