IOC Calls McLaren Report “Shocking,” Schedules Conference

Following the publication of WADA‘s report by Richard McLaren on systematic state-sponsored doping in Russia, and McLaren’s conference, the International Olympic Committee has released a statement on the findings.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has today received the World Anti-Doping Agency’s “Independent Person Report”. The IOC will now carefully study the complex and detailed allegations, in particular with regard to the Russian Ministry of Sport.

“The findings of the report show a shocking and unprecedented attack on the integrity of sport and on the Olympic Games. Therefore, the IOC will not hesitate to take the toughest sanctions available against any individual or organisation implicated,” IOC President Thomas Bach said.

In the immediate short term, the IOC Executive Board (EB) will convene in a telephone conference tomorrow to take its first decisions, which may include provisional measures and sanctions with regard to the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

The statement comes after McLaren’s report confirmed the use of systematic doping in Russia between 2010 and 2014 across all sports.

Below are McLaren’s key findings:


  • The Moscow Laboratory operated for the purpose of protecting doped Russian athletes
  • The Sochi laboratory operated a unique sample swapping methodology which allowed doped Russian athletes to compete at the games with no possibility of a positive test eliminating them from competition
  • The Ministry of Sport were in control of the manipulation of analytical results or sample swapping, directing and overseeing the entire process. The FSB (Russian federal security service), CSP (Center of Sports Preparation in Russia), and both the Moscow and Sochi Laboratories all actively participated in the process

To read more about McLaren’s report, click here.

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5 years ago

If Russia is kicked out of the olympics, as they should, the US better ask the FBI to send agents to Rio to insure our athletes are not victims of foul play.

80,84 olympic team member
5 years ago

The only “shocking” thing about this is that the IOC has been exposed. So tired of them covering up in exchange for handouts.

Joel Lin
Reply to  80,84 olympic team member
5 years ago

You’re right. But today, for the first time, I’m of a belief that the IOC sees no way out. They need to face this and if they don’t the commerce side of the Olympics will implode on them and we go right back to the pre-LA games era where the Olympics are a money losing venture.

I know Russia brought a lot of capital to bear, but so does NBC, BBC, Sky Sports, etc. Sponsors bring tens of billions. And last time I checked oil wasn’t above $80 a barrel, so the same cash cow Russia and the Emirates were in recent years they certainly aren’t now. The IOC is pinned down as of today and they know it.

5 years ago

“Shocking and unprecedented” — neither, sad to say.

5 years ago

Shocking? Why is it shocking? Athletes from all over the globe have been doping since the 1960’s, maybe even earlier.

I’m not shocked or surprised one bit.

And one more thing…….I’m an American and always cheer and cheer loudly for the red, white and blue, but we’ve had our share of dopers for decades.

We’re not all that innocent either.

I hope we do great in Rio.


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