NCAA Division III Record Holder Frank Applebaum Enters Transfer Portal Seeking 5th Year

Division III Claremont-Mudd-Scripps senior Frank Applebaum has entered the NCAA transfer portal seeking to use his 5th year of NCAA eligibility granted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Applebaum recently lowered his own NCAA DIII record in the men’s 200 fly, swimming a 1:43.87 at a dual meet between CMS and Pomona-Pitzer.

Note: An athlete entering the transfer portal does not mean that they HAVE to transfer. Instead, it means that they are now allowed to communicate with other coaches about a potential transfer. 

Applebaum is originally from Shaker Heights, OH and has spent all 4 years of his undergrad at Claremont-Mudd-Scripps. His first year was the 2020-2021 season, in which the Stags did not compete due to COVID-19. In the 2 full seasons that followed, Applebaum was the NCAA DIII champion in the men’s 200 fly, taking the event with a 1:44.01 in 2022 and 1:43.96 in 2023.

An NCAA DIII First-Team All-American in the 100 fly as well in 2022, Applebaum is sure to garner attention from college coaches all over the NCAA now that he’s in the portal.

Here are Applebaum’s personal bests in yards:

  • 100 fly – 47.41
  • 200 fly – 1:43.87
  • 200 IM – 1:48.74

Fly is by far Applebaum’s best stroke but he has a decent 200 IM to go along with it. His 200 fly, which may still get faster through the rest of this season, is fast enough to score at any DI conference meet. He’s also not far off the 1:42.57 it took to qualify for DI NCAAs in the event last season. In fact, his 1:43.87 currently ranks 32nd this season across all 3 NCAA divisions.

If Applebaum were interested in returning home, Ohio State would be the team that comes to mind, however, we don’t know exactly what he’s looking for. He’s been out in the Los Angeles area for 4 years now and perhaps he’s interested in staying on the west coast. In that scenario, USC comes to mind, as well as Cal and Stanford in northern California. Applebaum has competed under Phoenix Swim Club previously, so perhaps those ties to Phoenix could mean he would have interest in swimming for Arizona State for a year.

Applebaum’s next meet will be at Occidental on January 6th.

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Michael Phelps
4 months ago

Jesse who!!!??

Ice Golem
Reply to  Michael Phelps
4 months ago

Please do not disrespect Ssengoatzi

Ice Golem
4 months ago

Bro got tired of putting the entire team on his back

Reply to  Ice Golem
4 months ago

… Or maybe he just wants to go to grad school somewhere else?

Reply to  Anonymous
4 months ago

Claremont has very few graduate programs. That’s a good theory.

Proper Pog
4 months ago

The AppleBOMB 😤😤

D1 Swim Coach Certified
4 months ago

Frank is the most phenomenal swimmer I have ever seen. His technique is first to Phelps.

Reply to  D1 Swim Coach Certified
4 months ago

He learned from watching his incredibly talented younger brother

4 months ago


4 months ago

Probably looking for a grad school option like what tanner filion and Liam McDonnell did by going to Notre Dame…. Very interesting!

NCAA fan
Reply to  THEO
4 months ago

These D3 kids are smart

D3 Fan
4 months ago

If he’s looking for an academic 1 year program, hard to pass up Stanford or any of the Ivies.

Swim Statistician
Reply to  D3 Fan
4 months ago

Ivies don’t let grad students compete

4 months ago

Would not be shocked if he looked into IU. Remember hearing not too long ago he was initially interested in that.

James Beam
Reply to  PFA
4 months ago

They will need someone to replace Burns and Frankel.

Reply to  James Beam
4 months ago

Fin Brooks is already a 45.4 flyer with a crazy improvement curve and Miroslav Knedla will arrive in immediate 45.0 backstroke form (given his SCM prowess), so IU will be more fine than people think.