Laszlo Cseh Breaks Championship Record In 200 Fly With 1:52.91


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  • Finals: 6:00 PM (London Time) / 1:00 PM (Eastern Time)
  • London Aquatics Center, London, UK
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Reigning world champion Laszlo Cseh was expected to win the 200 fly coming into this event, but no one expected what the 31 year-old managed to produce in the final on day 4 of the European Championships. After posting the 3rd fastest time in the world in the semi’s with a 1:54.29 (a new meet record at the time), Cseh shot himself to the top of the rankings with a blistering swim of 1:52.91, a new meet record and the fastest he has been since his silver medal winning swim at the 2008 Olympics.

The swim is over half a second faster than he went to win the world title in Kazan last summer, and is quoted as saying he had eyes on his European record of 1:52.70 and would be utterly disappointed if he showed up in Rio in this shape. That’s scary news for his rivals Michael Phelps and Chad Le Clos, who will likely both be duking it out with Cseh in the Olympic final. Cseh’s World Championship winning time was 1:53.48, while Phelps won US Nationals in 1:52.94. Le Clos’ best time sits at 1:52.96, the time he swam to win Olympic gold four years ago.

Here’s a look at Cseh’s splits from his 2015 World Championship winning swim, his Euro meet record from today, and his European record from the 2008 Olympics:

  • 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing: 25.58 / 54.59 (29.01) / 1:23.39 (28.80) / 1:52.70 (29.31)
  • 2015 World Championships, Kazan: 25.18 / 54.21 (29.03) / 1:23.54 (29.33) / 1:53.48 (29.94)
  • 2016 European Championships, London: 25.10 / 53.79 (28.69) / 1:23.38 (29.59) / 1:52.91 (29.53)

Cseh was much more aggressive the first 100 in London than either of his other two fastest swims, and managed to hold it together reasonably well.

The swim is the 7th fastest performance in history, as only Phelps has ever been faster. The top-7 all-time swims are as follows:

  1. Michael Phelps, 2009, 1:51.51
  2. Michael Phelps, 2008, 1:52.03
  3. Michael Phelps, 2007, 1:52.09
  4. Michael Phelps, 2008, 1:52.20
  5. Laszlo Cseh, 2008, 1:52.70
  6. Michael Phelps, 2009, 1:52.76
  7. Laszlo Cseh, 2016, 1:52.91

It is the fastest swim in the world since 2009.

Viktor Bromer of Denmark won silver, well back in 1:55.35, while Cseh’s countryman Tamas Kenderesi touched 3rd in 1:55.39.

This is Cseh’s second European title in this event, as he won four years ago in Debrecen.

Cseh now sits atop the world rankings by over a second over 2nd place Daiya Seto of Japan, but that could change with the US Olympic Trials looming.

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8 years ago


8 years ago

Le Clos 1:51.8
Cseh 1:51.9
Schooling 1:52.1
Phelps 1.52.2

Reply to  Billabong
8 years ago

Remember SA? Schooling? WTHeck. Phelps 1:50.9 mark my words.

8 years ago

I really want Phelps to go out with a bang. I really do. But in the same breath, I think it’d be even cooler to see Cseh finally get his Olympic gold. It’s crazy because he’s been in Phelps’ and Lochte’s shadow his whole career and I think it’d be real special.

Reply to  DisplacedWolverine
8 years ago

He definetly deserve at least to get ONE Gold – One Major Big Stage win . I reckon this is also important

Reply to  DisplacedWolverine
8 years ago

In Beijing 2008 Cseh beat Lochte in multiple events, but I got your point.

Reply to  DisplacedWolverine
8 years ago

If Phelps loses to Cseh, i’ll cry for months. And I’ll bet Mike throws his cap again. But I’m rooting for Michael :DDDD

Stephen Parsons
8 years ago

What a fantastic effort by the Hungarian, 200 fly is hands down the event to watch now.

8 years ago

Is Czech rested for this meet?
He says he doesn’t want to go into Rio on this form. He could be faster in rio.

Stay Human
8 years ago

Where’s Hulk for the SMASH!? Proxy SMASH for Hulk here, until he shows up.

Czeh has such a unique stroke and a different stroke than Phelps, I’m not a coach or technician so not sure if I’m describing this accurately, but he’s more vertical, and arms sweep more up and then down, compared with Phelps much flatter and more sweeping around from the sides. But it looks very powerful for Czeh nonetheless. And Le Clos has a totally different stroke than the other two, and with the distracted looking around to boot. Will be interesting to see those different strokes lining up next to each other if all goes according to their plans. If LeClos is between them he’ll… Read more »

Reply to  Stay Human
8 years ago

Cseh, not Czech…

phelps swims 200 breast rio
8 years ago


8 years ago

And lazlo Czech seemed disappointed? Wanted to break his European record.

Is he rested for this meet?

He says he doesn’t want to go to Rio with his current form. Oh shit. This is scary.

Reply to  carlo
8 years ago

It’s Laszlo Cseh not Czech..

Reply to  carlo
8 years ago

Michael will be ready. TBH I never saw him ( Cseh ) breaking 1:53.1

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