Michael Phelps – Anything I Put My Mind to I Can Accomplish – Video Interview

Michael Phelps finished sixth in the final of the men’s 100m backstroke on day four of the 2104 US Nationals. The finish isn’t the worst case scenario for Phelps considering that he already secured his spot on the Pan Pac roster with a second place finish in the 100 fly with a time of 51.30 on day three.

His time of 53.95 was slower than the 53.75 he posted in prelims to take the fourth fastest seed heading into finals.

He speculated in the interview that he was unsure whether or not he would swim his last event of these championships, the 200 IM, on the final day of competition.

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7 years ago

he is totally honest. he just hasn’t done the work. but to swim a time almost as fast he did in 2011 and 2012 (i think he was 50.7) in the fly with just six months of preparation is a testament to his greatest. hope i did not get rowdy wound up !

7 years ago

Get that 200 IM under your belt, Michael! I have been waiting anxiously to see that race.

7 years ago

I’m going to bummed if he doesn’t swim it. Would much rather see him in that than the 100 back.

7 years ago

Love that he’s already talking about doing doubles. Nice that he realizes he’s going to have to up the yardage and time in the pool to be able to do what he wants to do.

7 years ago

If MP wants to swim back at PanPacs, will he be able to? What if 6 people want to swim it? How do they decide who gets the opportunity to swim another event?

Reply to  Don
7 years ago

My understanding, and I hope somebody will correct me if I’m wrong, is that Prelims of Pan Pac’s is kind of like this meet with lots of heats and anybody can swim (I guess with coach’s permission) any event. There is a Final and Consolation Final at night. I believe a max of 3 US athletes can participate in the Finals Session per event. The 3 that swim in that session is determined by Pan Pac Prelim swims, NOT the results of this meet. If 3 athletes make the top 8 overall times, then the #3 person goes into Consol’s; if only 1 makes top 8, then #2 & #3 go in Consol’s.

Any time swum in Pan Pac Finals… Read more »

7 years ago

Michael is a great role model. He’s showing the world his process, his transformation from tepid to all-in, and what it takes to be the best. It took racing at Nationals to stick the burr under his saddle and reignite the perfectionist in him. It’s exciting to see this story unfold. He wants to go back home to Mt. Olympus to dwell among the gods.

SUNY cal
7 years ago

Where is the ” it’s all about having fun” attitude. Looks like that’s gone quick!

Reply to  SUNY cal
7 years ago

reality has other emotions to deal with as well , as deception or ” not yet there ” …. so it’s not all about fun here but accomplishment nontheless . Fun in between sessions with team mates surely happen but not as easely as we could imagine . Just a feeling …..

7 years ago

Thanks to the way Phelps has increased media attention for our sport and the hard work of the staff here at SwimSwam we’re getting to see LOTS of interviews along the way during this comeback, including lots of less “scripted” moments and a little of the raw emotion!

A few years ago we would have had to be happy with seeing the results of a meet and excerpts from a final press conference with only the biggest stars in a newspaper article. Now, we get to watch live streaming video of prelims and finals, read commentary by experts pre and post event, participate in discussion with other fans, watch all these great interviews and, oh yeah, see the event… Read more »

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