ISL Releases List of 940 Athletes Registered for 2021 Draft

The International Swimming League has released an almost-final list of athletes who have registered to participate in the newly-devised draft ahead of the 2021 season.

In total, there are 940 names on the list, with only 360 spots on 10 teams available for Season 3 of the league.

The list comes with a few caveats that keep it from being complete. One is a “surprise swimmer that has registered but does not appear on the list,” which the league says will be announced in the coming days. Given the nature of that callout, along with the league’s past, it seems like that name will be a pretty substantial addition.

While that leaves open a pretty broad range of possibilities, the two biggest eligible athletes who aren’t on the list are Americans Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel, both of whom have multiple Olympic gold medals. Manuel has not yet competed in the ISL, while Ledecky raced in one meet in season 1 but did not return to the DC Trident for season 2.

If the ISL holds to its firm May 31 deadline to register for the draft, that means that at best, one of them is the “surprise swimmer” and the other is not competing.

The other note mentions that “There are a few other swimmers, under 18 y.o., who have registered and are not listed, as we are in the process of clarifying the league participation procedures with their legal guardians.”

While the ISL draft rules say that athletes must be 18 to register for the draft, in the weeks since those rules were released, SwimSwam has learned that this is not a hard-and-fast rule, but that there will be certain extra rules in place for junior athletes, including requiring a guardian to attend with them and for their legal guardians to sign special waivers.

There are a few junior swimmers on the list, including Benedetta Pilato of Italy and Jacob Whittle of the UK, who raced last season and are listed this season. That leaves some unknown as to who else might be participating.

The list includes all of the major players from last season, though the final draft list may not be entirely reflective of who is planning to participate in the 2021 season. SwimSwam has spoken with at least 3 athletes who have said that, while they are on the list, they do not plan to participate in Season 3 of the ISL – though that was on condition of their names not being shared. Others have expressed uncertainty of their desire to participate after the grueling Olympic period, but have said they entered to give themselves more time.

Some of these names will become more clear when the draft begins in late June and teams don’t save swimmers that they otherwise would have.

There are two other substantial names missing from the list that we could identify. One is the former Aqua Centurions captain and masthead Federica Pellegrini. She participated in each of the first two seasons of the ISL as a star for the Italian team, but her absence here aligns with her continued hints at reitrement after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She was the 2004 Olympic silver medalist and 2008 Olympic gold medalist in the 200 free, the current World Record holder in the same event, and also the two-time defending World Champion.

Also absent is Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte, who has battled health issues for years. The 30-year old has been registered for each of the first two seasons of the ISL, including last season for Iron, but hasn’t actually raced. There is widespread speculation that she will retire after Tokyo, though she hasn’t made any announcement one way or the other.

One more surprising absence is Kaylee McKeown, who is one of a handful of Australians who would be expected to compete but who aren’t on the list. The 19-year old is one of the hottest global names in swimming. Like most Australians, she didn’t compete last season under pressure from the federation and Australian government, but in season 1 she raced for the last-place Aqua Centurions.

Among other absent Australians are also Elijah Winnington and Mack Horton. Winnington raced for the London Roar in season 1, where he ranked 73rd in the league in MVP scoring and was one of the breakout stars of the season.

There are a few notable presences on the list as well, including Ryan Hoffer, who finished his senior season at Cal in the fall. The NCAA, which governs collegiate sports in the U.S., issued a special waiver for those athletes who participated in the 2020-2021 COVID-impacted season to extend their eligibility by one year from four to five seasons.

While participation in the ISL disqualifies athletes from the NCAA, the ISL has extended the period for NCAA athletes to decide what they’re going to do. That period was moved from the original June 1 deadline to June 22, which is before any of last season’s NCAA athletes would be selected in the draft. The ISL is referring to this as a “cooling off” period.

Hoffer told SwimSwam on Thursday that he’s still deciding what to do but hopes to make a decision soon.

If he does compete, Hoffer is likely to be one of the first few athletes chosen in the “open” draft period, given his versatility and incredible underwater abilities – which play well in the short course pool of the ISL.

Others who fall into that category, but who haven’t publicly declared their intent for next season, include his college teammate Trenton Julian.

Other things we noticed on the list:

  • Jacob Pebley, who tonight announced that he wouldn’t compete at this summer’s Olympic Trials, is registered with the ISL.
  • Camden Murphy of Georgia, who told SwimSwam he was still thinking about his 5th year of NCAA eligibility, has entered the pool.
  • In total, 73 countries are represented in the draft pool. The United States is most of those athletes with 102, followed by Great Britain (86), Russia (74), and a tie between Australia and Italy (68).
  • Japanese star Kosuke Hagino, who made his ISL debut last season for the Tokyo Frog Kings, is not on the list. He ranked 47th in the regular season in MVP scoring last season.
  • Lithuania’s Danas Rapsys, who tied for 59th in regular season MVP scoring for Energy Standard, isn’t on the list.
  • 2016 Olympic gold medalist Pernille Blume isn’t entered. She was relegated to mostly relay duties in season 2 with Energy Standard after swimming for the New York Breakers in season 1.
  • Reona Aoki raced for the Tokyo Frog Kings last season, where she scored 62.50 MVP points. That ranked her 100th among the regular season participants.
  • Other names not participating include Erika FairweatherBruno FratusJeremy Desplanches,Rikako IkeeAnton Chupkov, and Charlotte Bonnet. Among them, only Fratus competed last season.

Draft process in brief

  • On June 21, teams will announce the first 5 athletes that they will retain from their 2021 rosters.
  • On June 28, teams will announce up to 10 additional athletes that they will retain from their 2021 rosters. After that, there will be a public vote for a 16th athlete that each team will retain from their 2021 rosters.
  • On June 29, teams will draft the remainder of their rosters, with the lowest finishing teams from last year’s season getting advantageous draft positions.
  • Click here to read a more detailed description of the draft.

Registered athletes by country:

Country Athletes
1 United States of America 102
2 Great Britain 86
3 Russia 74
4 Australia 68
4 Italy 68
6 Brazil 53
6 Japan 53
8 Germany 37
9 Canada 26
9 France 26
9 Netherlands 26
12 Poland 25
13 Hungary 21
14 Sweden 15
15 Denmark 14
16 Finland 13
16 New Zealand 13
18 Ireland 12
19 Austria 11
19 Belarus 11
21 Belgium 10
21 Mexico 10
21 Ukraine 10
24 Portugal 9
24 South Africa 9
26 Czech Republic 8
26 Spain 8
26 Turkey 8
29 Greece 7
29 Israel 7
29 Norway 7
32 Argentina 6
32 Lithuania 6
34 Egypt 5
34 Serbia 5
36 Colombia 4
36 Kazakhstan 4
36 Luxembourg 4
36 Slovakia 4
36 Switzerland 4
36 Venezuela 4
42 Estonia 3
42 Romania 3
42 Singapore 3
42 Slovenia 3
46 Bahamas 2
46 Bulgaria 2
46 El Salvador 2
46 Hong Kong 2
46 India 2
46 Latvia 2
46 Paraguay 2
53 Algeria 1
53 Aruba 1
53 Barbados 1
53 Chile 1
53 Chinese Taipei 1
53 Croatia 1
53 Ecuador 1
53 Guatemala 1
53 Honduras 1
53 Iceland 1
53 Jamaica 1
53 Jordan 1
53 Liechtenstein 1
53 Macau 1
53 Malaysia 1
53 Panama 1
53 Peru 1
53 Philippines 1
53 Suriname 1
53 Thailand 1
53 Trinidad and Tobago 1

Full list of registered athletes:

Swimmer Country
Oussama Sahnoune Algeria
Federico Grabich Argentina
Florencia Perotti Argentina
Gabriel Morelli Argentina
Julia Sebastian Argentina
Macarena Ailen Ceballos
Santiago Grassi Argentina
Mikel Schreuders Aruba
Abbey Harkin Australia
Alex Graham Australia
Alexander Grant Australia
Bethan Mounfield Australia
Bowen Gough Australia
Bradley Woodward Australia
Brendon Smith Australia
Brianna Throssell Australia
Brittany Castelluzzo Australia
Bronte Campbell Australia
Bronte Job Australia
Cameron Tysoe Australia
Cate Campbell Australia
Chelsea Hodges Australia
Clyde Lewis Australia
Dahlas Rogers Australia
Daniel Cave Australia
Eliza King Australia
Elliot Rogerson Australia
Ellysia Oldsen Australia
Emily Seebohm Australia
Emma Mckeon Australia
Ethan Banks Australia
Gabriella Peiniger Australia
Gemma Cooney Australia
Georgia Bohl Australia
Holly Barratt Australia
James Mckechnie Australia
Jenna Strauch Australia
Jessica Unicomb Australia
Jye Cornwell Australia
Kayla Costa Australia
Kiah Melverton Australia
Kyle Chalmers Australia
Lani Pallister Australia
Laura Taylor Australia
Leah Neale Australia
Leiston Pickett Australia
Lewis Blackburn Australia
Louis Townsend Australia
Madeline Groves Australia
Madison Wilson Australia
Matthew Temple Australia
Matthew Wilson Australia
Maximillian Giuliani Australia
Meg Harris Australia
Mia O’Leary Australia
Mikayla Smith Australia
Mikkayla Sheridan Australia
Minna Atherton Australia
Mitch Larkin Australia
Nicholas Brown Australia
Noah Millard Australia
Peter Mills Australia
Phoebe Hines Australia
Rebecca Jacobson Australia
Samuel Williamson Australia
Shaun Champion Australia
Tahlia Thornton Australia
Tamsin Cook Australia
Tara Kinder Australia
Taylor Mckeown Australia
Thomas Neill Australia
Tom Jeffries Australia
Travis Mahoney Australia
Tristan Hollard Australia
Zac Incerti Australia
Zac Stubblety-Cook Australia
Alexander Knabl Austria
Alexander Trampitsch
Bernhard Reitshammer
Caroline Pilhatsch Austria
Christina Nothdurfter Austria
Christopher Rothbauer
Cornelia Pammer Austria
Felix Auboeck Austria
Heiko Gigler Austria
Simon Bucher Austria
Valentin Bayer Austria
Joanna Evans Bahamas
Laura Morley Bahamas
Alex Sobers Barbados
Alina Zmushka Belarus
Anastasiya Shkurdai Belarus
Artyom Machekin Belarus
Grigori Pekarski Belarus
Ilya Shymanovich Belarus
Ivan Adamchuk Belarus
Mikita Tsmyh Belarus
Rislan Skamaroshka Belarus
Viktar Staselovich Belarus
Yahor Dodaleu Belarus
Yauhen Tsurkin Belarus
Alexandre Marcourt Belgium
Fanny Lecluyse Belgium
Fleur Vermeiren Belgium
Jade Smits Belgium
Kimberly Buys Belgium
Lander Hendrickx Belgium
Lorenz Weiremans Belgium
Louis Croenen Belgium
Sébastien De Meulemeester
Valentine Dumont Belgium
Aline Rodrigues Brazil
André Pereira Brazil
Andreas Mickosz Brazil
Brandonn Almeida Brazil
Breno Correia Brazil
Caio Rodrigues Pumputis
Carolyne Mazzo Brazil
Etiene Medeiros Brazil
Fabio Santi Brazil
Felipe França Brazil
Felipe Lima Brazil
Fernando Scheffer Brazil
Frederico Castro Brazil
Gabriel Ogawa Brazil
Gabriel Perseguin Dias
Gabriel Santos Brazil
Gabrielle Roncatto Brazil
Giovanna Diamante Brazil
Giuliano Rocco Brazil
Guilherme Augusto Guido
Guilherme Basseto Brazil
Guilherme Pereira Da Costa
Guilherme Rosolen Brazil
Iago Moussalem Brazil
Jhennifer Conceição Brazil
Kaue Carvalho Brazil
Larissa Oliveira Brazil
Leonardo André Schilling
Leonardo Coelho Santos
Leonardo Deus Brazil
Leonardo Guedes Brazil
Lorrane Ferreira Brazil
Lucas Batista Gomes Brazil
Lucas Peixoto Brazil
Luiz Gustavo Franco Borges
Luiz Melo Brazil
Marcelo Chierighini Brazil
Marco Ferreira Brazil
Maria Paula Heitmann
Maria Pessanha Brazil
Matheus Ferreira De Moraes Gonche
Matheus Paulo De Santana
Miguel Valente Brazil
Nathalia Almeida Brazil
Nelson Da Silva Junior
Nicholas Santos Brazil
Pedro Henrique Brasil Cardona
Pedro Spajari Brazil
Raphael De Oliveira Rodrigues
Renata Sander Brazil
Victor Alcará Brazil
Vinicius Assunção Brazil
Vinicius Lanza Brazil
Antani Ivanov Bulgaria
Vladislav Terziev Bulgaria
Alyson Ackman Canada
Bailey Andison Canada
Brent Hayden Canada
Cale Murdock Canada
Cole Pratt Canada
Danielle Hanus Canada
Finlay Knox Canada
Ingrid Wilm Canada
Javier Acevedo Canada
Katerine Savard Canada
Kayla Sanchez Canada
Kelsey Wog Canada
Kierra Smith Canada
Kylie Masse Canada
Markus Thormeyer Canada
Mary-Sophie Harvey Canada
Peter Brothers Canada
Rachel Nicol Canada
Robert Hill Canada
Sebastian Paulins Canada
Stephen Calkins Canada
Sydney Pickrem Canada
Tessa Cieplucha Canada
Tristan Cote Canada
William Marois Canada
Yuri Kisil Canada
Gabriel Araya Chile
Eddie (Kuan-Hung) Wang
Chinese Taipei
Isabella Arcila Colombia
Jonathan Gomez Colombia
Jorge Mario Murillo Valdés
Omar Pinzon Colombia
Ana Blazevic Croatia
Barbora Seemanova Czech Republic
Filip Chrapavy Czech Republic
Kristýna Horská Czech Republic
Matěj Zábojník Czech Republic
Roman Procházka Czech Republic
Simona Kubova Czech Republic
Tomas Franta Czech Republic
Vojtěch Netrh Czech Republic
Amalie Mikkelsen Denmark
Andreas Hansen Denmark
Emilie Beckmann Denmark
Helena Rosendahl Bach
Julie Krøyer Svendsen
Karoline Barrett Denmark
Karoline Sørensen Denmark
Mathias Rysgaard Denmark
Matilde Schrøder Denmark
Philip Greve Denmark
Rasmus Nickelsen Denmark
Signe Bro Denmark
Tobias Bjerg Denmark
Viktor Bromer Denmark
Tomas Peribonio Ecuador
Ali Khalafalla Egypt
Farida Osman Egypt
Marwan Elkamash Egypt
Mohamed Hassan Egypt
Youssef Elkamash Egypt
Celina Marquez El Salvador
Marcelo Acosta El Salvador
Daniel Zaitsev Estonia
Kregor Zirk Estonia
Maria Romanjuk Estonia
Anniina Murto Finland
Ari-Pekka Liukkonen Finland
Fanny Teijonsalo Finland
Hanna Kareinen Finland
Ida Hulkko Finland
Jenna Laukkanen Finland
Laura Lahtinen Finland
Lotta Upanne Finland
Matti Mattsson Finland
Mimosa Jallow Finland
Niki Karlsson Finland
Niko Mäkelä Finland
Teemu Vuorela Finland
Anastasia Urbaniak France
Anna Santamans France
Anouchka Martin France
Antoine Herlem France
Antoine Viquerat France
Béryl Gastaldello France
Clément Mignon France
Clement Secchi France
Emmanuel Limozin France
Enzo Tesic France
Fantine Lesaffre France
Florent Manaudou France
Gregory Mallet France
Henique Melanie France
Jordan Pothain France
Joris Bouchaut France
Julien Berol France
Lara Grangeon France
Marie Wattel France
Mathilde Cini France
Mewen Tomac France
Nicolas Vermorel France
Paul-Gabriel Bedel France
Stanislas Huille France
Théo Bussiere France
Thibaut Capitaine France
Alexander Bauch Germany
Aliena Schmidtke Germany
Angelina Köhler Germany
Annika Bruhn Germany
Björn Kammann Germany
Christian Diener Germany
Christoph Fildebrandt
Damian Wierling Germany
Fabian Schwingenschlögl
Felix Ziemann Germany
Franziska Weidner Germany
Jacob Heidtmann Germany
Jerome Heidrich Basikoglu
Jessica Felsner Germany
Johanna Roas Germany
Josha Salchow Germany
Julia Titze Germany
Kathrin Demler Germany
Leif-Henning Kluever Germany
Leonie Kullmann Germany
Lukas Löwel Germany
Marco Koch Germany
Marie Pietruschka Germany
Marius Kusch Germany
Melvin Imoudu Germany
Moritz Fath Germany
Nadine Laemmler Germany
Nils Wich-Glasen Germany
Ole Braunschweig Germany
Philip Heintz Germany
Philipp Brandt Germany
Poul Zellmann Germany
Ramon Klenz Germany
Richard Braunberger Germany
Sebastian Pierre-Louis
Sonnele Öztürk Germany
Yannis Merlin Willim Germany
Abbie Wood Great Britain
Adam Barrett Great Britain
Adam Chillingworth Great Britain
Adam Peaty Great Britain
Alys Thomas Great Britain
Anna Hopkin Great Britain
Archie Goodburn Great Britain
Ben Proud Great Britain
Brodie Williams Great Britain
Cameron Kurle Great Britain
Candice Hall Great Britain
Cassie Wild Great Britain
Charlie Brown Great Britain
Charlie Hutchison Great Britain
Charlotte Evans Great Britain
Chloe Golding Great Britain
Craig Mcnally Great Britain
Dan Cross Great Britain
Daniel Jones Great Britain
David Cumberlidge Great Britain
David Murphy Great Britain
Duncan Scott Great Britain
Edward Mildred Great Britain
Elliot Clogg Great Britain
Emily Large Great Britain
Freddy Clampett Great Britain
Freya Anderson Great Britain
Georgia Davies Great Britain
Greg Butler Great Britain
Harriet Jones Great Britain
Harry Constantine Great Britain
Harry Stacey Great Britain
Harry Turner Great Britain
Holly Hibbott Great Britain
Honey Osrin Great Britain
Imogen Clark Great Britain
Isabella Hindley Great Britain
Jack Thorpe Great Britain
Jacob Davies Great Britain
Jacob Greenow Great Britain
Jacob Peters Great Britain
Jacob Whittle Great Britain
Jakob Goodman Great Britain
James Guy Great Britain
James Mcfadzen Great Britain
James Wilby Great Britain
Jasmine Mccrea Great Britain
Jay Lelliott Great Britain
Jennifer King Great Britain
Joe Litchfield Great Britain
Kara Hanlon Great Britain
Kate Clifton Great Britain
Kathleen Dawson Great Britain
Katie Latham Great Britain
Katie Robertson Great Britain
Kayla Van Der Merwe Great Britain
Keanna Macinnes Great Britain
Kieran Bird Great Britain
Kyle Booth Great Britain
Laura Kinley Great Britain
Laura Stephens Great Britain
Lauren Cox Great Britain
Lewis Burras Great Britain
Lewis Clifford-Stephenson
Great Britain
Lewis Fraser Great Britain
Liam White Great Britain
Lucy Hope Great Britain
Luke Greenbank Great Britain
Mark Szaranek Great Britain
Martyn Walton Great Britain
Matthew Richards Great Britain
Max Litchfield Great Britain
Megan Morrison Great Britain
Michaella Glenister Great Britain
Molly Renshaw Great Britain
Perry Gardner Great Britain
Rachel Anderson Great Britain
Regan Lloyd Great Britain
Ross Murdoch Great Britain
Sarah Vasey Great Britain
Tain Bruce Great Britain
Thomas Dean Great Britain
Thomas Paine Great Britain
Thomas Watkin Great Britain
Will Bell Great Britain
William Ryley Great Britain
Andreas Vazaios Greece
Anna Ntountounaki Greece
Apostolos Christou Greece
Giorgos Spanoudakis Greece
Ioanna Sacha Greece
Kristian Gkolomeev Greece
Theodora Drakou Greece
Luis Martinez Guatemala
Julio Horrego Honduras
Hang Yu Sze Hong Kong
Siobhan Haughey Hong Kong
Ádám Telegdy Hungary
Ajna Késely Hungary
Balázs Holló Hungary
Bence Biczó Hungary
Bence Szentes Hungary
Boglárka Kapás Hungary
David Zoltan Verrasztó
Eszter Békési Hungary
Katalin Burian Hungary
Katinka Hosszu Hungary
Kristóf Milák Hungary
Laura Vanda Ilyés Hungary
Maxim Lobanovszkij Hungary
Nandor Nemeth Hungary
Norbert Szabo Hungary
Peter Bernek Hungary
Peter Holoda Hungary
Richard Bohus Hungary
Szebasztian Szabo Hungary
Verraszto Evelin Hungary
Zsuzsanna Jakabos Hungary
Anton Mckee Iceland
Saja Prakash India
Srihari Nataraj India
Andrew Moore Ireland
Brendan Hyland Ireland
Calum Bain Ireland
Conor Ferguson Ireland
Daniel Wiffen Ireland
Danielle Hill Ireland
Darragh Greene Ireland
Eoin Corby Ireland
Jack Mcmillan Ireland
Jordan Sloan Ireland
Niamh Coyne Ireland
Shane Ryan Ireland
Anastasia Gorbenko Israel
Andrea Murez Israel
David Gamburg Israel
Denis Loktev Israel
Marcus Schlesinger Israel
Meiron Cheruti Israel
Yakov Toumarkin Israel
Aglaia Pezzato Italy
Alberto Razzetti Italy
Alessandro Bori Italy
Alessandro Miressi Italy
Alessandro Pinzuti Italy
Alessia Polieri Italy
Alessio Proietti Colonna
Andrea Castello Italy
Arianna Castiglioni Italy
Ballo Stefano Italy
Benedetta Pilato Italy
Chiara Tarantino Italy
Christopher Ciccarese
Costanza Cocconcelli
Edgar Cicanci Italy
Edoardo Giorgetti Italy
Edoardo Valsecchi Italy
Elena Di Liddo Italy
Enrico Puxeddu Italy
Erika Ferraioli Italy
Fabio Scozzoli Italy
Federico Poggio Italy
Filippo Megli Italy
Francesca Fresia Italy
Gabriele Detti Italy
Gaia Alcaras Italy
Geremia Freri Italy
Giacomo Carini Italy
Giorgia Biondani Italy
Giovanni Caserta Italy
Ilaria Bianchi Italy
Ivano Vendrame Italy
Leonardo Deplano Italy
Lisa Angiolini Italy
Lorenzo Glessi Italy
Lorenzo Mora Italy
Lorenzo Zazzeri Italy
Luca Dotto Italy
Luca Mencarini Italy
Luca Pizzini Italy
Manuel Frigo Italy
Manuela Mendolicchio
Marco De Tullio Italy
Marco Orsi Italy
Martina Carraro Italy
Martina Cenci Italy
Martina Rita Caramignoli
Matteo Ciampi Italy
Matteo Lamberti Italy
Matteo Milli Italy
Matteo Restivo Italy
Matteo Rivolta Italy
Mattia Bondavalli Italy
Mattia Zuin Italy
Michele Busa Italy
Natalia Foffi Italy
Nicolò Franceschi Italy
Nicolò Martinenghi Italy
Piero Codia Italy
Sara Franceschi Italy
Silvia Di Pietro Italy
Silvia Scalia Italy
Simone Cerasuolo Italy
Simone Sabbioni Italy
Stefania Pirozzi Italy
Stefano Di Cola Italy
Thomas Ceccon Italy
Toma Federica Italy
Alia Atkinson Jamaica
Ai Soma Japan
Akira Nanba Japan
Aoi Masuda Japan
Chihiro Igarashi Japan
Daiya Seto Japan
Harry Omi Japan
Honda Tomoru Japan
Ippei Miyamoto Japan
Isamu Saeki Japan
Kaito Nakamura Japan
Kanako Watanabe Japan
Kato Osamu Japan
Katsuhiro Matsumoto
Katsumi Nakamura Japan
Kodai Nishiono Japan
Kosuke Matsui Japan
Kotaro Takahashi Japan
Koushirou Nishio Japan
Kouta Akahane Japan
Masaki Kaneko Japan
Masaki Niiyama Japan
Miho Teramura Japan
Mizohata Juran Japan
Mizokuchi Isamu Japan
Natsume Taishi Japan
Odake Ren Japan
Reo Sakata Japan
Rika Omoto Japan
Ryosuke Irie Japan
Ryota Naito Japan
Sakai Masato Japan
Shinri Shioura Japan
Shunichi Nakao Japan
Suzuka Hasegawa Japan
Syui Kurokawa Japan
Taishi Takada Japan
Takahashi Miki Japan
Takeshi Kawamoto Japan
Taku Taniguchi Japan
Temma Watanabe Japan
Teppei Morimoto Japan
Tomomi Aoki Japan
Tomosato Sakaguchi Japan
Uchiyama Takumi Japan
Watanabe Ippei Japan
Yasuhiro Koseki Japan
Yoshiki Yamanaka Japan
Yoshitaka Taguchi Japan
Yui Ohashi Japan
Yuki Ikari Japan
Yuma Edo Japan
Yuuki Matsumura Japan
Yuya Hinomoto Japan
Khader Baqlah Jordan
Adelaida Pchelintseva
Adilbek Mussin Kazakhstan
Alexandr Varakin Kazakhstan
Dmitriy Balandin Kazakhstan
Emils Pone Latvia
Gabriela Nikitina Latvia
Julia Hassler Liechtenstein
Agne Seleikaite Lithuania
Andrius Sidlauskas Lithuania
Jokūbas Keblys Lithuania
Kotryna Teterevkova Lithuania
Simonas Bilis Lithuania
Ugne Mazutaityte Lithuania
Julie Meynen Luxembourg
Julien Henx Luxembourg
Max Mannes Luxembourg
Monique Olivier Luxembourg
Man Hou Chao Macau
Jinq En Phee Malaysia
Byanca Melissa Rodriguez Villanueva
Daniel Ramirez Mexico
Hector Ruvalcaba Mexico
Hector Ruvalcaba Cruz
Jorge Iga Mexico
Jose Martinez Mexico
Maria Jose Mata Cocco
Miguel Chavez Mexico
Miguel De Lara Mexico
Ricardo Vargas Mexico
Arjan Knipping Netherlands
Arno Kamminga Netherlands
Elinore De Jong Netherlands
Ensger Kotterink Netherlands
Femke Heemskerk Netherlands
Jesse Puts Netherlands
Joeri Verlinden Netherlands
Josien Wijkhuijs Netherlands
Kasper Leeuw Netherlands
Kenzo Simons Netherlands
Kim Busch Netherlands
Kira Toussaint Netherlands
Luc Kroon Netherlands
Maaike De Waard Netherlands
Maarten Brzoskowski
Marjolein Delno Netherlands
Marrit Steenbergen Netherlands
Patrick Groters Netherlands
Ranomi Kromowidjojo
Stan Pijnenburg Netherlands
Tamara Van Vliet Netherlands
Tes Schouten Netherlands
Tessa Giele Netherlands
Thom De Boer Netherlands
Thomas Verhoeven Netherlands
Valerie Van Roon Netherlands
Andrew Jeffcoat New Zealand
Bradlee Ashby New Zealand
Callum Prime New Zealand
Chelsey Edwards New Zealand
Daniel Hunter New Zealand
Georgina Mccarthy New Zealand
Helena Gasson New Zealand
Jonathan Rutter New Zealand
Josh Gilbert New Zealand
Kane Follows New Zealand
Lewis Clareburt New Zealand
Wilrich Coetzee New Zealand
Zachary Dell New Zealand
André Klippenberg Grindheim
Christoffer Tofte Haarsaker
Ingeborg Vassbakk Løyning
Markus Lie Norway
Nicholas Lia Norway
Stina Kajsa Colleou Norway
Tomoe Hvas Norway
Edgar Crespo Panama
Benjamin Hockin Paraguay
Charles Hockin Paraguay
Joaquin Vargas Peru
Jasmine Alkhaldi Philippines
Aleksander Sienkiewicz
Alicja Tchórz Poland
Bartłomiej Roguski Poland
Daniela Georges Poland
Dominika Kossakowska
Dominika Sztandera Poland
Filip Zaborowski Poland
Jakub Kraska Poland
Jakub Majerski Poland
Jan Hołub Poland
Jan Switkowski Poland
Kacper Majchrzak Poland
Katarzyna Wasick Poland
Klaudia Nazieblo Poland
Konrad Czerniak Poland
Kornelia Fiedkiewicz Poland
Marcel Wagrowski Poland
Marcin Cieslak Poland
Michał Chudy Poland
Michał Poprawa Poland
Paulina Peda Poland
Piotr Mateusz Ludwiczak
Radoslaw Kawecki Poland
Rafal Bugdol Poland
Tomasz Polewka Poland
Alexis Santos Portugal
Ana Catarina Martins Cunha Monteiro
Fernando Silva Portugal
Francisco Quintas Portugal
Francisco Santos Portugal
Gabriel Lopes Portugal
Joao Costa Portugal
José Lopes Portugal
Miguel Nascimento Portugal
Andrei Ungur Romania
Catalin Paul Ungur Romania
Robert Glinta Romania
Aleksandr Kharlanov Russia
Aleksandr Krasnykh Russia
Aleksandr Osipenko Russia
Aleksandr Popkov Russia
Aleksandr Shchegolev
Aleksandr Shumilov Russia
Aleksandra Bykova Russia
Alena Efimova Russia
Alexander Pribytok Russia
Alexander Zotov Russia
Alexandr Nazarchuk Russia
Alexandr Zhigalov Russia
Anastasia Klyarovskaya
Anastasiia Korzunina Russia
Anastasiia Osipenko Russia
Andrey Zhilkin Russia
Anita Grishchenko Russia
Anton Nikitin Russia
Anton Voloshin Russia
Arina Surkova Russia
Daniil Antipov Russia
Daniil Markov Russia
Daniil Pakhomov Russia
Daniil Pasynkov Russia
Danil Semyaninov Russia
Daria Kartashova Russia
Daria S Ustinova Russia
Daria Ustinova Russia
Darya Mullakaeva Russia
Dmitry Shibanov Russia
Egor Pavlov Russia
Egorova Anna Russia
Elizaveta Agapitova Russia
Evgenii Rylov Russia
Grigory Tarasevich Russia
Ilia Borodin Russia
Irina Shvaeva Russia
Ivan Girev Russia
Ivan Kustov Russia
Kirill Martynychev Russia
Kirill Prigoda Russia
Kirill Strelnikov Russia
Kliment Kolesnikov Russia
Maksim Ablovatskii Russia
Maria Temnikova Russia
Mariia Kameneva Russia
Mark Nikolaev Russia
Martin Malyutin Russia
Maxim Stupin Russia
Mikhail Dorinov Russia
Mikhail Vekovishchev
Nadezhda Vinyukova Russia
Nika Godun Russia
Nikita Korolev Russia
Nikita Tretyakov Russia
Nikita Ulyanov Russia
Nikolay Snegirev Russia
Oleg Kostin Russia
Pavel Romanov Russia
Roman Shevliakov Russia
Rozaliya Nasretdinova
Semen Makovich Russia
Sergey Fesikov Russia
Sofia Spodarenko Russia
Svetlana Chimrova Russia
Tatiana Belonogoff Russia
Valerii Govako Russia
Vasilissa Buinaia Russia
Veronika Andrusenko Russia
Viktoria Manushevich
Vladimir Morozov Russia
Vladislav Grinev Russia
Vsevolod Zanko Russia
Vyacheslav Andrusenko
Andrej Barna Serbia
Đurđe Matić Serbia
Stefan Sorak Serbia
Uros Nikolic Serbia
Velimir Stjepanovic Serbia
Jing Quah Singapore
Ting Quah Singapore
Tzen Wei Teong Singapore
Nikoleta Trníková Slovakia
Richard Nagy Slovakia
Tomas Klobucnik Slovakia
Tomáš Peciar Slovakia
Janja Šegel Slovenia
Peter Stevens Slovenia
Tjaša Vozel Slovenia
Alaric Basson South Africa
Chad Le Clos South Africa
Ethan Du Preez South Africa
Jung Doo Yang South Africa
Lara Van Niekerk South Africa
Martin Binedell South Africa
Matthew Sates South Africa
Ryan Coetzee South Africa
Tayla Lovemore South Africa
Africa Zamorano Sanz
Alberto Lozano Mateos
Catalina Corro Lorente
Jessica Vall Montero Spain
Juan Francisco Segura Gutiérrez
Lidón Muñoz Del Campo
Mireia Pradell Carrasco
Nerea Ibáñez Hernández
Renzo Tjon A Joe Suriname
Adam Paulsson Sweden
Alma Thormalm Sweden
Elias Funch Persson Sweden
Erik Persson Sweden
Gustav Hökfelt Sweden
Hanna Rosvall Sweden
Isak Eliasson Sweden
Johannes Skagius Sweden
Linnea Lindberg Sweden
Louise Hansson Sweden
Michelle Coleman Sweden
Oskar Hoff Sweden
Sara Junevik Sweden
Sarah Fredrica Sjöström
Sebastian Holmberg Sweden
Manuel Leuthard Switzerland
Maria Ugolkova Switzerland
Nina Kost Switzerland
Sasha Touretski Switzerland
Jenjira Srisa-Ard Thailand
Dylan Carter Trinidad and Tobago
Berkay Omer Ogretir Turkey
Doga Celik Turkey
Efe Turan Turkey
Ekaterina Avramova Turkey
Hazal Özkan Turkey
Hüseyin Emre Sakcı Turkey
Iskender Baslakov Turkey
Viktoria Gunes Turkey
Andrii Govorov Ukraine
Artem Bondar Ukraine
Daryna Zevina Ukraine
Denys Kesil` Ukraine
Egor Romaniuk Ukraine
Ihor Troianovskyi Ukraine
Liubomyr Lemeshko Ukraine
Shevtsov Serhii Ukraine
Vadym Naumenko Ukraine
Vladyslav Bukhov Ukraine
Abbey Weitzeil
United States of America
Abrahm Devine
United States of America
Alexandra De Loof
United States of America
Alvin Jiang
United States of America
Aly Tetzloff
United States of America
Alyssa Marsh
United States of America
Amy Okada
United States of America
Andrea D’Arrigo
United States of America
Andrew Seliskar
United States of America
Anika Apostalon
United States of America
Annie Lazor
United States of America
Austin Surhoff
United States of America
Beata Nelson
United States of America
Blair Bish
United States of America
Blake Pieroni
United States of America
Bowen Becker
United States of America
Brandon Fischer
United States of America
Brett Pinfold
United States of America
Caeleb Dressel
United States of America
Camden Murphy
United States of America
Casey Fanz
United States of America
Catie Deloof
United States of America
Charlie Swanson
United States of America
Chase Kalisz
United States of America
Christopher Staka
United States of America
Christopher Wieser
United States of America
Clark Beach
United States of America
Cody Miller
United States of America
Coleman Stewart
United States of America
Collin Miller
United States of America
Collin O’Brien
United States of America
Daniel Comforti
United States of America
Danielle Herrmann
United States of America
Derek Cox
United States of America
Destiny Nelson
United States of America
Devon Nowicki
United States of America
Drew Loy
United States of America
Emily Escobedo
United States of America
Erik Risolvato
United States of America
Erika Brown
United States of America
Forrest Beesley
United States of America
Gabrielle Deloof
United States of America
Hali Flickinger
United States of America
Harper Mayfield
United States of America
Ilya Evdokimov
United States of America
Jack Saunderson
United States of America
Jacob Pebley
United States of America
Jay Litherland
United States of America
Jeff Newkirk
United States of America
Jesse Novak
United States of America
Joelle Vereb
United States of America
Jonathan Tybur
United States of America
Josh Prenot
United States of America
Justin Ress
United States of America
Justin Wright
United States of America
Kaersten Meitz
United States of America
Katherine Kustritz
United States of America
Kathleen Baker
United States of America
Katie Mclaughlin
United States of America
Kelsi Dahlia
United States of America
Kent Olsen-Stavrakas
United States of America
Kevin Cordes
United States of America
Kyle Robrock
United States of America
Leah Gingrich
United States of America
Leah Smith
United States of America
Lilly King
United States of America
Linnea Mack
United States of America
Lisa Bratton
United States of America
Madeline Banic
United States of America
Madison Kennedy
United States of America
Makayla Sargent
United States of America
Mallory Comerford
United States of America
Marina Spadoni
United States of America
Matthew Josa
United States of America
Matthew Klotz
United States of America
Maxime Rooney
United States of America
Michael Andrew
United States of America
Michael Chadwick
United States of America
Mihalis Deliyiannis
United States of America
Mikaela Dahlke
United States of America
Miranda Tucker
United States of America
Molly Hannis
United States of America
Natalie Hinds
United States of America
Nicolas Fink
United States of America
Olivia Smoliga
United States of America
Paige Madden
United States of America
Payton Sorenson
United States of America
Rachel Bernhardt
United States of America
Ryan Held
United States of America
Ryan Hoffer
United States of America
Ryan Murphy
United States of America
Sherridon Dressel
United States of America
Sierra Schmidt
United States of America
Thomas Cope
United States of America
Tom Shields
United States of America
Townley Haas
United States of America
Trenton Julian
United States of America
William Licon
United States of America
Zach Apple
United States of America
Zach Harting
United States of America
Zane Grothe
United States of America
Zhada Fields
United States of America
Carlos Claverie Venezuela
Cristian Quintero Venezuela
Jorge Otaiza Venezuela
Mercedes Carolina Toledo Salazar


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1 year ago

Did anyone get how one “registers on the ISL online platform”? As part of the Draft rules, it says that this is a requirement in order to be eligible to vote for an additional swimmer to remain on one’s favorite team.

Landen Hashimura
1 year ago

Am I the only one shocked that Koseki is actually registered and not retiring after what he said earlier????

Swim fan
1 year ago

First guess is Thomas cceon is going first overall. He’s young, Italian and does backstroke which the centurions need. Would be a snag

1 year ago

Where is Hugo Gonzalez?

1 year ago

surprise announcement = a certain Australian singer

Reply to  gap
1 year ago

That’s going to be super awkward when he doesn’t get drafted.

(He shouldn’t get drafted, but I’m sure the league will force someone to pick him up).

1 year ago

Therese Alshammar.

Reply to  Aquajosh
1 year ago

Oh, she’d be great!

Reply to  Aquajosh
1 year ago

indeed she’s there

1 year ago

So sad of the possible retirement of Belmonte and Pellegrini.

1 year ago

Top Ten Best Guesses For Who The Surprise Mystery Swimmer Will Be

10: Katie Ledecky
9: Jack Conger, Gunner Bentz, and Jimmy Feigen just wanting to take a piss and go home but somehow got caught up in this
8: Four Texas divers that all score big points
7: Simone Manuel
6: Michael Phelps and Ian Thorpe as one person
5: Dean Farris
4: Rowdy Gaines wearing horse blinders so he can’t see anybody
3: Sun Yang’s smashed blood sample that has since been brought to life in a Chinese lab
2: Paul Biedermann’s Arena X-Glide
1: Eddie Reese (this is why he stepped down at Texas)

Reply to  Willswim
1 year ago

You’re forgetting Shane Tusup & Joe Schooling

Reply to  Monteswim
1 year ago

My bad. Here ya go.
15: Italian Santo Condorelli
14: Shane Tusup yelling at you
13: American Santo Condorelli
12: Practicing Joe Schooling
11: Canadian Santo Condorelli smoking a cigarette in the background of Cody Miller’s Vlog

Last edited 1 year ago by Willswim
Landen Hashimura
Reply to  Willswim
1 year ago

Don’t forget the rare Japanese Santo Condorelli since he was born there

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