Men’s NCAA Tickets Sold Out Before Public Sales Even Open

All-session tickets for the 2019 men’s NCAA Championships have sold out ahead of the official opening of ticket sales to the general public.

Tickets were slated to go on sale tomorrow, February 1. But the ticket sales page currently shows tickets listed as “sold out” for the men’s meet, which will take place from March 27-30 at the University of Texas.

Prior to the opening of tickets to the public, teams are allowed to request tickets. Up to 40 per team are treated as priority. Typically, teams sell these tickets to parents of athletes who qualify, but the team tickets can also go to alumni or friends of the program. Requesting or buying tickets early is a gamble, as NCAA invites aren’t finalized until early March, and invites for most athletes are still very much in flux as of January.

It appears the team request period has bought out the entire stock of men’s NCAA tickets. The Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center lists its spectator seating at 2100 grandstand seats. That’s relatively large compared to most college venues – we ran through some of the top collegiate pools in spectator capacity last year, when tickets to the men’s NCAA meet in Minneapolis, MN also sold out early.

Women’s NCAA swimming & diving tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM. The ticket website still indicates that all-session tickets for that meet are available. That meet happens a week earlier, from March 20-23, also in Austin, TX.

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How is that fair? Lol


Ain’t about bein fair…if it were fair UT and CAL would not always win! Maybe Stanferd would get ta win once in a while or even Alabama!!!


If Alabama and Stanford were the best swimming and diving team they would win the meet. Being fair doesn’t mean everyone gets to win, what’s fair is people having a chance to win. The ticket sales aren’t fair because not everyone had a chance of being able to get them


Dudeman for pres 2020.



Cheatin Vlad

Unfortunate, but glad I was able to reap the benefits and pick one up. 🙂


I bet Texas alums got a huge segment of the tickets!


I can guarantee you they did, I was lucky to get some of the Texas tickets and we have a lot of people going.


Any chance you have any more available? Or know anyone that does?


Sorry, everyone I know is using all their tickets, I wish I could help.

Speed Racer

If each team is limited to “up to 40” tickets given the strength of the Texas team how have tickets already been allotted to people like Mr Breastroke. You figure Texas will bring 15-20 kids at two tickets per family you’ve already hit your 40 allotment that is intended to go to current team members AND boosters AND alumni. Seems like something is fishy again in the water at Texas if they have acquired excess tickets before the general public.


I know a lot are going to alumni. My family is alumni and we have 5 tickets for us, I was able to get them back in Oct/Nov.


Lets all relax on the anti-texas hate when: a) most teams who host probably do this, and b) we have no idea if this “mrbreastroke” is actually a texas alum. I would be very surprised if a texas alum were advertising texas breaking the rules. If you can’t even spell breaststroke, how trustworthy can you be? 🙂


That’s not cool.

robert donley

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