Ledecky Leads PSS Money Lists With $6500 In Greensboro


  • November 6th-9th, 2019
  • Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • 50m (LCM)
  • Prelims at 9:00AM Eastern Time/Finals at 6:00PM Eastern Time (4:00 Eastern for Wednesday timed finals)
  • Live Results

Katie Ledecky won $6,500 in prize money on three wins and a third place in Greensboro. She also earned the $1500 prelims point bonus with her 400 freestyle prelims swim.

Behind her is a trio of swimmers who each won $4,000 in Greensboro: Simone Manuel, Luca Urlando and Zane Grothe54 total athletes won prize money across 28 events in Greensboro. The men’s prelims bonus went to Justin Ress for an 856-point 100 backstroke, just besting Andrew Wilson‘s 855-point 200 breaststroke.

Prize Money Format

Full prize Money Format here

Individual events:

  • First place = $1,500
  • Second place = $1000
  • Third place = $500

Top prelims swim (in FINA points) at each meet:

  • $1500 to top woman and top man

Top overall swim (in FINA points) for the whole series:

  • $10,000

Greensboro Prize Money List

Note: these lists track ‘money earned’, though not necessarily ‘money accepted.’ Athletes maintaining amateurism for high school or college swimming are under certain restrictions about how much prize money they can accept.

Rank First Name Last Name Greensobor Total 1st 2nd 3rd Prelims Bonus
1 Katie Ledecky $6,500 3 1 $1,500
2 Zane Grothe $4,000 2 1
2 Simone Manuel $4,000 2 1
2 Luca Urlando $4,000 2 1
5 Madisyn Cox $3,000 2
5 Justin Ress $3,000 1 $1,500
7 Hali Flickinger $2,500 1 1
7 Sophie Hansson $2,500 1 1
7 Isabelle Stadden $2,500 1 1
7 Ashley Twichell $2,500 1 1
7 Chris Wieser $2,500 1 1
7 Andrew Wilson $2,500 1 1
7 Carson Foster $2,500 1 2
7 Ally McHugh $2,500 1 2
7 Allison Schmitt $2,500 2 1
16 Anton McKee $2,000 1 1
16 Christopher Reid $2,000 1 1
16 Mitch D’Arrigo $2,000 2
16 Nyls Korstanje $2,000 2
16 Jacob Pebley $2,000 2
21 Michael Chadwick $1,500 1
21 Dean Farris $1,500 1
21 Jay Litherland $1,500 1
21 Maggie MacNeil $1,500 1
21 Luis Martinez $1,500 1
21 Kylie Masse $1,500 1
21 Catie Deloof $1,500 1 1
21 Ryan Lochte $1,500 1 1
29 Kathleen Baker $1,000 1
29 Matthew Fenlon $1,000 1
29 Molly Hannis $1,000 1
29 Leah Hayes $1,000 1
29 Jacob Heidtmann $1,000 1
29 Charlotte Hook $1,000 1
29 Torri Huske $1,000 1
29 Hannah Moore $1,000 1
29 Jorge Murillo $1,000 1
29 Carlos Claverie $1,000 2
39 Christian Bayo $500 1
39 Katharine Berkoff $500 1
39 Rachel Bernhardt $500 1
39 Santi Corredor $500 1
39 Connor Daniels $500 1
39 Ali Deloof $500 1
39 Abrahm DeVine $500 1
39 Anastasia Gorbenko $500 1
39 Ian Ho $500 1
39 Megan Kingsley $500 1
39 Ting Wen Quah $500 1
39 Melissa Rodrigues $500 1
39 Kate Sanderson $500 1
39 Jack Saunderson $500 1
39 Coleman Stewart $500 1
39 Kendyl Stewart $500 1

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11 months ago

Can the HS kids take the money? Or are they up there for ‘rankings” purposes?

Reply to  Charge
11 months ago

If I recall correctly they can take enough money to cover their expenses for travel/hotel/etc but no more

Reply to  Nate
11 months ago

I think I’ve heard that before now that you say it.

Reply to  Nate
11 months ago

If that’s true, those top college and high school kids better be staying at a very notice hotel and ect.

Ol' Longhorn
11 months ago

Bummer for Yozhik with Ledecky and Hosszu being showered with money for over-the-hill, mediocre performances (as he would call them).

Road warrior
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
11 months ago

You’re just a hater. Ledecky is worth every penny she’s earned. How many medals do you got? Oh that’s right you don’t have none. Ledecky is neither mediocre nor over the hill. She is the greatest freestyler to ever live and a legend.

Samuel Huntington
Reply to  Road warrior
11 months ago

Clearly you don’t read the comments here enough

Reply to  Road warrior
11 months ago

Lol. You must be new here. He’s clapping back at another commenter who notoriously thinks Ledecky has hit a wall.

Reply to  Braden Keith
11 months ago

You’ve been once rude to me and are showing again misunderstanding the motives and purposes of my comments about my favorite swimmer Katie Ledecky. I probably possess one of the most detailed database about Ledecky and discussion of Katie’s results is never guessing. Ask Nuotofan he understands people much better than you do.

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Yozhik
11 months ago

When you call Nuotofan as a character witness, well…. THE CALL WAS PERFECT!

Reply to  Yozhik
11 months ago

do you use Lig-MA for database management?

Reply to  Braden Keith
11 months ago


Reply to  Road warrior
11 months ago

Chill dude. Do a search for Hosszu, click on any article in the last two weeks that comes up, and prepare to read a novella written by Yozhik…then the above comment will make a lot more sense to you…

Reply to  Road warrior
11 months ago

I never use personal attacks to insult people in discussion. Damn it. That is how my parents brought me up. But how can I disagree with you?!
Who corrected your emotional initial very accurate observation? Was it you who edited it or someone else?

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Road warrior
11 months ago

I ain’t got no medals. You ain’t got no sense of humor or perspective. (P.S. Since you’re new here, just also want to point out, it’s poor form to pull out the “how many medals have you got” argument. If that were the criterion for giving an opinion here, the website would have to shut down.)

Jared’s Man Bun
Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
11 months ago

KL’s main revenue stream comes from her endorsements, specifically TYR. Just curious: how likely are you to purchase a TYR product over a competitor’s (e.g., Speedo, Arena, etc.) just because KL endorses it?

Reply to  Jared’s Man Bun
11 months ago

Just from TYR contract Katie Ledecky gets about $90,000 per month. It is almost twice more than what was paid to poor Hunter Biden. 😀 But from just two meets this Fall she got more than $10,000 . That is nice and not that small addition to main source of earning. These meets can be enough to pay for tuition for instance etc.

Jared’s Man Bun
Reply to  Yozhik
11 months ago

At this rate, pretty soon KL will be able to make a down payment on a starter home in nearby Redwood City! (Unfortunately, this is not a joke.)

Reply to  Jared’s Man Bun
11 months ago

If the products are good enough for her, I definitely buy them.

11 months ago

So how long until the ISL uses college and HS kids and just reimburses their travel? Or flat out pays them since the NCAA is going that route?

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