Michael Taylor, Mabel Zavaros Absent From Florida Roster

Olympic Trials finalist Michael Taylor does not appear on the Florida Gators’ roster for 2020-2021. Neither does Canadian standout and NCAA invitee Mabel Zavaros.

Florida has posted its 2020-2021 rosters, which you can see here (men) and here (women).

Taylor was an elite high school prospect who made two U.S. Olympic Trials finals in 2016, before he had even begun his college career. (In fact, we ranked him inside the top 50 prospects of the past decade). He was an NCAA qualifier and relay All-American as a freshman for the Gators in 2018.

But Taylor took a medical redshirt for the 2018-2019 season, and revealed in the spring of 2019 that he had undergone his 6th surgery for ulcerative colitis. He returned to the roster last season, but only competed in two races in September. He does not appear on the 2020-2021 roster.

We’ve asked Florida for more information on Taylor’s status with the program, but have not yet received a response.

Zavaros was on last year’s long list of NCAA Olympic-year redshirts. The Canadian Olympic hopeful took the year off of NCAA swimming to focus on Canada’s Olympic Trials. She was an NCAA qualifier in 2019 as a freshman for Florida as well as an SEC scorer.

Canada’s Olympic Trials (like the Olympics) were canceled this spring amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The Olympics and Canada’s Olympic Trials will now be held in 2021. Zavaros does not appear on Florida’s roster for the 2020-2021 season. We’ve asked the school for comment on her status, but have not yet received a response.

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Mr.Davis is my hero
1 year ago

From what I’ve heard Michael Taylor has been done for a while. Still think he could show up to trails next summer and make semis with a full beard though.

Reply to  Mr.Davis is my hero
1 year ago

Damn, hope he’s ok. Always sucks to have your career derailed by injuries out of your control

UF fan
1 year ago

MICHAEL IS THE BOMB! He is a fantastic guy and is hard to hear he isn’t able to compete these last year or two. All you can do is support this guy.

1 year ago

For the same reason, Japanese Prime Minister Abe resigned 2 weeks ago.

1 year ago

He in all likelihood is on immunosuppressive medications for his UC, which would put him at considerable risk in the current collegiate environment. Sad that we are still not out of the 1st wave of covid and at-risk individuals, therefore, have to suffer. Hopefully he is in good health and recovering from prior UC flares!

GA Swimmer
1 year ago

Michael is done for, didn’t want to start from square one. He stopped swimming last year. Really sucks, swam in HS with him. Beast of a swimmer. So much potential. Best wishes for him

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