NC State Swim Coach Bobby Guntoro Describes His Coronavirus Battle

NC State swimming & diving Associate Head Coach Bobby Guntoro revealed his personal battle with coronavirus (COVID-19) this week on Instagram, adding a familiar face to the infection that has resulted in a global pandemic.

After more than two weeks of being afflicted with everything from fever to exhaustion to a loss of taste and smell, Guntoro is on the mend. As someone whose entire household was impacted by coronavirus, with both his wife and young son having tested positive, the Wolfpack leader revealed his battle in order to spread the word that the situation is real.

Speaking with SwimSwam today, Guntoro conveyed, “I want people to understand that, even though things are opening back up and that can be a good thing, that the virus is still there. We need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves.”

And he is speaking from experience, having tested positive for coronavirus after coming down with symptoms quite suddenly. “My wife and I had been practicing social distancing, wearing masks and I really don’t know how I got it.

I came back from one of my daily walks and was really sweating,” he explained. “I took a shower and just felt ill thereafter.

“My wife, who is a Physician’s Assistant, recognized my symptoms the next day of fever and being exhausted and she urged me to get tested.”

Upon waiting for the test results, Guntoro said his condition went totally downhill over the next few days. “I could barely walk. I couldn’t smell anything. I couldn’t taste anything and I didn’t even want to eat.” As a healthy man who walks nearly 10 miles a day, he wound up losing 18 pounds in 8 days.

“Days 5 to 8 were the absolute worst for me. You are just so exhausted, have no energy. That’s when the cough hit. And my head was pounding.”

Despite these symptoms, Guntoro believes he had a mild case, as he never encountered problems breathing, the one telltale sign state department officials told him would necessitate his going to the hospital.

“The North Carolina State Health Department has been very helpful. They told me to go to the hospital if I had trouble breathing, but it never got to that point. I took Tylenol for a few days but transitioned to ingesting vitamins and constantly hydrating myself. That was the only thing I could do.

Guntoro says his official quarantine end date is tomorrow, June 20th, but he and his wife, who only displayed a symptom of a fever briefly, will still play it safe in terms of minimizing contact with anyone.

Based on his experience of leaning on family members to help during the days he was down for the count with the virus, Guntoro does express his concern for students returning to campuses everything in the fall.

“My worry is that I had someone to take care of me, but college kids may be by themselves. Someone needs to be able to take care of someone with coronavirus for 24/7 in monitoring health, hunger, and thirst.

“But, then again, college kids are a lot younger and strong than I am. The virus is so weird in who it impacts and how.”

Evaluating his health at about 75% as of today, Guntoro reminds everyone to be diligent and that the fight against coronavirus is most definitely not over.

North Carolina is one of several states that has seen a dramatic increase in new cases of the coronavirus over the last few weeks. The state has averaged around 1,300 new cases per day over the last 7 days. Wake County, where NC State is located, has seen the state’s second-highest case load with just over 3,700 cases and 43 confirmed deaths from COVID-19.


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Haven’t posted anything in more than 14 days. I have been dealing with and recovering from Covid 19. I am OKAY and recovering! All credit to my wife for taking care of me.

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Deborah S Glenn
4 months ago

So glad Guntoro is on the mend.

4 months ago

So happy to hear you got through okay Bobby!

With everything you’re starting to see with football players coming back, it’s hard to feel confident of things in the next couple months. It’s obvious college students won’t take the necessary precautions and why should we blame them? They’re college students and this is usually one of the best periods of their life and they have every right to enjoy it.

This year is going to be tough and hearing how it went for someone healthy like Bobby, you know we’re going to have other coaches have it worse and even some athletes.

Being positive about a season coming, for any college sport, gets harder and harder everyday.

College Student
Reply to  TheSwammer
4 months ago

I’m a college student about to return to campus, and I honestly expect the entire student population to catch the virus within the first month. I don’t think my school should worry about protecting us, they should worry about protecting our professors

The Importer AND Exporter
4 months ago

Thanks for sharing your story! Very important for people to hear and understand.

Reply to  The Importer AND Exporter
4 months ago

Is your name intended to be a Seinfeld reference?

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