New Live Results Site: 2016 Men’s NCAA Championships

by SwimSwam 16

March 24th, 2016 College, News

Commit Swimming put together a live results site for Men’s NCAA this week: There’s also a mobile version for both iOS and Android. The site and apps are all free.

commit swimming NCAA 2016


Although Commit is known for their workout manager, the team decided to spend the last 3 weeks building an alternative to Active’s Hy-Tek Meet Manager web results (which has had issues in the past… remember this?). The team finished the project right before the last day of the Women’s NCAA Championships, and tested it live for the first time:

commit swimming NCAA 2016

There is a new link and app for the Men’s meet, and the features are the exact same as what thousands of viewers loved during the Women’s meet.

commit swimming NCAA 2016FEAUTURES

  • See results update automatically without
    refreshing the page
  • View current and projected team scores
  • View score breakdowns by event for each team
  • Expand rows for detailed splits and points
  • Switch views to see original Hy-Tek output

Also, note the following:

  • Green = completed final
  • Purple = completed prelim
  • Checkmark = completed event
  • Filled circle = completed session
  • Open circle = session in progress


Data comes from Active’s Hy-Tek Meet Manager’s site, which only receives results after the full event is over. Therefore, Commit updates at the conclusion of each event, not the conclusion of each heat.

Commit Swimming builds innovative software for our sport. Commit’s first product is a workout manager for coaches (and soon athletes) that helps collect, analyze, and learn from workout data. The startup was founded in 2015 by Dan Crescimanno, Dan Dingman, and Nico Gimenez. Contact them anytime at [email protected] You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to their newsletter.

Press release is courtesy of Commit Swimming.

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Is there any way it could display an events start time?


LC – Dan from Commit here.

We don’t have access to the start time details by event (just by session). However, it’s possible for us to estimate start times based on the data we do have. We will add this to our development list and if we hear it from enough fans, we will implement your idea.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Can”t zoom, the webcast, too small for detail.


If it’s not broke, why fix it? Why not the same live results as the Women’s championship last week?

Swimmer A

It’s a fresh look and all, but the from a user stand point the Hy-Tek results are better cause you can look through many times and splits a lot faster. On here you have to manually select a relay to look at the splits. So for instance, if you wanted to determine the fastest relay split in the field you would have to expand each relay and scroll up and down a bit.

Also I think that…… Ohhhhhhh wait a second. If you hit the Commit View button it displays it like a Hy-Tek file. Nifty

The Commit Team

Aquax – If you want feel free to use the original hy-tek link here:

We will work with your (and other’s) feedback throughout this process. We’re a small nimble team, and we built the results site in 3 weeks. Happy to hear more of your thoughts here or through email at [email protected].

The Commit Team


Need to see splits by 50’s for 200 + and by 25’s for 100’s and 50’s….will this happen??



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