Kapas and Proud set 2017 world best times at Golden Tour, Marseille

Golden Tour, Marseille

The Golden Tour is a multi-stage event bringing together many of the world’s top swimmers for a chance to win prize money, similar to Arena Pro Series in the United States.

The “Meeting Open de la Méditerranée” in Marseille normally sees a number of international swimming stars in attendance – from all over Europe and also Japan’s teenage sensation Rikako Ikee joins the swim meet this year.

Women’s 400m freestyle

Katinka Hosszu started an evening with many finals with a second place finish in 4:07,18. Hungary’s Boglarka Kapas took the win in 4:06,14. The two Hungarians led the field during the whole race and they now rank 1 and 2 in the current FINA 2017 world rankings. Great Britain’s Eleanor Faulkner posted a time of 4:11,81 for the bronze medal.


Men’s 200m freestyle

Japan’s Fuyu Yoshida took the win in 1:48,29, Marc Sanchez Torres (ESP) touched second in 1:49,48 followed by France’s Loris Bourelly (1:50,44).


Women’s 100m breaststroke

Jessica Vall came in with a 1:07,93 for the top spot on the podium, second-place finisher was Arianna Castiglioni (ITA) in 1:08,26 ahead of another Italian swimmer, Martina Carraro in 1:08,35.


Men’s 100m breaststroke

Germany’s Christian vom Lehn took the win in 1:01,76 followed by two French swimmers: Theo Bussiere in 1:02,31 and Wassim Eloumi in 1:02,34.


Women’s 200m backstroke

Katinka Hosszu hit the wall in 2:11,03. Daryna Zevina (UKR) was close behind in 2:11,20 and Spain’s Africa Zamorano Sanz placed third in 2:12,71.


Men’s 200m backstroke

Hugo Gonzalez de Oliveira (ESP) finished in 1:58.22 for the #4 time in the world so far this year. German Christian Diener again took the second place in a backstroke race in Marseille in 1:58,87, Hungary’s David Verraszto earned bronze with 1:59,90.


Women’s 100m Butterfly

Japan’s Rikako Ikee is on top of the world ranking at the moment with a time of 56,89 which she set at the 10th Tokyo Swimming Championships and she also was out fast in tonight’s final and finished first in 57,43.

Ilaria Bianchi grabbed the silver medal in 58,03 and Elena Di Liddo touched third in 58,43.


Men’s 100 m Butterfly

Mehdy Metella (FRA) is the winner in 52,34 – fast enough for a 5th place ranking in world’s top list so far. Two Italians came in behind him: Piero Codia in 52,48 and Matteo Rivolta in 53,77


Women’s 100m Freestyle

Italy’s Silvia Di Pietro won the last women’s race at the 2017 Golden Tour in Marseille in a time of 54,79. Erika Ferraioli (ITA) snatched the silver in 55,24  followed by Saguki Ouchi (JPN) in 55,49.

Men’s 50m Freestyle

Benjamin Proud set a new fastest time in the world in 2017, he touched for the win in 21,74. He and Australia’s Cameron McEvoy are now the two only men under 22 seconds in the fresh 2017 World Championships season.

Germany’s Damian Wierling touched behind Proud in 22,44 ahead of France’s Clement Mignon in 22,45.







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bobo gigi
6 years ago

Easier to swim the fastest time from the 200 to the 1500 free early season as KL used to put the bar very high at Austin GP every January of the last few years. And this year because she’s in NCAA she will not swim at a long course meet before April or May.

Foreign invasion in Indianapolis but also a foreign invasion in Marseille.
And only 3 wins for French swimmers out of 34 events…. 😥
It just shows the state of French swimming right now. No surprise. We knew it would happen. We knew that the Golden Age was over. I see only Lacourt able to win a medal at next worlds in the 50 back.… Read more »

Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

And 10 wins for the Hungarian invadors in Marseille.

6 years ago

Does any rivalry exist between Hosszu and Kapas? I remember when Kapas took national record from Hosszu there was immediate attempt by Hosszu to take it back. Unsuccessful. In my opinion Boglarka Kapas with her world class races from 200 through 1500 is much brighter phenomenon than Katinka Hosszu in history of Hungarian swimming. At least she is the only one who declared intent to challenge Katie Ledecky’s times. I don’t know what was more in this statement: publicity or real plan, but at least it was said.

Reply to  Prickle
6 years ago

I don’t think there is “rivalry” between Hosszu and Kapas, they have no conflict in their events really, both seem nice girls too.
Instead, I would guess Hosszu likes to end up her career as the greatest swimmer in Hungary history.
To do that, she needs more. More Olympics golds, more world titles, more national records.

For Kapas, I remember a couple years ago, she dropped her PB for something like 15 sec in 1500 free.
It is hard to snap a NR from Hosszu, even if that is Hosszu off event.
Kapas must be quite good to did that.

Reply to  gii
6 years ago

4:02 – 8:16 – 15.47. They all are national records. It is Boglarka’s bad lock to come up with her talent in time when the field is so stocked with the Katie Ledecky at the head of it. There would be no world records and no impressive medal collection. Nevertheless it doesn’t make Kapas’ achievements in the pool less impressive. If the measure of greatness is the number of wins only then of course Hosszu has more fortunate, luckier and easier path.

Reply to  gii
6 years ago

Absolutely right. For Hosszu holding records is as important as to collect titles. Don’t forget that in Hungary the greatest of all times is still Egerszegi. For that reason I am sure that Hosszu will break her own 200IM WR in July madly to have two that are only comparable to Queen Krisztina’s 200 back record. (Also, the 400IM win in Rio can compare only to Egerszegi’s victory in Atlanta ’96.)
As for Kapas, I would say that she is the most talented Hungarian freestyler ever. Unfortunately, she was mismanaged for 5 years and still represents the old school of tapering once a year. The flip side of the coin is that she is the most beloved girl in… Read more »

Reply to  Riez
6 years ago

Thanks. Looking at the beautiful smile of this girl standing next to Ledecky and Carlin on Rio podium, one will never say that this girl has a character to be one of the finest long distance swimmer.
P.S. one day you will tell us what the new school of tapering is. Seriously, i’m curious.

Reply to  Prickle
6 years ago

She is simply adorable. It’s worth to google a few other images, or to learn Hungarian and watch a few interviews 🙂
For Hungarian top swimmers the answer is easy, like it or not: Hosszu. (Her club, the Iron Aquatics will have the right to use the super duper new complex after the worlds, training now all age groups.)
By old school I mean the respectable head coach Tamas Szechy from the 80’s . His athletes, eg Darnyi, were in their top shape once a year, but sharply at the moment in the final of the certain year’s top event. Now recall Cseh’s performance from last year. Top shape presented over the Euros with that he could have… Read more »

Reply to  gii
6 years ago

I don’t recognise the possibility of more Olympic titles because of her age, but there will be definitely more European and World titles. About the national records. At the moment she has 9 in LC and ALL in SC. How many more would you need?
By the way Katinka dropped 15 seconds in 1500 this year.

Reply to  Prickle
6 years ago

In my opinion you can’t compare an apple with a pear (or as in another article had written a 4WD and a sports car). By the way Katinka has and will have much more Olympic, World, European and Hungarian titles or records than Bogi.

Reply to  Brownish
6 years ago

I know it isn’t a good idea to compare swimmers for who is greater. And my original question about rivalry was because Hosszu hasn’t gotten any gold medal in freestyle at this meet. That was very unusual for her at this time of the year when the competition is still weak.
And, yes, there IS some race where Kapas and Hosszu intersect : 400m freestyle. And that is where Kapas took national record from Hosszu. I was wondering whom the Hungarian swimming fan would prefer to win. It was close race, btw.
I thought that situation is very similar to the one with Missy Franklin (with her gold medal collection) and Katie Ledecky in 2013-2014 years. Missy had… Read more »