Lochte Joins Team Shark, Says Phelps Has No Chance In Shark Week Race

Day 1 of the Discovery network’s annual ‘Shark Week’ kicks off on Sunday, July 23rd and by now we’re all aware that the most decorated Olympian of all-time, swimmer Michael Phelps, is headlining opening night. 

Entitled ‘Great Gold vs Great White’, 32-year-old Phelps is set to race against the ocean’s fiercest competitor in a battle for ocean supremacy. The trailer for the broadcast builds up the drama and hype, but former Olympic teammate Ryan Lochte isn’t buying it. When asked by TMZ over the weekend if the 2nd most decorated Olympic swimmer thinks Phelps has a chance against Carcharodon carcharias, Lochte said, “Hell no.”

As for what will transpire during Sunday’s broadcast, Phelps teased to Yahoo TV that “We were off the tip of Cape Town in South Africa and set up, almost, a lane where I was able to swim in a straight line. We were in open water, but we did not have a shark literally next to me swimming.”

With filming of the Phelps segments having been wrapped up last month, at least we know the GOAT lives!



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I hope the shark gets DQ’d in the race because of the Lochte rule.

I heard the shark tested positive for meldonium, but those corrupt old men at FINA still let it swim because there hasn’t been enough research on how long it stays in the sharks system after dosing stops. guess ratings are more important than clean sport smdh.

The Russians obtained a backdated TUE on the shark’s behalf

I heard he tested for Probenicid & appealed to US Arbitration with expert witnesses that he got it by kissing his girlfriend for a very long time over several days .This said girlfriend had sinitus & was herself taking this med & it transferred to him .

US Arbiters say – that sounds great & yes ppl with sinitus spend days kissing .You are innocent Bro .


Who doesn’t have a story like that? Soooo relatable!

In the shark’s defense, though, when a GNC employee offered the shark a 5 gallon bucket with only a syringe, skull, and bicep on the label, insisting it was a “natural supplement totally free of banned substances,” the shark googled the ingredients, cross-referenced it with the WADA list and declined.

Wow Lochte the genius again, Phelps won’t beat one of the oceans quickest swimmers? Shock horror!

Eh, it’s just one of those typical mild trash talk battles between competitive guys, you know, just your run-of-the-mill p***ing contest.

Oh wait.


fun is getting bigger and bigger

That’s what she said

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