Italians Magnini & Santucci Each Handed 4-Year Ban

The court of Italy’s Anti-Doping Agency, NADO, has finally made its decision regarding elite swimmers Filippo Magnini and Michele Santucci. Both swimmers have been banned for 4 years.

As we reported last month, the court delayed their previously scheduled October judgement concerning the pair’s punishment for their involvement with Guido Porcellini, a nutritionist who wound up being banned for 30 years for violating anti-doping policies.

Accused of ‘use or attempted use of doping substances’, as well as abetting and administration or attempted administration of a prohibited substance, Magnini was facing a possible 8-year ban, although he is retired. Santucci’s accusations involved only the use or attempted use of doping substances.

36-year-old Magnini was a mainstay of the international swimming scene from 2003 to 2016, when he was a triple European Champs medalist at age 34.

From our previous reporting on the case:

Both swimmers are expected to appeal the decision.

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2 years ago

I am waiting for the guy who wants Pellegrini banned too. He shows up every time you mention Magnini.

2 years ago

So Magnini basically got away with it as he is retired. He gets to keep all his medals and whatever money he earned and he’s had all the kudos and Olympic experiences. All of his results should be officially nullified.

Reply to  Tim
2 years ago


Reply to  Claveria
2 years ago

Because he cheated and took away opportunities that should have gone to clean athletes

Reply to  Tim
2 years ago

Wow. This doping is really getting out of hand

2 years ago

His longevity was really something to look up to – Sad to find out it was all a lie. Disappointing that he wasn’t caught before he had the chance to retire too.

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