Katinka Hosszu Will Return to Competition in March

After an unusually-long break from competition (by her standards), Hungarian superstar swimmer Katinka Hosszu said in an interview with M4Sport.hu that she will return to competition in March.

While she didn’t name a specific competition, a likely target is the FFN Golden Tour Camille Muffat in Val-d’Oise, France. She has competed in a Golden Tour meet in France in March every year going back to 2014.

Among the meets she missed in 2018 was January’s Euro Meet, where she had been announced as a participant.

“In the last 5 years, my schedule was very busy, and in January and February it was full of competitions,” Hosszu said. “Now I felt like taking a little break.”

January and February (combined) meets for Hosszu, by year:

  • 2014 – 4
  • 2015 – 4
  • 2016 – 4
  • 2017 – 3
  • 2018 – 0

The break comes at a tumultuous personal time for Hosszu, where she and her husband, and coach, Shane Tusup have encountered a rocky period in their relationship. In December, Tusup didn’t attend the European Championships nor Hosszu’s year-ending meets, sparking rumors that the two had separated. The pair addressed rumors saying that they had hit a “difficult time” in their relationship. After they attended a Hungarian awards ceremony separately, Tusup posted on social media that he had made a lot of mistakes” and will “work to change (in 2018).”

In her latest interview, Hosszu did not address her relationship with Tusup or who would be her coach going forward.

Hosszu is a 3-time Olympic and 20-time World Champion. That includes 2 long course world titles this summer in front of a home crowd in Budapest in the 200 and 400 IM.

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These coach-swimmer relationships are all over the news lately. Not to jump to any conclusion, but one can only imagine if this turned into a Sean Hutchison situation… time will tell.


Totally different. First and most importantly, they were dating then she asked him to be her coach. Second, they are about the same age (a year or so apart) so there was never anything illegal about their relationship.


How do you know she asked him and he didn’t bully his way into it?


This is literally, besides insult, the stupidiest thing I ever read on the net.


can people not take a joke?


Usa swimming it would still be illegal though, but agree 100% different situations COMPLETELY


Yeah, she is simply one of the greatest female performers of all time…sure hope that her personal life gets back onto a good track and she finds a great training solution.


She is an amazing athlete, very bright marketer/promoter and a hot lady as well! She will always do well in and out of the pool. Go Katinka!


It’s sad how out of a sudden people just forget all the success they had together… It’s only the most successful duo in the history of our sport after Bob Bowman and MP I believe.
And now Mr. Flipturn up here just talking this kind of disrespectful trash…

About the break: it seems just natural that she had to stop for a while and take a deep breath after all these years kicking everybody’s behind back to back.

Just can’t wait to see what amazing swims she’ll have in a very near future.

Tammy Touchpad Error

She did in 4 years what MP did in his whole career (excluding OG or WC… talking “small” meet results here)

Katinka’s performances are unprecedented and she will go down in history books as one of the greatest if she never swims again. One of these days imma sift through the data and publish it and its gonna be glorious.

Steve Nolan

Nobody’s gonna care, though. Swimming only happens at the Olympics, you see.

(I’m not saying I like it, but I’m just spitting those HARD TRUTHS.)


You’re obviously not a swimmer


Steve’s right. In terms of legacy in the overall sports world, no one cares about how Lochte rocked the house at 2013 Worlds, or how he smoked Phelps head-to-head at 2011 Worlds. Outside of the swim community, people only know the winners at the Olympics. It’s just the same way I only watch gymnastics or track during the Olympics.

You don’t have to like it, but it’s absolutely true.


Then I guess they aren’t looking at the WRs that pop up at the Olympics either. Or listening to Roudy Gaines highlighting past accomplishments.

Accomplishments are noticed by anyone to whom they will mean something.

Steve Nolan

no i just like raining on parades, i’ve never even been to a pool before.

(Sven’s comment makes my point pretty well.)


Lochte and Troy?

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