Missouri Coach Greg Rhodenbaugh Placed On Paid Administrative Leave

University of Missouri head coach Greg Rhodenbaugh has been placed on paid administrative leave while the school investigates “team management allegations.” The school announced the move in a press release today.

The school’s release says that Rhodenbaugh is on leave “while the University investigates allegations related to team management issues within the Tiger programs.” Associate Head Coach Andrew Grevers will take over as interim head coach while Rhodenbaugh is away. The release indicates the investigation came as a result of accusations by student-athletes:

“We recently were made aware of serious team management allegations by our student-athletes, and it is appropriate that Coach Rhodenbaugh be placed on paid administrative leave while the University conducts a full investigation,” said athletics director Jim Sterk.

We’ve asked the school for further detail about the specifics of the allegations, but have not yet received a response.

Rhodenbaugh has been coaching Missouri for the past nine seasons. He’s a USA Swimming National Team coach for two athletes. Grevers has been with the Missouri program since Rhodenbaugh took over, starting as an assistant coach and being promoted to associate head coach before last season. Missouri is set to compete against Kentucky this weekend, and will host the Mizzou Invite starting on November 15.

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One of the BEST people in our sport. Surely this will be cleared up quickly and he will be able to get on with his life and mission.


Had some roommates who swam for Rhodie at Mizzou and from the stories I’ve heard, I’m surprised it’s taken this long for some of the issues to become public.

On the other hand, they both had nothing but great things to say about Andrew Grevers, so I have no doubt that the team is in great hands right now.


“From the stories I’ve heard” about those roommates any negative innuendo about Greg Rhodenbaugh are false.


No information has been provided so we can’t state if it’s false or not


this is what is called fake news. accusations without any evidence


What accusations have I made? All I said was that I’m not surprised, based on what I’ve heard. If I really wanted to stir the pot I’d post examples of things Rhodie allegedly said to/around my former roomates, etc., but that’s not my place. They are aware of this article; if they want to elaborate, they can comment and do so. I trust the athletic department to do a proper and thorough investigation. If it turns out that he’s done nothing worthy of disciplinary action, I’m sure they’ll bring him back. After all, his program has produced some very fast swimmers and sent several to OGs/WCs… they have incentive to keep him around. If the investigation does reveal a pattern… Read more »


The rock behind the Mizzou Swimming and Diving Program. A great guy and a great coach, hopefully Mizzou comes to it’s senses and reinstates him quickly.

Kurt W

Inmates running the asylum ? Greg is a great human being and coach. This is bs.


Uh. Inmates at an asylum? I think you have a few analogies confused.


There have definitely been some problems noticed.


Ok, so we’ve found the person (or parent of the person, or bestie of the person) responsible for reporting. Why don’t you share specifics rather than just fanning the flames haphazardly?


I have a feeling you don’t know who is or isn’t involved


Tremendous post.


Ahhh, the old “I know something you don’t know. Nanny nanny booboo” approach. Way to prove your gossip-girl dominance, Anonymous.

pete sunhall

He has got away with stuff for years. If they knew he would have never been hired.

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