Head Age Group Coach

Applications due 10/15/17

Job Description:







Head Age Group Coach reports directly to the Head Coach. Looking for a coach who is willing and able to work with young swimmers new to the sport up to high level swimmers capable of medaling at state meets or getting Zone or Sectional cuts.

The team currently does IM based practice, working on all strokes for all swimmers ages 14 and younger. We would be looking for a coach with similar training, goals, and habits.

Willing to work weekends, afternoons and mornings. This position is part-time but would have a guaranteed schedule of 25-30 hours per week.

If the candidate is willing to help with pool maintenance and chemicals it would add another 8-10 hours a week.

The Head Age group coach would have their own group of swimmers ranging in USA “B” times to USA “AAA” times. Ages 7 – 14. They would also cover the Head Coach’s SR And Pre-SR groups when needed and would work along side the head coach with the SR group swimmers on a daily basis.

The position would also help with AM Masters swim and AM SR practice as needed.

Head Age Group Coach is also responsible to be the Head Summer rec coach and oversee the other summer rec coaches (End of May – Mid-July)

We are looking to fill this position by October or early November 2017.

How to Apply

If interested in this position or learning more about it, please email the head coach…

Scott Newell

[email protected]


Contact Information

Head Coach - Scott Newell

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