Israeli Record-Holder Gil Kiesler Announces Verbal to NC State

“I want to announce that I committed to attend to the NC State university swimming and diving team in fall of 2017.”

nc-state_m_kieslerIsraeli record-holder Gil Kiesler has elected to attend North Carolina State University next fall, joining an already-stellar class of 2021 that will include Eric Knowles, Giovanni IzzoDaniel ForndalLuke Sobolewski, and Ray Van Deusen.

Kiesler, who swims for Macabi Haifa, broke the Israeli record in the 400 SCM freestyle going 3:44.59 in front of the home crowd during the 2015 European Short Course Swimming Championships at the Wingate Institute in Netanya. After the race he told the Jerusalem Times, “I expected to break the record. I thought I was capable of reaching the final but I’m pleased with what I achieved. This is my first major championship and it felt a little different from the competitions I usually compete in. But swimming is swimming and I focused on myself.” Kiesler swept the Israeli SCM distance free records at that meet. In addition to the 400, he broke the 800 (7:57.40) and 1500 (14:57.56) as well.

He won both the 800m and 1500m freestyle events at the 2016 Israel Summer LCM Championships in Netanya this past August, with 8:03.98 and 15:40.57, respectively.

Kiesler’s best times are:

200 free 1:52.54 1:53.88
400 free 3:44.59 3:52.54
800 free 7:57.40 8:03.98
1500 free 14:57.65 15:38.76

The Wolfpack, best known as a sprint powerhouse, is extending the range of their freestyle prowess with additions like Kiesler and Knowles.

If you have a commitment to report, please send an email to [email protected]

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7 years ago

Funny picture…Jeff Kostas is in a IU shirt (former team-distance coach) standing next to Stanford (current team).

7 years ago

Gary Taylor is getting big time international talent now? It’s a wrap

Reply to  Swimnerd
7 years ago

Headline should read “The distance whisperer adds yet another stud to his army”

7 years ago

Is there a limit on number of recruits a team can take? I know there’s an athletic scholarship limit but if most of the swimmer are on academic scholarship does that matter? They have 10 seniors on the roster.

Reply to  Isaac
7 years ago

Isaac – schools will sometimes have limits or targets for roster size for Title IX, or budgetary, or any other number of reasons, but there is no NCAA-dictated limits on roster sizes.

7 years ago

Wow… That’s one complete class… Great sprinters and now big 2 distance commitments.

Reply to  Swimdawg
7 years ago

Add Molacek coming in at same time

Reply to  Porkchop2244
7 years ago

And I totally forgot about him! How are they doing this? 7 guys and it’s not even October yet? Those coaches deserve a raise!

Coach MM
7 years ago

NC State and Indiana are on fire!

Swimmer A
7 years ago

And so it begins…. (or continues really)

7 years ago


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