MN State: VIDEO: Chanhassen breaks 200 medley, 400 free relay record, Zoe Avestruz: 4 golds

In Minnesota Class AA State Championships, we saw a stellar group of swimmers from Chanhassen High School (Backstroker, Zoe Avestruz (11), Breaststroker, Bridgette Grobe (12), Flyer, Kaia Grobe (11), and Freestyler, Kylie Dahlgren (11)), break the 200 yard medley relay record, going 1:43.50 – in the prelims, and then again with 1:41.96, getting close to national record set by Concord CA, in 2011 (1:40.73). Three of the four girls will still be back next year. Edina (Kate Moreton (12), Olivia Anderson (11), Emma Wittmer (11), and Rachel Wittmer (11)) were second in 1:43.81, and Wayzata (Carly Quast (9), Madison Preiss (10), Alexis Schaaf (9), and Anna Petty (10)) were third in 1:44.29.

The Chanhassen girls (Kaia Grobe (11), Shelby Holmes (12), Kylie Dahlgren (11), and Zoe Avestruz (11)) also broke the 400 yard freestyle relay record with a time of 3:25.69 (old record was from Stillwater with a time of 3:26.09. The national record is 3:22.50 held by Waukesha South from the Wisconsin state meet a week ago, once ratified).

Chanhassen finished 5th overall, in the state meet. Some people ask what is the difference between Class A and AA. I have been told that it is based on numbers of students enrolled in the high school. Thus, typically the biggest schools are in AA, and the smaller schools are in Class A.

In this interview, the Medley Relay talk about their win, and Chanhassen High School Head Coach Kristin Nicholson shares how she has a great team.

Several other swimmers were close to records tonight, and we are fortunate enough to get to see some of them back next year.

On this video, interviews include:

1. Chanhassen 200 Medley Relay girls

2. Chanhassen Head Coach

3. Chanhassen High School Swimmer, Zoe Avestruz, 100 backstroke (52.96) and 100 butterfly champion (54.37), and 200 medley and 400 freestyle relay Champion and State Record Holder.

An interesting note: it will be fun to watch many of these girls on the national stage in this next year, and in the following years!

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bobo gigi

Other notable results.

Class A.
Lindsey Horejsi, a sophomore, wins the 100 breast in 1.00.67.

Class AA.
Rachel Wittmer, a freshman, wins the 50 free in 22.87!


Waukesha South went 3:22.5 in their 400 free relay last weekend, does that not count as the National High School Record? (You say Hershey has it still)

Gordy – you are correct. I have updated the recap.

Kristen Nicholson

Thank you for the awesome video:) It was a pleasure and an honor to meet you! You are doing a great thing for these young ladies! Letting them feel like superstars by seeing themselves on camera is such a great thing for them:) The time you took with not just our swimmers but all of the teams was very impressive. You made your way around the pool deck and brought a great meet to life for those who couldn’t be there.

Thanks again for doing what you do! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family:0)

Kristen Nicholson
Chanhassen Swim and Dive

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