Justin Ress on 50 Back World Title, Overturned DQ Saga, & Revitalized Career

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We sat down with Justin Ress, the newly crowned 2x world champion in Budapest who went through a lot to earn those gold medals. Ress takes us through his perspective on getting DQ’ed in the 50 back final after touching first and then being told it was overturned after the medal ceremony.
Ress also goes deeper into his swim history and explains that his senior year of college, he was not a health athlete outside of the pool and was close to retiring after the 2021 Olympic Trials. ISL is what kept him in the sport and motivated him to keep reaching for his goals and become a better athlete in and out of the pool. After just 3 months of training, Ress went all best times at the US Trials in April, then came to Budapest and walked away with his first (and second) world title.


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NC Swim Mom
1 month ago

Nice interview! He is an alum of my kids club team so been following him a while, so happy for his success. He is straightforward and such a nice guy, so happy to see him having fun and excelling. Thanks for an interesting interview.

1 month ago

What career is that exactly? Do 50backstrokers have career opportunities in swimming?

ISL has no season and looks doubtful long range. NBC just cancelled the Olympic channel.

Reply to  Hank
1 month ago

You’re thinking the old-school American way, where Americans stay close to home so they can train train train, rather than competing.

Ress made $24,000 in prize money at the World Championships, from one meet. With Mare Nostrums, World Cups, SC World Championships, Sette Colli, Nordic Swim Tour, and all kinds of other European meets with prize money, a 50 backstroke can easily make 6 figures in a year in prize money alone. Add to that clinics and appearance fees and the fact that he’s still a good enough 100 backstroker to make the National Team and get a USA Swimming stipend, and he can do pretty well if he’s firing and chooses to live that life, even without ISL.

Reply to  Braden Keith
1 month ago

Get em Braden! Baby J Ress is just scratching the surface!

1 month ago

Fantastic athlete, great to see him continuing to improve.

1 month ago

I have no interest in listening to this, but does he at least acknowledge he very obviously should have been disqualified in both the heat and the semi?

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Jamesabc
1 month ago

He sorta did about the semi, said that finish was particularly long.

But in general it was mostly him saying he’s got v long arms, so by the time he ‘submerges’ he’d already finished a while ago. (I didn’t particularly buy it tbh.)

Steve Nolan
1 month ago

comment image

Jacob Whittle 46.90 in Paris
1 month ago

Shame you didn’t ask him about Dressel

1 month ago

Very good interview! Justin seemed to be giving honest answers. Traveling and getting Covid sucks!
Any pics of him at 250? I can see him eating junk and playing video games for hours on end!

1 month ago

🥇The Champ! 🥇

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