CEO of American Swimming Coaches Association

Applications due 02/11/21

Job Description:

Date posted: February 2, 2021

Location: 6707 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

CEO Job Description


The American Swimming Coaches Association CEO is a passionate swimming leader who will provide vision, leadership, and management for the leading association of professional swimming coaches in the world. The CEO represents and advocates for the interest of improving the quality of coaching for the benefit of athletes regionally, nationally and internationally. The ASCA CEO coordinates the work of the ASCA staff and committees to create educational programs, services and publications for the coaching community, including the annual World Clinic, regional and international clinics. The ASCA CEO leads the ASCA to promote and distribute best practices as well as identifying, forming and delivering cutting edge knowledge in the development of swimmers and coaches.

The CEO strives to create cohesion within the coaching community for the betterment of the athletes and the sport; in doing so increases membership, effective communication between groups, relationship building and collaborative initiatives. The CEO maintains a business and financial plan that allows the professional staff to develop and the organization to grow. The CEO reports to the Board of Directors.

The ASCA CEO is responsible for the overall administration and management of the ASCA, including service programs, fundraising, and business operations. The job description outlines the areas of responsibility, including planning and evaluation, policy development and administration, personnel and fiscal management, and public relations. The CEO position is a full-time position and is hired by and directly accountable to the board of directors through its elected board chair. The CEO hires all staff and the staff is accountable only to the CEO.


Management and administration

    • • Develop and facilitate the ongoing VVMOST (strategic planning) process.
      • Develop organizational goals and objectives consistent with the mission and vision of the ASCA.
      • Oversee business development.
      • Ensure compliance with funding sources and regulatory requirements.
      • Provide information for evaluation of the organization’s activities.
      • Develop and administer operational policies.
      • Oversee all programs, services and activities to ensure that program objectives are met.
    • • Ensure that both complete confidentiality and the ASCA Code of Ethics are maintained by all board and staff members.


    • • Develop, recommend, and monitor annual and other budgets.
      • Ensure effective audit trails.
      • Approve expenditures.
      • Provide for proper fiscal record-keeping and reporting.
      • Submit monthly financial statements to the board of directors.
    • • Prepare and submit grant applications and funding proposals, as appropriate.


    • • Administer board-approved personnel policies.
      • Ensure proper (legal) hiring and termination procedures.
      • Oversee any and all disciplinary actions.
      • Provide for adequate supervision and evaluation of all staff and volunteers.
    • • Update Board Chair on essential staff developments.

Board Relations

    • • Assist the board chair in planning the agenda and materials for board meetings.
      • Initiate and assist in developing policy recommendations and in setting priorities.
      • Facilitate the orientation of new board members.
      • Work with the board to raise funds from the swimming community.
      • Staff board committees, as appropriate.
    • • Provide regular updates to Board of Directors on the status of key initiatives and industry developments.

Public Relations

    • • Serve as chief liaison with swimming community groups.
      • Ensure appropriate representation of the ASCA by all staff and volunteers.
    • • Coordinate representation of the ASCA to USA Swimming, FINA, the ISL, the NCAA, the USOC, the IOC and other groups.

Key Services

  • Advocacy. The ASCA CEO is the voice for coaches in all segments of American Swimming – age group, high school, collegiate and professional. The CEO must stay current on key issues in all those segments, by staying in close contact with top coaches in all those segments. The ASCA CEO is a provider of proposed solutions and strategies in all those segments.
  • Leadership. In the same segments where the ASCA provides advocacy, the ASCA must both provide leadership and train future leaders in those segments.
  • Education. The CEO coordinates the work of the ASCA staff and committees to create industry leading educational programs, services and publications for the coaching community. This includes the annual World Clinic as well as regional clinics as well as international clinics. It also includes a collaborative relationship with USA Swimming in making a best in class certification and education program for USA Coaches.
  • SwimAmerica. The ASCA developed SwimAmerica to be the best learn-to-swim curriculum available, managed by certified coaches, with the ability to become the financial base of any club in America. SwimAmerica needs to be a “business in a box,” so that coaches can manage the business without becoming full-time business people. The curriculum and delivery must remain cutting-edge and relevant to modern American families.
  • International. The ASCA has become the leading swimming brand internationally, with the ASCA certifications becoming the “gold standard.” International coaches keep the ASCA offices informed of issues in their countries, because they know that the ASCA CEO will, at some point, be able to act on that information. The ASCA CEO must maintain the value of the ASCA certifications both domestically and internationally, as well as serve as the information focal point and advocate both domestically and internationally.

CEO Evaluation

• The ASCA Board, and/or a sub-committee of the board, provides performance goals and metrics for the CEO evaluation.
• It is the CEO’s responsibility to place this on the appropriate agendas and board workflow.

How to Apply

Email Resume and Cover Letter to [email protected]

Contact Information

Michael Murray

6707 N. Andrews Ave.
Suite 200

phone: 4435699780