Luka Mijatovic Cracks Own 13-14 Boys 1000 Free NAG with 8:55.41

by Spencer Penland 13

November 04th, 2023 News

2023 Pleasanton Seahawks Short Course Senior Open

  • November 3-5, 2023
  • Pleasanton, California
  • Short Course Yards (25y), Prelims/Finals
  • Results on Meet Mobile: “Pleasanton Seahawks SC Senior Open”

Pleasanton Seahawks are hosting an open senior meet this weekend, featuring a few dozen teams from around the area. The first night of the meet was a distance session and rising distance star Luka Mijatovic put on a show. The 14-year-old threw down a blistering 8:55.41, cracking his own 13-14 National Age Group Record (NAG), which he set at 8:59.29 earlier this year.

Mijatovic set the NAG at 8:59.29 back in March at the 2023 PC Spring Age Group Championships, when he was notably still just 13 years old. Now, early in the 2023-2024 season, he’s already bettered that mark. Here’s a look at the split comparison between Mijatovic’s swim last night and his previous NAG from March:

Splits November 2023 March 2023
100y 50.77 50.46
200y 53.51 53.81
300y 54.09 54.64
400y 54.14 54.66
500y 53.99 54.39
600y 53.57 54.62
700y 54.49 54.67
800y 54.38 54.76
900y 54.17 54.58
1000y 52.30 52.70
8:55.41 8:59.29

As the splits show, Mijatovic was out just a tiny bit slower on the first 100 last night, but then was just a bit faster on every other 100 through the rest of the race. It sets the 14-year-old up quite well for the remainder of the season, especially considering he also already holds the 13-14 1650 NAG at 15:00.95.

Mijatovic really turned heads over the summer, when he broke the oldest NAG on the books. He came in 3rd at Summer Junior Nationals, swimming a 15:27.38, which cracked the 13-14 NAG of 15:31.03, which Jesse Vassallo set back in 1976.

It’s worth noting that the #2 all-time performer in the 1000 free in the 13-14 boys age group is Matthew Hirschberger with a 9:02.37. That shows that Mijatovic is really beginning to pull away from the rest of the all-time performers, as he’s now just shy of 7 seconds faster than anyone else in history.

Mijatovic doesn’t turn 15 until the spring, so he still has time to take this NAG (and others) down even further. He’s set to race the 500 free on Sunday, so perhaps we’ll even see another NAG sooner rather than later.



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Lisa Simpson
6 months ago

The next Ian Thorpe?

6 months ago


Justin Pollard
6 months ago

He’s American right? We’re not going to find out later he’s from Canada? 😅

Reply to  Justin Pollard
6 months ago


6 months ago


6 months ago

Really hope Luka swims Us open in december. Thorpeys age record could finally be threatened.

Reply to  Swim2win
6 months ago

He is swimming at the US Open (instead of w juniors).

Reply to  Swim2win
6 months ago

at this point i could see him going a sub 4:20 500, sub 8:50 1000 and a sub 14:50 mile

Last edited 6 months ago by whoisthis
Reply to  whoisthis
6 months ago

You future teller!

Ivan Palmer
Reply to  whoisthis
3 months ago

whats insane is that he actually got those in the mile and 500

6 months ago

How the…. That would be a really good time for a college kid right now. This kid is a monster.

Reply to  Swimmingrules
6 months ago

Almost like it would be the 3rd fastest time in the country right now!

Last edited 6 months ago by PFA
6 months ago