Aquatic Exercise Instructor 

Job Description:

Aquatic Exercise Instructor 

 Job Purpose: Under direct supervision of the Aquatics Director of Nexxt Level Aquatic Center, the Aquatic Exercise Instructors will provide instruction for aquatic exercise classes, as well as monitor patrons and educate patrons on fitness and safety, while maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for class participants. 

 Responsibilities Teach scheduled classes, beginning and ending on time; provide adequate warm-up, exercise, stretching, and cool down.  Prepare progressive exercise plans for program participants. 

  • Instruct patrons on effective workout methods; explain proper techniques, demonstrate exercises; identify different muscle groups, and teach appropriate methods to strengthen specific muscles. 
  •  Collaborate with Aquatics Director Exercise staff to develop new and progressive aquatic exercise programs 
  •  Prepare appropriate class content, equipment, music, and handouts for each class. 
  •  Assist patrons, answer questions, and maintain a positive exercise experience for members and class participants. 
  •  Keep management informed of pool activities, facility needs, and significant problems. 
  •  Ensure that safety standards are met, and that department and facility policies are adhered to. 
  •  Secure a qualified substitute when needed. 
  •  Enforce and follow aquatic rules and policies. 
  •  Record and maintain attendance records. 
  • Act as a primary responder in case of injury, accident, or illness and be knowledgeable of emergency procedures. 
  • Provide backup to lifeguards as needed in emergencies. 
  • Report injuries and complete required forms. 
  • Attend all staff meetings as scheduled.  Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor. 



  • Must be at least 18 years of age.  
  • Must possess current Red Cross CPR certification. 
  • Must possess current Red Cross Standard First Aid certification. 
  • Certified Instructor (AEA, ACE, AFAA), water specialty/certification preferred. 

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities 

  • Working knowledge of human anatomy, kinesiology and training principles. 
  •  Knowledge of water aerobics teaching strategies and the incorporation of music, tempo, 
  • cueing technique, and rhythm. 
  • Choreography and music skills. 
  •  Ability to be professional and motivate class participants. 
  • Ability to cooperate and work well with other staff members. 






How to Apply

Email Resume to [email protected]

Call: 856-335-3007

Contact Information

Tyler Santangelo

333 Preston Ave

phone: 856-335-3007

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