D&J Sports Seeks Full-Time Retail Store and Swim Meet Staff

Job Description:

Location: Austin, TX, United States

D&J Sports has an opening for full-time retail store and swim meet staff in Austin and San Antonio. This person will be responsible for the day-to-day retail store operations including sales, stock and team business for the area.

***Applicant must be willing to relocate to the Austin, TX or San Antonio, TX  for this position.


Areas of responsibility include:

Retail store sales and events

Replenishing the showroom floor

Promoting and marketing the business

Dealing with customer queries and complaints

Overseeing pricing and inventory control

Maximizing profitability and meeting sales targets


Basic computer skills which include but not limited to Microsoft Word and Excel and ability to use a company provided e-mail

Exceptional organizational, time management skills and attention to detail

Ability to be able to handle multiply accounts in a timely matter and maintain relationships in a competitive industry

Proficiency in inventory software, databases and systems

Able to work with several materials such as polyester, nylon or other such materials

Able to create a team environment and the ability to work with others in a retail environment

Reliability/dependability — no attendance issues

Able to handle several tasks at a time and remain focused

Knowledge of the sport of swimming is preferred but not required

Able to travel to events on an as needed basis which will include nights or weekends


– A degree in any discipline is acceptable for entry into this position

– Basic computer skills such as Microsoft Word and Excel required

– Exceptional multi-tasking skills and the ability to handle more than one customer at a time

– Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.

– Swimming or sports related knowledge is preferred.


This position will require you to work in a fast pace environment and be able to handle multiple tasks at one time.

Driving retail and team sales to maximize profits and market share and a team leader than can maximize your potential.

Able to travel to events on an as needed basis.

How to Apply

Send resume and information to [email protected]sports.com

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