Mexican Swimmer Fernanda Armenta Hit by Stray Bullet in Mexico City

Last week former Mexican swimmer Fernanda Armenta Gastón was hit by a stray bullet while hailing an Uber in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City.  Though Armenta seems to be on the mend and doing fine now, her friends and family have requested help covering the hospital bills, which neither Uber nor the Mexican Government/City of Mexico City is obligated to cover.  Neither Armenta nor the driver were the intended targets of the shootout, which has been linked to gang-related violence.

The bullet hit Armenta in the back and passed through her chest, perforating one of her lungs.  Armenta was taken to ‘Hospital Cos’ where she spent several days recovering.  It is believed that the assailants were targeting individuals in a car several behind the vehicle that Armenta was getting into.


Fernanda Armenta (right) with Fernanda Gonzalez (left).

The family and friends of Arementa have requested aid from the aquatic community and public in general, per a release on the Mexican Swimming Federation’s website.  If any are interested in donating to the medical expenses, please see the following:

Sr. José Armenta (padre de Fernanda Armenta)

Número de cuenta Santander: 5610091008

Clabe interbancaria Santander: 014180565100910085

Tarjeta Santander: 5579100171535956

To view Mexican news coverage (if you speak Spanish) and a short testimony from Fernanda Armenta’s mother, click here.

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cynthia curran
4 years ago

Hope, its not the drug cartels.

4 years ago

The information is incorrect. Fernanda Armenta is not Fernanda González.

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