Mert Ali Satir Breaks 12-Year-Old Turkish 100 Backstroke Record With A 54.92

National Team Selection Meet

  • May 27 – May 30, 2021
  • Edirne, Turkey
  • Long Course Meters (50m)
  • Results

3 Turkish records have fallen thus far at the 2021 National Team Selection meet in Edirne, Turkey. Mert Ali Satir lowered the nearly 13-year-old men’s 100 backstroke record to a 54.92, Selen Özbilen set the women’s 100 freestyle record with a 54.79 while Berke Saka, Berkay Öğretir, Ümit Güreş, Emre Sakçı brought the men’s 4×100 medley relay record to a 3:35.98.

The oldest Turkish record to fall was the men’s 100 backstroke in which Mert Ali Satir took the mark from Derya Büyükuncu who held it at a 55.05. Büyükuncu set the previous record during a time trial swim at the 2008 US Olympic Trials in Irvine, California. Büyükuncu went on that year to swim the 100 back for Turkey at the Beijing Olympics and placed 30th with a 55.43. Ali Satir’s PB heading into the meet was a 55.56 which he swam at in April 2021.

While Ali Satir became the first Turkish man to crack 55 in the 100 back, Selen Özbilen became the first woman to get under that same mark in the women’s 100 free. Özbilen’s 54.79 swim got under Burcu Dolunay‘s former Turkish record of 55.29 which she set back in May 0f 2012 at Turkish Championships. That year, Dolunay represented Turkey at the London Olympics and earned 22nd in the 100 free with a 55.35.

In the men’s 4×100 medley, Berke Saka, Berkay Öğretir, Ümit Güreş, Emre Sakçı brought the record down to a 3:35.98 which is nearly a second quicker than the 3:36.85 from the 2019 World Championships. The former mark was held by 3 of the 4 men who set the record in the form of Öğretir, Güreş, Sakçı, along with Metin Aydin. All 3 legs of the 2021 relay record were quicker than the 2019 swim except for Emre Sakçi’s freestyle leg on which he posted a 48.87 back in 2019 and a 50.19 in 2021.

Split Comparison:

2021 2019
Backstroke Berke Saka 55.14 Metin Aydin 55.72
Breaststroke Berkay Öğretir 58.57 Berkay Öğretir 59.74
Butterfly Ümit Güreş 52.08 Ümit Güreş 52.52
Freestyle Emre Sakçı 50.19 Emre Sakçı 48.87

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