Katie Ledecky Smashes American Ninja Warrior on Ellen, Declines Prize

See the full video here on EllenTube.com.

Really, Mr. American Ninja Warrior? You thought you could out-anything Katie Ledecky?

On Ellen today, Ledecky completely mastered “a fake sport that we made up that no one’s ever heard of,” taking down American Ninja Warrior’s Grant McCartney.

The best part was her quiet confidence throughout the first two rounds as McCartney danced, flexed, and jumped with excitement at his performance.

Of course, Ledecky’s cool-headedness prevailed in the end, and her arms-in-the-air victory walk, complete with a look straight at the camera, is worth a re-watch.

This is solid proof that Ledecky can do anything. (Remember her Washington Nationals first pitch near-strike last month?)

Ledecky won a waffle iron as her goofy game-show prize, but she said up-front that she won’t accept prizes to keep her NCAA eligibility.

In her short interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Ledecky talked about American freestylers who inspire her (Debbie Meyer, Shirley Babashoff, and Janet Evans).

Ledecky also talked about her upcoming career at Stanford (she moves in this week), mentioning that Stanford freshmen don’t learn their roommate assignments until move-in day.

“I have the same freshman nerves that I think every freshman has.” Ledecky said.

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Naya Missy
5 years ago

Inadvertently proving that the NCAA rules are stupid.

My jaw literally dropped at Katie’s last kick.

big calves
Reply to  Naya Missy
5 years ago

If you can take seven hundred thousand in prize money she better be able to take a waffle maker.

Human Ambition
5 years ago

History showed us that it’s never appropriate with degrading comments directed to groups of people believing in something. ????

Zika Ziki
5 years ago

Jack Conger and Kathleen Baker are on the list.
That’s 2 golds and a silver.


Jay Jenkins
Reply to  Zika Ziki
5 years ago

That’s not doping.

Reply to  Zika Ziki
5 years ago

Uh not exactly related to this article…

But at least for Baker, it’s public knowledge that she has inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease) and needs to be on Prednisone.

Remember there are therapeutic exemptions.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  MDswim
5 years ago

Which are a whole ‘nother can of worms. (Baker’s case is obviously what therapeutic use exemptions were made for, it’s the over-abundance of athletes that need inhalers for asthma and stuff that starts getting iffy.)

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