Michael Joyce Added to Auburn Coaching Staff as Assistant

After just adding Duncan Sherrard as an assistant, Auburn has named Michael Joyce as the newest addition to the coaching staff under new head coach Gary Taylor.

Taylor and Joyce have NC State ties — Joyce was a volunteer assistant for two seasons with NC State before taking an assistant job at Princeton, where he served as the lead Sprint and Middle-Distance coach. Taylor spent the last six seasons with the Wolfpack, serving as associate head coach for the last two.

Most recently, Joyce spent the 2017-18 season coaching the sprint group at Arizona State under head coach Bob Bowman. The Sun Devil men finished 20th and the women 23rd at their respective 2018 NCAA Championships.

“Mike is young, passionate, energetic and extremely outgoing,” Taylor said. “Mike has a lot of connections not only at the club level but also at the college level. I had the opportunity to get to know Mike during my time at NC State. He was someone that wasn’t scared to get up early and stay up late and he worked hard all day through in between. I want to be surrounded by people with energy and passion and great minds for the sport who see big things for Auburn in the future. Mike is one of those and he is going to be a tremendous asset in coaching, recruiting and every aspect of the program.”

Joyce completed his undergrad and graduate degrees at the University of Florida, where he was an All-American swimmer. He also brings club experience to the table, having served as an age group coach for Raleigh Swim Association as well as Gator Swim Club.

“Gary and I worked together once before and I know the type of passion, energy and enthusiasm he brings each day and I look forward to being alongside him again,” Joyce said. “I’m aware of the Auburn swimming tradition. It is one that is second-to-none and I’m looking to help the program get back to the place in the standings it is capable of.”

“I am very thankful for the opportunity Coach (Bob) Bowman gave me at Arizona State. I have learned more in one year under his expertise than I ever thought possible. He’s a great man and a great mentor. I look forward to seeing him on deck in the future. I’m also thankful for the ASU staff and student-athletes for embracing me into their family this past year.”

“We are very appreciative of Mike Joyce for his many contributions to the ASU swimming program this year,” said ASU head coach Bowman. “While we are disappointed to see him move on, we understand that this move is in the best interest of his family and his long-term career plan. We wish him all the best at Auburn!”

Besides Taylor, Sherrard, and Joyce, Tyler McGill remains on the Auburn coaching roster as an assistant along with head diving coach Jeff Shaffer. McGill, an Auburn alum, has been with the team since 2013, while Shaffer has headed the diving program since 1999.

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Great coach, motivator, and person! Best of luck at Auburn, Mike!

Johnny Bravo

If you want to build a perennial championship contender, Michael Joyce is your buddy. Mike is known across the country–nay, around the world– as a top-tier sprint coach and elite recruiter. Renowned for his social media expertise, Mike will undoubtedly bring an energy to Auburn heretofore never-before-seen in the NCAA.

Mark my words, Auburn will be a top-3 NCAA program within the next four years.

Johnny Bravo

I am being persecuted for speaking the truth.

Look at the facts folks. Mike Joyce is a premier coach in this country who has gone unnoticed for too long. He will help lead Auburn into the ranks of the elite few NCAA programs. I’d say that in a few years time, when Auburn is a perennial title contender, we’ll be talking about Mike Joyce as a potential successor to Eddie Reese or Jack Bauerle.


Definitely a great chance to prove himself at Auburn, a school better known for their sprinting capacity

Johnny Bravo

Not even sure the program really matters– the Taylor-Joyce dynamic duo could’ve built a title contender out of virtually any program. It just makes it so much sweeter that they get to do it at Auburn, a program historically known for great success.


Johnny – I think you got the down votes for this part of your post:

“Mark my words, Auburn will be a top-3 NCAA program within the next four years”

The down votes aren’t coming for your comments about Joyce being a good young coach.

Johnny Bravo

Ah, I see. Well still my point stands. I think that Joyce is the sort of coach who can transform a program from has-been to title winner in just a few years. You’ll see– he is a truly transcendental talent.

Col. Trautman

Johnny B, could you elaborate on what makes Mr. Joyce ‘truly transcendental’?

Johnny Bravo

I’ll just say this much– IF YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW!!!! #forkem #WDE


Very convincing!



Is that a Hamilton reference… if not… well


I am marking your words – you cannot use ‘nay’, throw out some hyperbole, and expect to be taken seriously.

Johnny Bravo

You definitely have a strong argument behind you if you have to resort to making fun of my writing style. Nice one!


I heard that Michael Joyce made the Kessel Run in fourteen parsecs!



Salt Lick

Long live the GOAT

Johnny Bravo

GOAT reacts only

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