Jacob Pebley and Michael Chadwick, aka Pebwick, Sign With TallSlim Tees

CG Sports Management is excited to announce that two Olympic-level swimmers — Michael Chadwick and Jacob Pebley — have signed endorsement deals with TallSlim Tees, a Utah company that specializes in clothing for men of a particular build.

Founded in 2014, TallSlim Tees designs and sells t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, polos, henleys, button-up shirts, and sweatshirts for tall, lean men. The partnership with Chadwick and Pebley — who their USA Swimming teammates jokingly call “Pebwick” — is fitting, given their years-long struggle to find clothes that properly drape over their swimmer bodies.

“If you’re reading this then congratulations, you live in a world where tall and slim people can be clothed properly. I’m stoked Michael and I are able to work with TallSlim Tees, a company that has solved a problem many swimmers face — fitting our long arms and broad shoulders into shirts,” Pebley said. “‘Pebwick’ has got your back covered, swimming world!”

Dan Deceuster, the founder of TallSlim Tees, is built like a swimmer himself; he’s 6-foot-6, 200 pounds. Pebley stands 6-foot-4 and Chadwick is 6-foot-6.

Deceuster has seen rapid growth since he founded the company. Besides the “Pebwick” duo, TallSlim Tees sponsors seven professional beach volleyball players, while its list of ambassadors includes the world’s tallest comedian, the tallest professional rower in the U.S., and a professional soccer goalkeeper. Celebrity stylists have also put TallSlim shirts on three NBA players.

“Nothing is more frustrating than putting on that great-fitting shirt, only to have it shrink in the wash. It means tall, skinny guys like me always had to choose between a baggy shirt that was long enough or a fitted shirt that was too short,” Deceuster said. “I was done dealing with this problem, so after nearly a year of working with different manufacturers, dimensions, fabrics, and colors, I finally created the perfect shirt for tall, slim men that doesn’t shrink in the wash.”

Chadwick said he and Pebley constantly struggle with finding clothes that fit their tall, toned bodies, which have been sculpted by swimming tens of thousands of meters per week for several years and strength training. Many swimmers are forced to shell out extra money for customized clothing because of their unique build.

“I can’t think of a better company for ‘Pebwick’ to work with than TallSlim Tees. Jacob and I being tall, skinny swimmers have always struggled to find shirts that fit us just right. With the help of TallSlim Tees, ‘Pebwick’ wants to help change this problem in the swimming world,” Chadwick said. “If you’re a tall, skinny swimmer like we are, trust us and give these shirts a try. It’s about time you feel comfortable in your own shirt.”

Pebley competed at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and finished fifth in his signature event, the 200-meter backstroke. The following year, he improved on that finish at the world championships with a bronze-medal result.

Chadwick is an up-and-coming sprint freestyler on the U.S. team. He is the second fastest U.S. man in the 100-meter freestyle and earned gold medals in the 4×50-meter and 4×100-meter freestyle relays at the 2018 short course worlds. He’s also a 22-time All-American at the University of Missouri.

Both Pebley and Chadwick are part of the USA Swimming national team and will represent the U.S. at the 2019 FINA World Championships this summer in Gwanju, South Korea.

“We can poke fun at ourselves and our height. This sense of humor is portrayed pretty well in our marketing efforts, especially our videos,” Deceuster said. “That’s clear when you see the type of content we’ve made with Jacob and Michael. Their personalities fit with our brand about as well as our shirts fit them, which is amazing.”

About TallSlim Tees
TallSlim Tees was founded in 2014 by Dan Deceuster after years of personal frustration with t-shirt sizes. Brands with tall sizes only added a little extra length to their shirts. Big and tall sizes were plenty long but far too big everywhere else. He decided to do something about it and designed a custom t-shirt customized specifically for tall, lean men.

For more information on both swimmers, visit CGSportsManagement.com

Check out TallSlimTees.com for more information about the company and to order clothing.

Courtesy of TallSlim Tees, a SwimSwam partner.

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Kathryn Milad
4 years ago

Yay, super exciting partnership!

4 years ago

This is awesome!!

Col. Trautman
4 years ago

I have two of these T’s and love them. More importantly, the wife loves them, both in how they look and feel. I get more hugs out of the deal.

Seth Lake
4 years ago

AH!! Fantastic!! Just bought 2, I love me a good t-shirt and so hard to find good ones – why’s everyone hate us tall skinny’s??

Reply to  Seth Lake
4 years ago

I’m a fan. I wear them on date-nights (yep, old and married, and I do date-nights). So, here’s what I’m missing–the bamboo shirts. Chadwick was wearing them at the Derby Pro. I bought 5 of the baseball-shirts. Like those, but with Austin, TX weather, I’m getting the bamboo-tees.

Paula Dean(Farris)
4 years ago

Does anyone know how Cassi and Nikki feel about this?

TallSlim Tees
Reply to  Paula Dean(Farris)
4 years ago

Oh they’re very fine with it…in fact, you’ll be seeing them both in another video that plays to this very thing 🙂

The Wolverine
4 years ago