Kristof Milak Breaks European Championship Record in 200 Fly


Hungarian teenager Kristof Milak of Hungary broke the Championship Record, and came within a tenth of breaking several other Records in Sunday’s 200 fly final in Glasgow, Scotland. He swam a 1:52.79 to win the event by a second-and-a-half ahead of his countrymate Tamas Kenderesi (1:54.36). Milak’s time took down the  Championship Record of 1:52.91 done by his countrymate Laszlo Cseh at the 2016 edition of this meet in London.

Comparative Splits:

Milak ’18 24.40 28.36 29.25 30.78 1:52.79
Cseh ’16 25.10 28.69 29.59 29.53 1:52.91

Milak’s swim on Sunday came up just short of his lifetime best in the event, which was done at Hungarian Nationals earlier this year. His 1:52.71 from that meet remains as the European Junior and World Junior Records, and is .01 short of Cseh’s overall European (and Hungarian) records.

Milak went out hard on Sunday evening. Compared to his swim from Hungarian Nationals in March, he was .67 seconds faster on the first 50 meters, and 1.16 seconds faster to the 100. He gave that all back in the last 100, though, which is highlighted by the split comparison to Cseh above – with Cseh being one of the best finishers ever in this race.

Milak is eligible for World Junior and  European Junior Records until the end of 2018.

Milak’s Sunday swim is the 8th-fastest performance in history, and he remains behind only Cseh (1:52.70) and Michael Phelps (1:51.51) in the history of the 200 fly.

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Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

Lol 24.4. Phelps’s textile 1:52 goes out in like 25.2


Why is it that this generation doesn’t believe in pacing. 200 free and 200 back everyone just seems to bumrush the first 100


Because we dont have full body suits- we have to go out hard to go 1:52

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo

Like I said, Phelps would go out in 53.7 and come back in 58.3. In his 200 free it was 51.00, 53.86. All textile. Now people go out in 50.6 and back in 55.


I would agree. Seeing the way Milak swam that 200fly, or how Guy and Haas always try to gun the first 100 of the 200free – it makes me wish they changed up their tactics and went with an easy speed first 100 and really pushed the 3rd 50.


And 2007 textile suits.
Phelps in the 200 fly used the jammers, surely far less efficient than today’s ones (that mantain some advantages of poly suits).
And we can add the push of the advice at the start unavailable in 2007, beyond all the other races Phelps swam before and after the 200 fly.
And then, even more important, the continuos progress in knowledge about swimming training etc.


he does believe in pacing, watch his post-race interview. He said it was his dumbest swim ever, going out so fast

King le clos

I personally think king Le Clos made the flying and dying strategy mainstream. Because before him no one was doing it before. 200 free lol 23.39 then 26.7 to go 50.19 crazy.

A$AP Pocky

mama there goes that man


He was going for more. The first 50 was just a little too crazy even for a talent like him. But I definitely think the key to breaking Phelps record in the future is to go out harder than he did in the first 100. It just takes a very special swim to take it home. But Milak has a chance in the coming years.

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