Michael Phelps Will Not March at Opening Ceremonies in Rio

H/T to Bestswim.com and Alex Pussieldi for discovering Phelps’ statements on Opening Ceremonies.

On Sunday Michael Phelps told his Facebook fans via live stream that he will not be walking at the Opening Ceremonies at the Rio Games.

You can check out the Facebook video below. He starts talking about Opening Ceremonies around 4:45.


Phelps states in the video that he will not be attending the Opening Ceremonies, and also pointed out that he has never been to an Opening Ceremonies in his Olympic career. He explains how swimming is the next day and that it is hard to be on your feet for so long and then go and swim the next day.

At the London Olympics, Phelps did not march but his excuse was more time-sensitive, with the 400 IM going off that next morning. Since Phelps isn’t swimming the 400 IM, and from an individual standpoint his first event is 3 days after Opening Ceremonies, he would have had a bigger gap before this year’s events (with his relay participation still in the air).

Phelps’ absence will disqualify him for the running of flag bearer in what he claims again to be his final Olympics.

In Rio, Phelps will be swimming only 3 individual events, the 100 and 200 fly and the 200 IM. This schedule is comparatively light when juxtaposed with his schedules from Beijing and London, but including relays Phelps will have a busy schedule.

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phelps swims 200 breast rio

He’ll be the flag bearer in 2020.


And 2024 in Los Angeles (Hopefully)


Hahaha. Even 2020 is a bit of a stretch… (bit = lot)




isn’t it obvious that his body is slowing down? i do not see him qualifying in 2020, nor would he want to. not taking away from the fact that he is GOAT. we all age… that’s all.


Phelps doesn’t age


Don’t tell me that you’ve been converted. The Phelpamanics are too numerous to count, even though the GOAT is ageing before our very eyes.

Irish Ringer

Keep taking BILLABONG. You forget the taste of crow from last year? 🙂

Irish Ringer

He won’t be there flag bearer when he’s a participant. That’s the point about 2020 and 2024


So, Anthony Ervin can qualify at age 35, but not Phelps?

Captain Awesome



I think he should drop the 200 fly. Even though he could still be very competitive. 200 im, I just see him making it. Lochte too. Unless some peeps go 1:55. 100 fly… maybe.

4×200 free, yea… he should.
4×100 free prelims.

But he is really probably done after Rio. I don’t know this time, but retirement looks likely .

Home Alone

That makes 2 of us


If both character and success are considered, the flag bearer should be Adrian, and Phelps should never be considered. I can hardly wait for him to retire; was hoping London was his last.


It could be argued that the statement you just made in regards to MICHAEl PHELPS, could be relative to saying that the commercial success/growth for the sport of swimming is bad.


Agree, he wont even final in the fly events, and the 200 im is a tough one also.


How dumb can a person be.

Lane Four

Wow, got some serious hate issues going on here, Henrik.




You must be our of your mind!


Guys. I wonder if Henrik is a seceret die hard fan of MP. And making trash talk incase he sees them, or for joke. That or he is trolling, or is errr


You always seem to have negative comments towards the biggest names in the sport. In fact, very rarely do you make positive statements in regards to anything.

Just an observation.

northern light

Phelps has his demons. So do I. His honesty and admission of them shows true character and courage. I admire him for this as much as I do his records.

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