NCAP Breaks 4 More Mixed Relay National Age Group Records with 3 More Relays


  • December 12th-15th, 2019
  • University of Maryland College Park
  • SCY (25y) pool
  • Psych Sheets
  • Results on Meet Mobile

At the 2018 NCAP Invitational, the host NCAP team broke 5 National Age Group Records in mixed relays. This weekend at the 2019 NCAP Invitational, they matched that output with 5 more mixed relay National Age Gorup Records (6 including relays that broke multiple records).

On Friday, the team broke the 15-16 record in the mixed 200 medley relay with a 1:37.57 – taking four-and-a-half seconds off the old record. They also cracked the 15-18 mixed 200 free relay record in 1:26.54.

On Saturday, the group of Phoebe BaconGeorgia JohnsonLandon Gentry, and Trace Wall combined for a 3:25.84 in the mixed 400 medley relay to break the old 15-18 record. That old record of 3:33.93 was set by the Fort Collins Area Swim Team in 2017, and NCAP’s relay broke the mark by 8 seconds. Some members of that relay are 15-16s and some are 17-18s, so they weren’t eligible for the records in either of those more limiting categories.

NCAP 15-18 Mixed 400 Medley Relay Record splits:

  • Bacon (female – backstroke) – 50.94
  • Johnson (female – breaststroke) – 1:02.61
  • Gentry (male – butterfly) – 48.09
  • Wall (male – freestyle) – 44.20
  • Total Time: 3:25.84

The top 3 teams in that event on Saturday were all under the old National Age Group Record, including Machine Aquatics in 3:28.65 and the NCAP B relay in 3:29.39.

That NCAP B relay won’t go home empty-handed, however. The team of Zac LeithEric LiaoMackenzie McConagha, and Erin Gemmell combined for a 3:29.39. Those swimmers are all either 15 or 16, meaning that they now own the 15-16 National Age Group Record. While USA Swimming hasn’t formally recognized a previous record in that race, the fastest since records in this event were first recognized for a 15-16 relay was 3:35.31 set by Asphalt Green in 2018.

NCAP 15-16 Mixed 400 Medley Relay Record Splits:

  • Leith (male – backstroke) – 50.37
  • Liao (male – breaststroke) – 55.97
  • McConagha (female – butterfly) – 54.64
  • Gemmell (female – freestyle) – 48.40
  • Total Time: 3:29.39

Then, on Sunday, they set a new 15-16 National Age Group Record in the mixed 400 free relay. This time, it was the team of Brett FeyerickLandon GentryCamille Spink, and Erin Gemmell that combined for a 3:09.79 in the 400 free relay. Feyerick was the only 16-year old on that relay: the other 3 members are all 15.

NCAP 15-16 Mixed 400 Free Relay Record Splits:

  • Feyerick (male) – 46.05
  • Gentry (male) – 46.17
  • Gemmell (female) – 49.00
  • Spink (female) – 48.57
  • Total Time: 3:09.79

USA Swimming doesn’t have a recognized record for the 15-16 400 yard free relay and has not published a benchmark, but this NCAP relay should clear whatever standard has been set. The previous fastest relay in the USA Swimming times database is a 3:26.20 done by Northern Lights Swimming Association in 2018, but given that the all-girls relay record in the age group is a 3:19, that record was bound to be broken.

This NCAP relay also broke the old 15-18 National Age Group Record in the mixed 400 free relay, which was a 3:11.90 set by a fully-different foursome (that included Phoebe Bacon) last year.

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