Lakeside Aquatic Club Lowers 11-12 NAGs In Mixed 200 & 400 Medley Relay

2022 LAC Ice Breaker

  • January 7-10, 2022
  • Northwest ISD, Justin, TX
  • SCY (25 yards)
  • Results on Meet Mobile: “LAC Ice Breaker”

Lakeside Aquatic Club swimmers broke a pair of 11-12 National Age Group Records in the mixed medley relays (SCY) over the weekend in Justin, Tex., competing at the LAC Ice Breaker meet.

Both record-breaking relays consisted of the same four swimmers: 11-year-old Kennedi Southern and 12-year-olds Lily AndrussCharlie Wang and Evan Pan-Wang.

In the mixed 200 medley relay, the quartet of Andruss (27.73), Wang (28.48), Pan-Wang (24.74) and Southern (24.64) combined for a time of 1:45.59, lowering the previous 11-12 NAG of 1:46.51 set by Nation’s Capital Swim Club in 2019.

That NCAP team consisted of Simon BermudezLleyton ArnoldMadisyn Carter, and Ainsley Taylor.

Split Comparison

Nation’s Capital, 2019 Lakeside, 2022
Simon Bermudez – 24.80 Lily Andruss – 27.73
Lleyton Arnold – 30.00 Charlie Wang – 28.48
Madisyn Carter – 26.71 Evan Pan-Wang – 24.74
Ainsley Taylor – 25.00 Kennedi Southern – 24.64
1:46.51 1:45.59

NCAP went with the traditional M/M/W/W order for the relay, while Lakeside put their two male swimmers in the middle.

In the 400 medley relay, Lakeside went with a slightly different order, with Pan-Wang and Andruss flipping spots on back and fly.

Pan-Wang, Wang, Andruss and Southern produced a final time of 3:52.23, breaking the previous NAG of 3:55.19 set by the TAC Titans in November.

That TAC team consisted of Sloane WhelehanOliver MarrujoJonny Palamar and Carolin He.

Split Comparison

TAC Titans, 2021 Lakeside, 2022
Sloane Whelehan – 58.85 Evan Pan-Wang – 55.96
Oliver Marrujo – 1:05.09 Charlie Wang – 1:02.84
Jonny Palamar – 58.66 Lily Andruss – 58.99
Carolin He – 52.59 Kennedi Southern – 54.44
3:55.19 3:52.23

Andruss, Southern, Pan-Wang and Wang are coached by Andrew MarshBill Christensen and Chrissy Gentry at Lakeside Aquatic Club.

USA Swimming began recognizing mixed relay NAG records in September 2018 after the inclusion of mixed relay at both the FINA World Championships and Olympics.

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that breaststroke is crazy

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Are Pan-Wang and Wang related?

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