2016 Italian Olympic Trials Day 4 Prelims Recap


  • Dates: Tuesday, April 19 – Saturday, April 23, 2016
  • Times: Prelims 9:00 am, Finals 5:00 pm
  • Location: Riccione, Italy (GMT +1, or 6 hours ahead of N.Y., 9 ahead of L.A.)
  • Results: Available
  • Olympic selection standards

Women’s 200 Free- Prelims

  • Italian record: 1:52.98 Federica Pellegrini (WR)
  • Selection standard: A-1:56.7, B-1:57.5, C-1:58.8
  1. Federica Pellegrini, Aniene: 1:59.12
  2. Martina de Memme, Livorno: 2:00.40
  3. Alice Mizzau, Veneto/Linda Caponi, Empoli: 2:00.76
  4. Alice Nesti, Pistoiesi: 2:00.90
  5. Stefania Pirozzi, Fiamme Oro Roma: 2:01.11
  6. Luccetti Chiara Masini, Livorno: 2:01.25
  7. Erica Musso, Fiamme Oro Roma: 2:01.27

World record holder Federica Pellegrini was the only woman to dip under 2 minutes this morning in the 200 free, clocking 1:59.12. She’ll have to to much faster in finals to make the event on the Italian Olympic team.

Martina de Memme was second this morning in 2:00.40, followed by Alice Mizzau and Linda Caponi, who both finished in 2:00.76.

Men’s 200 IM- Prelims

  • Italian record: 1:58.33, Alessio Boggiatto
  • Selection standard: A-1:58.2, B-1:58.8
  1. Lorenzo Glessi, Gorizia: 2:01.27
  2. Federico Turrini, Livorno: 2:02.21
  3. Giovanni Sorriso, Aniene: 2:02.41
  4. Daniel Cova, Lombardio: 2:02.56
  5. Luca Angelo Diols, Insubrika: 2:02.90
  6. Lorenzo Tarot, Lombardia: 2:02.95
  7. Gabriele Minichini, Imolanuoto: 2:03.74
  8. Gianluca Maiorana, Larus: 2:03.85

No swimmers were able to come in under the selection standards in the prelims this morning, but Lorenzo Glessi was closest, swimming the event in 2:01.27.

Federico Turrini was second, finishing his prelims swim in 2:02.21, followed by Giovanni Sorriso in 2:02.41.

Women’s 50 Back- Prelims

  • Italian record: 28.18, Elena Gemo
  1. Arianna Barbieri, Azzurra: 28.51
  2. Silvia Scalia, Lombardia: 28.53
  3. Elena Gemo, Aniene: 28.56
  4. Veronica Neri, Lombardia: 28.82
  5. D.S. Costa Zofkova, Imolanuoto: 29.10
  6. Tania Quaglieri, Modena/Laura Letrari, Bolzano: 29.11
  7. Francesca Fresia, Andrea Doria: 29.30

Arianna Barbieri finished under half a second off the Italian record, swimming the non-Olympic event in 28.51. Silvia Scalia and Elena Gemo were ver close behind in 28.53 and 28.56, so it could be anyone’s race tonight.

Veronica Neri also made it in under 29, finishing in 28.82.

Men’s 50 Free- Prelims

  • Italian record: 21.64, Marco Orsi
  • Selection standard: A-21.8, B-22.0
  1. Luca Dotto, Larus: 22.17
  2. Federico Bocchia, De Akker: 22.26
  3. Piero Codia, Aniene: 22.47
  4. Andrea Vergani, Gestisport/Giuseppe Suttuso, Cagliari:22.57
  5. Michele Santucci, Larus: 22.67
  6. Lucio Spadaro, Fiamme Oro Roma/Leonardo Vimercati: 22.76

Although no swimmers hit either the A or B selection standards, Luca Dotto will be well within reach tonight, after swimming a first-seed 22.17 in prelims.

Federico Bocchia will be Dotto’s main competition, after clocking 22.26 in prelims. Piero Codia was third in 22.47.

Tonight’s race will be close, as about half a second separates the top and bottom swimmers of tonight’s championship final.

Women’s 50 Breast- Prelims

  • Italian record: 30.74, Arianna Castiglioni
  1. Martina Carraro, Azzurra: 30.81
  2. Arianna Castiglioni, Insubrika: 31.21
  3. Michela Guzzetti, Esercito: 31.58
  4. Ilaria Scarcella, Aniene: 31.89
  5. Lisa Angiolini, Buonconvento: 31.92
  6. Alessia Ferraguti, Swim Pro: 32.12
  7. Sara Gyertyanffy, Imolanuoto: 32.29
  8. Jasmine Scimone, Lombardia: 32.69

Martina Carraro came incredibly close to setting a new Italian record in the 50 breast, missing Arianna Castiglioni‘s mark by just .07 seconds with 30.81. Carraro was the only swimmer under 31.

Castiglioni herself will be the second seed tonight, after swimming the event in 31.21. The two will dual it out for the title, and the record, tonight.

Michela Guzzetti finished third this morning in 31.58.

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6 years ago

Correct. He got cytomegalovirus.

6 years ago

Where is Orsi? I he out of Rio?

Reply to  Boss
6 years ago

Orsi did not swim because of a virus but he will be at the european championships. He’ll probably go to Rio with Dotto.

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